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It's a family af(un)fair...

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Another truth is discovered...

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Also the song for this chapter is The Only Hope by MCR

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Frank heard it. He tried to reason with himself that he was dreaming but couldn't, he hadn't even really been sleeping. Sure he was relaxed and was close when he heard Gerard come in and pick up the book but not sleeping, those three words had definitely been said

"I love you..."

What could Frank do now? He couldn't just jump up and admit his own feelings, he didn't want Gerard to know he'd been awake the whole time. An ache to tell the older everything spread through him and it tightened his chest, slowly he opened his eyes and looked up at Gerard "What did you say?"

Gerard looked startled for a moment then genuinely scared, his brother always said he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Slowly he looked up until his eyes met with his lovers "Did...did you say you love me?" Gerard didn't say a word but simply nodded. Frank got up and sat on Gerard's lap, his legs wrapping around the olders waist and his arms doing the same around his neck "Is that what this feeling is? Love?"

Gerard smiled and pecked Frank's lips gently, pulling back to gaze into his eyes "Tell me how you feel" Frank thought hard for a moment, his eyebrows crumpling together as he tried to think of the words to say, how to describe the overwhelming feelings he was having

"Fuck, how do I say this without sounding insane? When...when I'm with you, its like...I dunno...its like the whole world stops for a moment. Like when you're there my chest hurts because my heart beats so fast it scares me but when you're gone its like a chunk of me has been ripped away y'know? It's like you give my heart a reason to beat but at the same time when I see you it stops. Like I'm a jigsaw that's finally been complete now you've found me and if you leave I'll never be complete again. The best way I can describe it is, even with all this shit happening to me, the fact I'm being dragged through hell, you have me in heaven. Do you know what I mean?"

The smile on Gerard's face grew wider as listened to Frank speak, the feelings he had were exactly the same as his lovers. He leaned foward and captured the youngers lips delicately in his own, softly suckling his bottom lip while slipping his hand just under Frank's shirt and gently caressing his hip bones

"Love Frankie, you're in love..."


Dani felt uncomfortable as she sat with Mikey, he had a look of sickness on his face. It was a look she had seen more than once before, Mikey was going to have a vision. She called out to Ray and asked him to find Gerard, something was telling her it was different this time but she couldn't be sure what it was. All she knew was that she could feel it and she was terrified.

The thundering sound of several pairs of feet running down the stairs pulled her from her thoughts, Gerard crashed into the room first

"How long has he been like this?...Dani?"

"Uh...I dunno, maybe ten minutes? I was trying to make him talk but I couldn't, I'm sorry..."

"Hey, hey, hey! Don't apologize okay? You did nothing wrong" Gerard turned her face to his and smiled softly "you did the right thing by getting me down here..."

Gerard asked Ray to pick up Mikey's legs and swing them onto the sofa, Mikey wasn't unconscious but he wasn't responding to anything they did. Quietly they all stepped from the room and began discussing what to do, none of them really having a clue about what was happening.

"What are we gonna do Gerard?" Dani asked nervously, she couldn't stand seeing Mikey like this and being unable to help

"If I knew that don't you think I would have fucking helped him by now?" Frank stepped in front of Dani protectively and glared at his lover

"Don't speak to her like that! This isn't her fault, she's just scared..." Ray pulled Dani into a hug and shushed her as sobs burst from her lips

"I'm're right I'm so sorry Dani, I'm scared too..." she nodded against Rays chest and offered a weak smile. Ray reached over and put a hand on Gerards shoulder

"We all are man, we all are..."

A sudden thud from the front room startled them and they all ran back through, Mikey was stood with his back to them running his finger across a paper weight on the mantle. Gerard looked around at his friends fearfully, they all shared the look he had on his own face. Terror, something wasn't right. He turned to face his brother once more and stepped forward a little, Frank grasping his hand and stepping with him

"Mikey?...Mikes?" Mikey turned and everyone except Frank gasped, his eyes were an icy blue colour. The same as those he'd seen in the alley on his birthday, this wasn't Mikey. It was his father. Frank pressed a hand flat against Gerard's chest and pushed him back, Ray stepped in front of Dani protectively
"What do you want?"

His father smirked and stepped forward "Ah Frankie, isn't it obvious? I'm here to see you..."

"Get the fuck out of Mikey and leave this house now!" His father laughed loudly and leaned forward, tilting his head slightly

"Well if you come see me I will release this...vessel, and leave this place. Do we have a deal?"

"Where? When?"

"The circle my son, I'm sure your friends here know where that is. The witching hour, all you have you to do is call and I will be there"

"Frank will be there now let Mikey go..." Dani pushed herself out from behind Ray and stepped forward, a darkened look spread across the possessed Mikey's face and he grabbed Dani's shirt. The three men ran to her aid but were blocked when Mikey's other hand was raised creating an invisible wall, his grip on Dani's shirt tightening as he raised her from the ground

"You aren't supposed to be here, your time isn't supposed to be now..." Dani kicked her legs out and clawed at the hand grasping her

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE?" He stared her straight in the eye and smirked

"I guess they never told you did they? See Frankie there? He isn't my only kid sweetie, say hello to daddy princess..." before Dani had a chance to say anything she was dropped to the floor and Mikey's body slumped beside her, Frank was quick to her side as Gerard and Ray picked up Mikey and lay him on the sofa. They turned and helped her into the chair in the corner, crouching beside her and Gerard stroking his thumb across her hand

"What happened Dani? We couldn't hear anything, did he hurt you?" She shook her head and looked to Frank, staring at his face trying to find similarities. Gerard snapped his fingers, dragging her attention back to him "What did happen then? What did he say?"

"He...he said...I..."

"He said that Dani is Frank's sister, Djinn is her father too..." All of their heads snapped around to see Mikey walking toward them rubbing his head, Dani stood and he pulled her into his arms holding her tightly "He took over me physically but I wouldn't let him have my mind...I'm sorry baby" Dani didn't say a word but simply held him tighter.

Frank stood with his jaw dropped open, he couldn't believe whar he was hearing. His only family had always been himself, never anyone else but suddenly he had a younger sister and struggled with how he should feel. Should he feel happy or angry? Fuck maybe he should feel fucking cheated or guilty that he wasn't there for his sister growing up but all he could feel was confusion. He just didn't know what to do so he walked away, he walked out of the house and didn't stop.

Gerard called out to him, he tried to chase him down but it was useless. Frank just wouldn't stop but Gerard refused to stop chasing him, he would follow him to the end of the world if he had to. Eventually Frank slowed down then stopped, the rain had been coming down heavy for at least an hour now and he was soaked to the skin. Gerard finally slowed the car he had been following in and stepped ot reached over and took his lovers hand, turning him so they were face to face

"It's just one thing after another Gee, I don't know who I'm supposed to be anymore? I can't play the doting big brother part! I never protected anyone in my life before..."

"Earlier when I yelled at Dani you got in my face about it, you stood in front of her and put me in my place. That's what brothers do! You already scted like her brother, you don't need to change baby...just be you okay?"

"Why can't I just live that fucking picket fence life? All I want is one goddamn fucking cliche y'know? Just one thing..."

"A picket fence life wouldn't suit you baby and as for a cliche? How about this..." Gerard stepped forward and pressed their bodies together with one arm wrapped around Frank's waist, the other in his hair "A perfect kiss in the rain..."

Their mouths connected in a fiery kiss, their ragged breaths clouding in the cold wet air. Gerard lapped at the youngers bottom lip begging for entrance which Frank eagerly gave, their tongeus slid and danced together. Frank bit gently on Gerards lower lip before suckling on it lightly, this wasn't cliche but something better, this was real. It was pure and exciting and made Frank go weak at the knees, it was more than he could ever want, this was perfection and he couldn't get enough. Eventually they pulled apart and rested their foreheads together gasping for breath. Gerard pulled back and smiled lovingly at Frank "C'mon, let's go home..."

The men ran to the car and Gerard grabbed his buzzing cell as he climbed in, he checked the caller ID before flipping it open and speaking with the person on the other end of the line. After a few moments he snapped it shut and turned to a shivering Frank "That was just Ray, he's taking Mikes and Dani back to the vicarage. It's safer there..." The younger simply nodded in response and snuggled down in his seat to try to warm himself up a little.

Finally the car rumbled to a halt outside of the house and the two men ran inside, slamming the door and kicking off their wet shoes "We gotta get outta these wet clothes..." Gerard said as he grabbed Frank's hand, dragging him up the stairs and into his bedroom. Frank moved to pull of his shirt when he saw Gerard struggling with the buttons on his shirt, with trembling hands he reached out and moved the olders shaking fingers. Slowly he popped each button, never taking his eyes from Gerard's before leaning up to press their lips together as he pushed the shirt from his shivering lovers shoulders.

Gerard grasped the bottom of Frank's shirt and pulled it over his head, he reconnected their lips as he unfastened the youngers jeans and hooked his thumbs over the waistband of his boxers, moving to pull both his jeans and underwear off at the same time. Frank shivered and released a low moan as he was exposed to the warm air of the room, he copied Gerards movements in removing his jeans before pulling them both to the bed. They returned to softly kissing and grinding slowly against one another, quietly groaning into each others mouths. Frank grabbed Gerard's hand in his own and slowly began sucking on his fingers as the older man buried his face into the crook of the youngers neck, sucking and nipping at the flesh there.

Gerard moved to kiss Frank softly as he felt his fingers removed from the youngers mouth, he gently pushed Frank's legs apart and circled his entrance with his first finger, patiently waiting for the tight ring of muscle to relax, then pushing it in to the first knuckle and waiting a moment before thrusting it all the way inside. Their lips parted as Frank gasped out a few ragged breaths, Gerard planted gentle kisses along his lovers jawline while he continued moving his finger in and out then adding a second and slowly scissoring them.

Frank kept his eyes shut and grabbed at Gerard's wrist, pulling his fingers from inside and whispering "I'm ready" against his lips before connecting them in a slow, gentle kiss. Gerard positioned himself at his lovers entrance and slowly pushing inside, Frank's back arching as he released a deep gutteral moan into the air, his nails digging into the soft flesh of Gerard's hips. The older man kept his thrusts slow and deep, leaning to tenderley kiss Frank and he moved inside him. Their moans were quiet and soft, there hands locked together above Frank's head and the youngers legs wrapped around Gerard's waist helping guide his thrusts.

Suddenly Frank gasped out and arched his back as his prostate was nudged, Gerard angled himself and began picking up speed knowing neither of them were going to last much longer. Their moans got progressively louder as they moved faster, Gerard slipping a hand between their bodies and pumping Frank in time with each thrust. He felt a familiar tightening in his stomach and balls, his orgasm was fast approaching so he pumped Frank faster until his lover cried out his name and arched his back again as rope after rope of hot cum covered their stomachs. The feeling of Frank's walls tightening around Gerard made his head spin as he was pushed over the edge and filled his lover with his own seed. He cried out Frank's name before slumping on top of him and whispering "I love you..." against his lips then kissing him tenderley. Frank smiled and kissed back for a moment, he pulled away and said what he had wanted to say for what felt like forever

"I love you too..."

They lay breathing heavily together for a few moments before Frank sat up with sudden realisation across his features

"Gerard, whats 'the circle'?"

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