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I just wanted to get laid

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Everything changes when Amy follows Izzy to his room.

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‘Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with you, Izzy?’
I couldn’t believe what just happened. I was talking to this cute guy Chris, when Izzy showed up and went all psycho on him. Chris was gone so fast I couldn’t even ask for his phone number. Followed by Psycho-Izzy I hurried to the front door to see if he was still around.
Izzy grabbed my arm.
‘What?’ I yelled harshly and turned around.
‘I’m sorry. I just thought…’ Izzy gave me a little smile and my heart just skipped a beat. Fuck him.
‘What, Izzy? What did you think? Why would you scare away the only guy I had fun talking to?’ I was furious. ‘You think I enjoy hanging out with bimbos al night just to see them screwing you guys and I will not get laid at all? Where is that coming from? Did Billy say something to you?’
For a moment he just stared at me. Then he turned to his room.
‘Never mind. Sorry for interrupting.’

Oh boy. I wasn’t going to let this go. He would need to deal with my anger right now. Like it or not.
I followed him, stopped the door from closing and slipped into the room. I slammed the door and sighed loud. My hands were shaking due to my anger and I clenched them into fists.
Izzy was standing right in front of me. His back turned to me. He wasn’t moving.
‘Turn the fuck around and look at me Izzy.’ I yelled at him. ‘Tell me what is going on. I’m really pissed. I am not going to let this go.’
He turned around slowly and as my eyes met his I saw them darken for a moment.
‘Amy…I…’ He whispered and let out a sigh. ‘You should go and calm down.’
I blinked.
‘You’re kidding, right? Calm down? What is this Izzy?’ With shaking hands I waved my finger between him and me. He just shrugged. ‘Because I can’t take this anymore, Izzy. Either you admit there’s something here or you leave me the fuck alone.’

‘Fuck!’ He let out a groan. Then he took 2 steps toward me and pulled me into his arms. He covered my mouth with his. Still angry, my initial muffled protest died in my throat as he pressed me against the door and I felt his body against mine. My hands slid up his chest into his hair.
I couldn’t think. This was all I ever wanted and it came rushing down on me in an instant. Was this a good idea? Was it a bad idea? As his hands moved from my face down to my hips and I felt his erection pressed against me, I didn’t care about good or bad anymore. I just wanted him to fuck me.

I pushed at Izzy’s shirt and slid my fingers across the velvet skin of his chest. He let go long enough to slip off his shirt and then he was back, covering my neck and shoulders with kisses.
‘God. Amy. Wait… hold on.’ He panted. As he pulled away I chuckled as I noticed that I was panting too. ‘Can’t believe I’m actually saying this.’ He shook his head. ‘I can’t do this.’
He stepped back and turned around digging his fingers into his hair.
I felt like he slapped me right into my face. Didn’t he want me? Was I really that delusional to see things that weren’t there?
‘What do you mean?’ I managed to ask. My voice trembling.
He turned around and looked at me.

‘I’m high as shit, Amy. I can’t think straight.’ He covered his face with his hands and let out a sigh. ‘This is going to end real badly. I can’t do this at the moment. I need to sober up first.’
I got over to him, gave him a small smile and touched his arm lightly.
‘It’s surely not the first time you’d have sex on drugs. So what?’
He sat down on his bed and dug through some stuff on the floor. Then he put a joint to his mouth and lit it. He looked at me seriously.
‘Look, Amy. You don’t know shit about me.’ He took a deep toke, held his breath for a second and exhaled. ‘I always fuck up. And this thing between us is creeping me out. I just need to figure out how to handle it.’ He took another toke on his joint. ‘And then there’s Axl. He would be pissed, girl. And I’m not sure if this could ruin the band.’
My jaw dropped. ‘You’re really telling me you need to sober up to think straight? And then you’ll sit down to have another joint?’ I shook my head ‘Is this you solving problems, Izzy? I can’t fucking believe it.’ I turned around and walked to the door. ‘I just wanted to get laid, Izzy. And you're acting like this would mess up your whole world.’
‘Like I said: you don’t know shit about me.’ I heard him mumble on my way out.
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