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Bandit sat up in the hospital room slowly. She was still a little drunk, and knew just about what was going on. She looked around quickly, and Cherry pushed a trash can next to the bed. She bent forward, spilling the nights burrito into it.

After her episode, she whipped her mouth on her bare wrist. She had a headache. She blinked, noticing who was in the room. Her closest family was in the room. She tilted her head, confused. What the hell did she do to land herself in here?

She noticed two important people were missing. She shook her head, regretting it instantly. She groaned softly. Mikey got her an aspirin from a nurse. She thanked him softly, still a look of confusion on her face.

She noticed his eyes were read, and his new girlfriend was sitting in the chair on her phone. Miles sat next to Sarah, pointing at something on her phone. Ray even looked upset, which is something she had never seen. She waited a few seconds for her parents to show up. She was sure they were doing paperwork somewhere.

“You guys are really quiet. Why is everyone here? Am I dead?” She looked around. They all looked at her with big, sad eyes. “Guys? What’s going on? You’re scaring me.”

“Do you remember anything from last night?” Miles asked, tilting his head. Frank pulled his kids out softly, mumbling something to them. Bandit shook her head, the remaining adults wanting to hear the answer.

“No? Well, I remember the burritos,” Bandit shook her head, feeling better. Mikey looked at the ground, and Ray softly rubbed her ankle.

“Well,” He started, not looking at her. She tugged on his sleeve, he was so close. It was outta place. “There was an accident.”

“Ok. So wheres my Dad?” She looked around, assuming she was the one hurt and on some nice, druggy pills. Mikey’s eyes teared up again as he looked down. Sarah put her phone down and looked up at her, her rare, unmade face full of sadness.

“I’m sorry, Sweetie,” She whispered. Bandit shook her head.

“This isn’t a joke,” Bandit said, glaring slightly.”Now where’s Dad? Uncle Mikey! Where’s Daddy?! Daddy!”

She didn’t know she was screaming, and gripping Ray’s arm until Frank opened the door, coming in to see what was going on. She started crying and released the man. Mikey started crying, too.

“No!” she whispered. “No. Not me. Not tonight.”

Frank tilted his head, frowning. Poor girl.
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