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What's your poison?

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Amy is pissed and trys to have a good time.

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Slamming the door behind me swearing, I ran into Billy. Fuck.
This was the last thing I needed at the moment. He stopped me by holding me by my shoulders. I needed to look up to him.
‘What?’ Still pissed I glared at him.
‘What’s up with you?’ He frowned and his gaze went to Izzy’s door.
‘Saying?’ I was so annoyed by his protective behavior. This had been cool when I was 12 but now it was not fun at all. I really loved him but this needed to stop.
‘What’s up with you coming from Izzy’s room?’
I rolled my eyes.
‘Oh that…’ I used my sweet voice. ‘Me and that other bimbo just screwed his brains out. Then we did some snowballs and I am high as shit now… Whoooo’ I fake smiled at him and gave him my best cheer.
For a moment he just stared at me angrily and I felt his grip harden. Then I let out a sigh.
‘Why do you even care? Can’t I talk to your band mates now too? Maybe you’d like to lock me up in the basement?’ I shrugged his hands off and shove him out of my way.

I really needed a drink now. A strong one. Really strong. Something that might let me pass out next to Slash on the couch. Because that bitch Erin might be here, too. And that would mean Billy was going to fuck her senseless and I needed to get me some place to sleep again.
God, I fucking hated it here. I was better off living in Indiana with the reverend on my ass, I tried to convince myself. Fuck me!
I felt like a trapped animal.

Walking into the livingroom to see if there was still some JD left, I saw Billy entering Izzy’s room. Great. He couldn’t just let it go. Now Izzy got him on his ass and I felt bad because this was kinda my fault.
My anger cooled off a little. Me running into Billy acting all overprotective told me that Izzy was right. He’d flip if we’d been fucking. And my brother surely had some anger issues and would rip out Izzy’s throat if he’d found out.
Maybe I should check on him later. Just in case.
Telling myself not to worry about him, I fell down on the couch next to Slash and Duff doing lines.

‘You’ve something left for me?’ I asked Slash.
‘You sure that’s your poison, babe? Maybe you should stick to the JD?’ Slash raised an eyebrow.
‘Don’t fucking lecture me now, man.’ I glared at him.
Duff chuckled. ‘What happened to you Miss bad ass?’
‘My fucking brother and his moron friend. I could really need a bliss right now. Otherwise I will strangle him in his sleep.’
‘Okay, babe. But be careful okay?’ Slash said while preparing the lines for me. ‘I don’t want to be the one explaining to Axl why you’re tripping bad.’
Duff snorted ‘He’s so gonna fucking kill you if he finds out, man.’
‘He’ll not get a word from me. So give me that fucking straw.’ I said and took the straw from his fingers.
I sniffed the two lines and leaned back waiting for the coke to kick in.
‘You ok if I crash at your place, Slash? Fucking bitch is here somewhere.’
‘Yeah, sure, babe. Need me to show you some love?’ He said wiggling his eyebrows.
‘You ever give up, man?’ I asked him annoyed.
‘Never. Someday you’ll let these pink panties down for me.’ Slash chuckled.
‘Yeah, dream on retard.’ Duff snorted.
‘I will never have sex again anyway.’ I mumbled as the coke kicked in and gave me a good rush. For some moments everything around me was blurred and I actually felt good, I guess. When I could finally move again, I grabbed the bottle of Jack from Slash’s hand and took a sip.

When I saw Billy enter the room again, I felt confident.
That’s what the coke does to you. You feel bad, you do a few lines and every fucking problem will be vanished soon because you’re sure you can handle anything.
And here I was. Fucking sure I could handle Billy right now.
‘Maybe I won’t need your loving tonight. I just strangle that son of a bitch now and have my own bed to myself.’ I said to Slash as I got up from the couch slowly.
‘You know you’re talking ‘bout your mama here, right?’ Duff chuckled and took a sip of his Vodka.
I looked down to him.
‘She’s a real bitch, you know? Shouldn’t have married that asshole of a preacher in the first way.’ I grinned.

I found Billy leaning next to the doorframe to the kitchen. He was leaning into some chick, nibbling at her neck.
He turned around as I cleared my throat.
‘Where’s the bitch? Trouble in paradise?’ I giggled. Fucking coke.
‘Won’t listen to you bitching around, Amy.’ He glared at me ‘Now, skip it.’
He got back to the bimbo’s neck. Oh boy. I was really up to a fight.
‘Who’s the skank?’ He was going to be pissed if I ruined this for him. I just grinned. This was going to be good. ‘Will she be sleeping in our room?’ I asked sweetly.
‘Who is that bitch, Axl?’ The skank gave me an annoyed look.
‘Amy, get the hell away. I’m busy here.’ He cupped the girl’s face and gave her a kiss. These girls were fucking morons. They all fell for him and his charming smile.
‘She’s just my little sister, sweetheart.’ He told her.
The skank’s eyes went big and she eyed me from top to toe. Then she licked her lips. Creepy.
‘She could join us if you like.’
I choked. What the hell? Was she serious?
‘Gross.’ I whispered breathless. He was my fucking brother. She was one motherfucking sick piece of ass.
Turning around I chuckled and thought I should introduce her to slash.
‘I’ll check on Izzy. I bet you made him cry earlier, shitface.’
‘Love ya too sis’ I heard him as I walked away.
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