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The Circle...

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Midnight has fallen and the Djinn isn't what he first appeared to be...

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I'm sorry for it taking so long, I somehow managed to delete this chapter twice so had to re-write it a few times...I'm a ditz...

Anyway, here is the chapter please R&R it would mean the world to me and because it's what I listened too while writing this the song is

Disenchanted by MCR

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The rain had slowed to a fine drizzle, gently pattering against the windows of Gerard's car. Frank chewed his lip as he looked past his distorted reflection in the passenger window and out into the blurred passing night. Gerard had insisted on cleaning themselves up before explaining where, and what, the circle was and how it affected Frank. The circle, as it was named, was in fact in a cemetary close to the church that Dani lived in. It was a group of graves that created a circular area, the occupants of the burial site being some of the most notoriously evil people in the history of where they lived. Each person buried there had been involved in witchcraft and satanism, claiming their place in the sinners circle.

The reason the meeting was taking place there was that it was accessible to the demons, they could break through into the mortal world easily, but they could not leave the circle. The only problem was neither could the boys once they were inside, not until the demon had returned from where it came from. Fear radiated from Frank, he had wanted to go to the meeting alone but Gerard had refused to allow it. As he gazed up at the velvety blackness of the night sky, his eyes lingering on the glittering stars, a feeling of anguish ripped through him. Something was eating away inside of him but he couldn't pin down what it was, something was going to happen, he could feel it.

The car trundled to a halt and Gerard turned to the younger man, lacing together their fingers and kissing the youngers hand "Welcome to Cemetary drive Frankie, the circle is just up this road..." he reached his other hand over and cupped Frank's cheek, softly running his thumb under his eye

"I can see you're scared, I promised I'd always come back for you, I will never leave your side..." Frank looked down at their entwined fingers and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he tried to swallow the feeling clawing its way through the pit of his stomach. Gerard tilted Frank's head back up gently and smiled

"Look at me...I love you, I promise. You aren't alone anymore okay?" Frank nodded and Gerard pecked his lips softly "Good, now let's go..."

The two men climbed from the vehicle and began walking up the narrow pathway, Gerard holding a flashlight to illuminate their way. Frank looked around at the broken and moss covered headstones that surrounded them, wondering how many tortured souls were forced into an eternity haunting their own graves, unseen but always there. The thought became too much for him and he forced his gaze to his shoes, watching as he kicked stones across the pathway and his laces snagged on brambles. A quiet "Hey" caused him to look up, finding Mikey and Ray waving at them

"What are you guys doing here?" Ray chuckled softly and threw his arm over the younger man's shoulder, pulling him tight to his side and ruffling his hair

"We're in this together now Frankie, you didn't think we were just gonna leave you guys to do this alone did you?" Frank smiled and patted Ray on the back

"Thanks you guys, I feel better knowing I can count on you guys to have my back" The men just smiled and shook their heads fondly. Frank spotted Father Bryars car and quirked an eyebrow "You guys didn't fancy the walk?" Mikey looked confused for a moment before laughing and motioning for the guys to follow

"Dude, we're not that lazy! We just thought that we may need a few things..." he popped the trunk on the car and smirked as Frank's eyes widened at the array of weapons store inside "It's time to suit up motherfuckers..."

The circle wasn't exactly how Frank imagined it in his mind, he thought of symbols and dark images. He thought of vines crawling their way up the headstones like long fingers of the infrastructures clawing for freedom and harsh words hacked carelessly into the stones that marked the occupants final resting place, the reality of overgrown weeds and grass surrounding the plain, cracked headstones made him feel he had a ridiculously over active imagination.

The wait was becoming unbearable, they had arrived a good half hour early and loading themselves with weapons had taken just a few minutes leaving them to wait. Frank sat with his back against one of the headstones, the drops of rain that clung to the long blades of grass beginning to soak through his hoodie. He nibbled at his lower lip furiously as nerves filled his gut like butterflies with razor blade wings, causing it to bleed a little and wincing as he ran his tongue over the small cut he'd created. Frank reached out and tugged on Gerard's arm, glancing at the older mans watch and jumping up as he realised they only had five minutes to go before the meeting would begin.

Dani poked her head up from beneath the blanket she was hiding under, feeling guilty that she'd deceived her boyfriend and Ray. They had told her to stay home and that it wouldn't be safe for her at the circle, she had pretended to agree and said she was tired anyway. The moment she saw an opportunity rise to sneak out to the car she took it, slipping between the seats and covering herself in the blanket the father always kept in the car.

Cautiously she peeked through the window, spotting the men sharing anxious glances in the circle. Deep inside she knew she shouldn't have come to the cemetary but her need for answers was stronger, she needed the truth and she was gonna get it. She shivered as the cool night air waved over her and she pulled the blanket a little further up. She knew the guys would be pissed at her deceit but in that moment she couldn't bring herself to care, her whole life had been a lie.

The late hour had begun to take its toll on the girl, her eyes felt heavy and began to droop as she watched from where she hid. Determination kept her eyes open and her fists clenched, she had come this far and wouldn't allow herself to give up now. She slinked back down into her hiding place, just enough not to be spotted, and stretched. Her eyes caught sight of a keychain hanging from the mirror above the dash and she checked nobody was watching before stretching over and grabbing it. The image in the keychain was of her uncle and Father bryar holding Dani up, she remembered the Way brothers dad taking the picture a few days before he and her uncle were killed. As she stared at their happy faces her heart swelled and broke at the sight, anger beginning to build within her.

Dani clutched the keychain tightly and pushed herself up onto the seat, she looked through the window once more before deciding she had waited long enough. Quietly she opened the door and clambered out into the night, the bitter air immediately nipping at her pale skin. She began running toward the circle before being suddenly thrown back, a bright light flashing into the air before disappearing quickly. She looked to where the men had stood, her mouth hung open in disbelief. The circle was still there, the overgrown grass covering the ragged writing the had been carved into the headstones, but the guys were gone.

Frank got to his feet shakily, the force of the blast still rocketing through his small frame. He turned to see Gerard rubbing his eyes and grabbed his arm, pulling them closer together

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah...I think so, are you okay?"

"Yeah...what the fuck was that?"

"I don..." A sudden eruption of laughter pulled their attention and they spun to see the Djinn grinning at them, he sniffed the air in an over exaggerated way before grinning at them again

"I love the smell of sin at night, especially the scent of indulged lust...your god won't be pleased..." a hand wrapped around Frank's wrist and he whipped his head to the side, finding Mikey holding his arm. He turned back to his father and took a step forward, looking him straight in the eye

"What do you want? Why are we here?" The Djinn's face fell serious for a moment as he thought of what he was going to say, he put his hand into his pocket and produced a knife. The handle was carved making the shape of an angel on her knees praying, her wings outspread, it was a beautiful thing to look at but Frank was still wary.

"I wanted to give you this..." Frank opened his mouth to speak but the Djinn held up his hand up "Let me finish, this dagger will help you fight whichever demons come up. It has been blessed by God and belonged to Saint Michael, in the end I want it to be you and me. I want to see you fight for your mortal soul but I can't do that if you lose the battles you are facing now" Frank looked up at his fathers eyes and saw something unexpected in his eyes, sincerity. He chewed his lip thoughtfully as he looked over the blade being held out to him.

Dani stood dumbfounded for a moment, staring at the now empty space. Suddenly she came back to her senses and surged forward, breaking through the invisible barrier. She slammed through something hard before feeling a sharp pain rip through her chest, she looked up with wide eyes to see her father staring back. His mouth opened and closed a few times before he whispered 'no' and looked down at her chest.

Dani followed his line of vision and saw the handle of the blade sticking from her Anthrax shirt, she looked back up at her father and saw sadness in his face. Slowly she pulled herself back and watched as blood began pumping from the wound, the crimson liquid looking almost black in the darkness of the night. A single word fell from her quivering lips before she fell to her knees "Mikey..."

Mikey rushed forward and pulled her into his arms, tears running down his face. He raised a hand to stroke her face, shushing her gently and whispering a shaky 'I love you' to the fading girl. Gently he lay her down as her eyes fell shut and her breathing stopped, the young man turned to his brother pleadingly "Do something Gee, please...she can't die yet...I need her, I need Dani..."

"I don't know how, I..."

"There is something I can do..." they all spun to look at the Djinn who looked almost...heartbroken? He crouched down and touched his daughters face softly, running his hand across her cheek. He couldn't help but notice the way her dark blonde hair lay out like a halo, her young face reminding him of how young she really was. He looked up solemnly and sighed "I took her life so I can give it back but it comes at a have to trade it for another life"

"Take mine..." Mikey spun to see Ray standing looking over the scene, a determined look on his face

"Are you sure?"

"No! Ray you can't be serious?" Gerard walked quickly to his friend and placed a hand on his chest "We can't do this without you!" Ray pulled his friend into a quick embrace, he pulled back and smiled softly

"Would you rather it was Mikey or Frank? I want to do this...maybe I'll see Christa again? You won't change my mind Gerard, I'm ready to do this...let me go" Tears had begun to pour down the men's faces, the realisation that Ray would be leaving them sinking in. He just smiled softly again and turned to the Djinn "I'll do it but I want to say goodbye first, you have to bring Dani back first too so I can say bye to her" The Djinn nodded and stood up

"You have five minutes..."

Mikey was first, he held onto Ray as if he would never let go. Ray quietly spoke into Mikeys ear as the younger man sobbed into his ear "Mikes, if I had ever had a kid I'd want them to be just like you. You probably don't realise it but you are the glue holding us together, Gerard may be the leader but you are the one keeping him in the right direction. Don't ever hide who you really are, I love you brother" he embraced the younger man tightly for another second before moving onto Gerard.

"Dude, I would have followed you anywhere! You always know what to do so don't doubt yourself, keep leading the guys on because one day the lord will reward you for what you've done. Don't let Frankie go, true love comes along just once and if you are willing to die for that person you better be damn sure you found it...I love you" Gerard pulled their heads together and smiled through the tears, he reached up and kissed his forehead before embracing him tightly and moving aside for Frank

"Frankie, win the fight and take care of these guys okay? Take care of yourself! Ignore what your father said, god may not appreciate lust but he thrives on love. The love you share with Gerard is something that is really rare now, win this for that love. I'll try to help out from wherever I end up but know I'm always watching over you all" Frank sinply smiled and pulled Ray into a hug

"Thank you"

Dani sucked in a deep breath and choked on it, she spluttered and coughed before sitting up and facing Ray. The man pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear "I love you baby girl, don't blame yourself remember that! I wanted to go and I want to thank you, if you hadn't shown up here tonight I wouldn't have had a chance to see my wife again. Stay strong baby, take care of my guys"

Before Dani had a chance to say a word Ray had kissed her head and pulled away, the other guys had crouched beside her and Mikey pulled her into his arms. Ray spoke a final 'Goodbye' as the Djinn handed the blade to Frank. He closed his eyes as the Djinn lay a hand across his heart, Ray threw his head back and gasped loudly then suddenly dropped.

"I'm sorry...if it helps I took his life but not his soul" then in a flash of light he was gone, leaving the group to grieve over their friends corpse. Mikey stood and scooped up a sobbing Dani in his arms, carrying her to the car while Gerard and Frank picked up Ray's lifeless body and carried it back to Gerard's own car. The older man already planning his burial.

He was going to be buried where he belonged, with his beloved.
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