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Chapter 7

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"Uh.. yeah sure. Its no problem." I said looking back at Gerard. I know that my face showed disappointment, but what was I supposed to tell him and in front of Bryn.
I turn back to Bryn with a smile on my face. "Well that its good to hear. I think you eill both make I cute couple. We can go tomorrow so we have more time to actually pick something out."

Bryn smiled bright said thanks and walked away. I just continued sorting out the treats. All the thoughts of 'why?' And 'how?', I just knew sooner or later he was going to do this so why was I so upset about it . I mean, I'm the one who's always telling him and me that we can't really be together.

"It doesn't mean anything you know" I heard his silky voice say behind me. I sigh silently, but still face away from him. "I just want to be closer to you" said Gerard and then I felt a hand run down my back and stop at my lower back.
Ignore it. Just. Ignore it.

It would be kind of weird if I just turn around and kissed him full on the lips. Okay, so I must admit there has to be at least a part of me that likes him. Even if that tiny part is the one also reminding me that he is dating my daughter.
"Just go away Gerard"

After that little debacle, I left for home with Sadie. Bryn had decided to stay behind. Well I wonder why?. Please note the freaking sarcasm.

Bryn's P.O.V.

"I still can't believe Gerard asked you to prom!" Nate said as we stood in line to buy something else than sweets to eat. "I didn't either, at first, but then I kinda had to admit that I had a crush on him"
"Had or have?"
I laughed looking around and then noticing Gerard leaving the tent.
"Hey Nate? I'll catch up with you later"
"Sure, just remember that we leave at 6:30 p.m."

I said okay and left running after Gerard.
"Hey Gee." I said with a huge smile on my face. "So now that you got the meet my mom properly, what did you think of her?"

I thought I heard him say beautiful under his breath, but I must've been hearing things. "She seems nice" said Gerard with a shrug.
He didn't really seem in a very talking mood so I just stopped talking.
"Are you sure your okay?" I asked once again.
"Yes." He said so fast that I knew he was lying. "Why don't we just go hang out for a little while. Just get our minds off of everything else." He said smiling once again, but somehow I knew that was completetly fake. I wonder what's wrong with him?

Gerard's P.O.V.
I can't belive I just fucked up like that! All k want is to be closer to Vikki, but the more I hang out with Bryn the more it seems to affect her. Now don't get me wrong I like Bryn, just not in that way.
After the festival way over, I left after saying goodbye to my mom and Mikey. I hop into my car and headed towards some diner near my house. And Vikki's.
Maybe I should just go apologize, or at least try to. 'Cause I know that she won't even tell me the time of day.
I don't care about the age difference, age is but a number. Right?

A sigh escaped my lips as I took a sip of coffee. I couldn't sleep, or sleep but think of all the times we spent together. Me, basically annoying her to the brink of going insane and I, going insane every second I'm without her. Maybe I should do something special and show her that I really love her.
Yeah, I .... I love her.

Vikki's P.O.V.

"All right I'll go on a date with him" I said as I took tiny crumbs from the half eaten cupcake in front of me. I was talking with Kary on the phone, she wanted to get to know some guy she met at a convention she went to in Georgia.
Now she saw him again at the fair and he asked her out, problem is that his friend wanted to tag along so they thought up the idea to set us up.
Maybe it would be a good thing, better than sitting here engorging myself with cupcakes. And thinking about Gerard.
The latter seemed pretty dangerous.
"Where are we going again?"
"To a club that just opened downtown" she replied. "I think it was called Angels and something, but your date is a co-owner"
Well that is something that I wasn't really expecting. What kind of guy was he if he owned a bar/club. All I could imagine was a sleazy guy with a beer gut. Maybe next time that will teach me to ask before I accept.
"I gotta go, don't forget its tomorrow."
"Yeah, sure. Call me later"

I looked at the cupcake in front of me. "Fuck it." I said as I took another bite size piece. Yeah, from what I've learned I might not be good with things that like to tempt me. Gerard and cupcakes are on that list now.

I looked up as the doorbell rang, with my mouth half full I walked towards it openning it. I saw Frank standing there... with a bouquet of flowers and that puppy face look.
"What are you doing here?" Looking behind him, I saw a limousine and the driver standing next to it. "I came to say sorry, but I can't stop thinking about you" he said.
"I gotta have you"
"Frank, I think you need to go home. Maybe get some sleep." I started closing the door when his hand collided with It. He made no action to move it away, but holding out the bouquet. I took it from his hands with a small smile, which he returned.
He moved away, allowing me to close the door.
Right now I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. Flattered or slightly creeped out?

I look at the bouquet of red roses in my head. Red roses meant passion... I hope he wasn't thinking about that when he bought them. I saw a card in the middle of it all, it read 'I dream about you every nigh, I will do anything to make you mine'

Add this to the 'weird shit' list.
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