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Weren't you like 10 or something?

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Amy gets to know the guys and has a chat with Izzy.

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I was so excited to see Billy again. He left home almost 7 years ago. Sure, I was talking to him a lot on the phone. But neither of us had the money to come and see each other very often. Our Stepdad “the reverend” wouldn’t let him come home after he ran off to LA. And surely he didn’t let me go to LA to visit him.
And I missed him so much. Back home he used to take me with him everywhere. Afraid to leave me home alone with the reverend. I knew he did not feel good about leaving me in Indiana but I he had no choice. But as long as I got to church each Sunday and played the nice girl at home, I’d been fine with the reverend.

After a huge fight about me hearing all “devil’s music” and wearing “whore’s clothes” I finally couldn’t take it anymore.
Right in the middle of the church I slapped the reverend in his face, turned and ran home as fast as I could. I knew that I was over as soon as he’d come home. So I packed only a few things, got my guitar and ran off to the next bus stop. Running out of money in Utah it took me nearly 3 weeks to get to LA. And I had no clue how to find Billy over there.
I remembered he told me that Guns ‘n’ Roses had signed at Geffen records. So I got in contact with them and hoped they would forward my messages to Billy. And they really did. Here he was. I felt happy and whole again.

As he walked up towards the stage I couldn’t help noticing Izzy behind him. I nearly grabbed the wrong strings of my guitar. He looked awesome.
I haven’t seen him in years either. He ran off to LA way before Billy did.
He grew up to a man just fine. I felt my stomach knot. He hadn’t lost any of this boyish charm. He just stood in front of the stage and stared at me. Just like that weirdo next to him. I figured that it had to be Slash next to him. Billy used to tell me a lot of fucked up stories about him. His appearance really fitted to what I heard about him. He was wearing tight pants, Nikes and a black Jack Daniel’s T-shirt. I couldn’t see anything of his face due to his hair. Man, that man really had a lot of hair.

I was in a rush. Being in LA, making music, having Billy back and seeing Izzy again got me high. I couldn’t stop smiling. Damn, Izzy looked good. As a teenager he was already good looking, but now he was dead sexy. All these hidden feelings for him came rushing back in an instant.
I was totally fucked. Back in the days he never paid attention to me. That really messed up my self-esteem . But I wasn’t 12 anymore. I knew about my appearance and how men reacted to me. And I noticed Izzy had exactly the reaction I was going for.
I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I suddenly regretted my sloppy outfit. Normally I didn’t pay attention to my appearance but I really wanted him to think I’m sexy, too.
He wore tight leather pants, black boots, a white button down shirt and a black vest. His black hair was long and messed up. And I noticed that he had his nose pierced. Damn, sexy as hell!

I snapped out of my staring and introduced myself to Slash. Him hitting on me telling me about his big dick was funny. Barking dogs never bite, right? I thought he was cute.
But as I told him I wasn’t gonna suck his dick, I couldn’t help throwing a look to Izzy. I met his eyes and I knew he didn’t miss the meaning.

Billy led me to the bar where the other guys were doing shots. Two blonde dudes. Both incredibly handsome. One was really tall, wearing tight jeans, t-shirt and a jeans jacket. He really was beautiful. He had the face of an angel. The other dude was slightly smaller, also wearing jeans and a muscle shirt showing off his chest hair. He had a really sexy smile.
‘Hey gorgeous. I’m Steve’ the smaller one said and winked at me.
‘Hey Steve. I’m Amy. Heard a lot about you.’ I said
‘Don’t believe anything he tells you. Nothing’s true. He’s just jealous I get all the girls.’ He nodded towards Billy.
Billy snorted ‘Yeah. Ain’t that desperate to fuck passed out chicks.’
Steve showed Billy the finger and I chuckled. These guys were really fun.
‘Yeah. I’m Duff by the way. Not that anyone cares.’ The tall and pretty one held out his hand.
I shook it.
‘Amy. Hey. Wow… you really are pretty, boy.’ I stared at him.
‘Well thanks. You’re really pretty yourself, sugar. You’re really related to this fuckward?’ He boxed Billy on the arm.
‘Shut up shitface’ Billy said and grabbed the bottle of Vodka from the bar. ‘Get some glasses and let’s find a place to sit down.’

The whole time I didn’t let go of his hand. I was really happy and snuggled up to him as we sat down at a table. Izzy and Slash came to join us and we did some shots.
I never drank a lot of booze. Normally just some beer. If I had come home drunk, the reverend would have lost it. So I tried to stay sober most of the time.

That’s why I got a little drunk very fast. The guys were really good holding their liquor. They really drank a lot. It was really fun drinking with them though. Slash was already trashed when he got here and Steve was nearly at the same level. They both were about to pass out at the table. Duff and I were making fun of them and tried to decorate them with empty bottles, cigarettes and some nachos we found on the floor. It was hilarious. I’ve never laughed so much in my whole life.
Once Duff got up to hit the bathroom, I sat down next to Izzy. Billy was hitting at some chick at the bar and the two other morons were nearly passed out. So I thought it would be nice talking to him alone for some minutes.
The whole time he’d been with us at the same table. He’d laughed and drank with us but always seemed distant. I wondered if this was my fault.
‘Hey handsome’ I slid next to him giggling.
‘You’re drunk already?’ he chuckled
‘Nah. Not really. Just a little. I really need to learn how to keep up with you guys’ I pouted.
‘You plan on staying with Axl?’
‘I thought about it. Just got him back. It’s been 7 years, you know?’ I looked at him quietly.
‘Yeah. Haven’t seen you a lot longer. Would be nice if you’d stick around a little while.’ He gave me a little smile. ‘Seems like a total different life back in Indiana. And you’re a total different person.’ He added and lighted himself a cigarette.
‘You mind?’ I grabbed the cigarette off his lips and took a deep toke.
‘Sure’ He lighted another one.
‘You’re wrong. I’m just the same as I was back home. You just never paid attention to me.’
‘You were fucking annoying back then.’ He smiled and met my eyes.
‘I had a huge crush on you that time, you know?’ I winked at him.
‘Really? Weren’t you like 10 or something?’
‘I was 12! And it was really painful you didn’t notice me at all’ I slapped him lightly on his arm. He had no idea how painful it really was for me. As he took off to LA I stayed home and cried for weeks. I never really got over him.
He took a deep toke on his cigarette and looked at me silently for a second. Then he smirked.
‘Well. If I had known, I would have taken you to prom.’ He gave me a wink.
I let out a loud laugh.
‘You were already gone the time I graduated. And I would’ve missed the chance to have drunk sex with Clint Evans’ I raised my eyebrows twice and chuckled.
Just then Duff returned to us. ‘Who’s Clint?’ he asked nosily.
Izzy just laughed ‘Clint? Really? Total dork name, man.’
Duff chuckled ‘Yeah, man. Sounds like a fucking cowboy or something. I bet he didn’t get it up.'
‘He did. And it was quite good. I guess.’ I giggled again while the guys looked surprised.
Actually it wasn’t. He and I were so trashed that I lost my virginity shoved to a wall next to a dumpster behind the gym. Very classy. Luckily I didn’t remember much of it though. But I wasn’t going to admit that to them. They were fucking rock stars and had lots of sex. I surely didn’t want to end up as the chick that hadn’t been fucked properly until her 20s because she was still drooling over Izzy Stradlin. No way.
‘The reverend let you get wasted and lose your virginity? Both on hell night… uh… prom night?’ Izzy shook his head laughing.
‘Payback’s a bitch.’ I snorted ‘After he found out he locked me up for 4 weeks and put me in church camp for summer.’
Izzy went quiet for a second ‘I bet that’s not all he did to you.’ He looked into my eyes for a moment.
I tried to cover my true feelings and let out a little laugh. ‘Nah, don’t worry. I survived church camp. You have no idea how hard this was. Whole summer locked up with girls and guys wearing purity rings and singing Kumbaya. I nearly killed myself.’ I joked. But the look in Izzy’s eyes told me he knew how they dealt with the lost and guilty ones at reverend Bailey’s house.
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