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“This is the last of it,” Mikey said with a small voice. Setting a polka dotted bin on the floor, next to Bandit’s new desk. She ran a hand over the bed that didn’t have any sheets on it yet.

“Thank you,” She said quietly. She sat down. “I miss my green walls.”

Mikey frowned, looking down at the girl. He got closer, and squatted down slowly, looking up at her. she had seemed jumpy today, and he didn’t want to startle her.

“Hey,” He said quietly, concerned. “Need to talk to me?”

“No, Uncle Mikey,” Bandit shook her head. “You got enough on your plate, yeah?”

Mikey squeezed her knee, standing, nodding.

“Yeah,” His voice broke. He felt pathetic. He turned away from the girl. She looked too much like Gerard. Bandit patted his arm in sympathy.

“I am so hungry. Wanna come eat?” She asked, frowning when the man shook his head. “Come on.”

She drug him to the kitchen by his wrist, and made him eat a sandwich. She felt like he probably hadn’t ate something all day, and started to feel proud of herself. She could be strong. Her dad would be proud of her for helping Mikey! He’d would have been so proud...

But he couldn’t be. Because he was dead. And her mom couldn’t be proud, either. Because she was dead! Gone. In the morgue, or the funeral home, or something. Bandit didn’t know where exactly they were, but she knew they were never coming home.

It wasn’t fair. She would have taken a broken arm, a paralyzed waist, or her sight gone for either of them to be alive! Damn, even a coma would have been better than them just being...gone. Hell, she would trade her life for either of theirs. But she couldn’t.

She felt guilty, most of all. They wouldn’t have been out so late if it wasn’t for her. If she had just stayed home...and then she wouldn’t be an orphan.

She walked away scratchless. Didn’t have one bruise, no migraines, no hearing loss. There were no burns from the engine fire, and she hadn’t been flown into the darkness like her mom had.

She hated herself.

Cherry broke her out of her thoughts like throwing boiling water onto ice cold glass. She came in, head up and loud feet like her father. She sat herself across from Bandit, and Jamia gave Bandit a frown.

“If you need someone to talk too, I’m here, Sweetie, ok?” She told the young girl. Bandit just nodded as Cherry pulled her cards out of her bag.

“I wanna play Uno!” She rolled her eyes at her mom. The cards where obviously brand new.

“We haven't played Uno for years, Cherry,” Bandit raised her eyebrows. She didn’t want pity. That made her feel pathetic.

“Well, we’re playing now,” Cherry replied, pulling the cards out of their plastic case. Frank picked them up shuffling.

“I think I’ll join you two, if you don’t mind.”

Cherry nodded, smiling. Bandit stared ahead. She was too tired, physically and mentally, to protest. The shadows in the room changed very softly as Mikey turned on another set of lights and she could have swore she saw her Dad walking in. She saw him dropping his bag on the nearest counter, and smiling at Mikey. But when she blinked, he was gone.

Bandit felt like she was hit by a truck. This was real. And she’d never hear his voice again. Or get a hug from him. She’d never see him smile at her mom ever again....or vice versa. She wouldn’t get little, embarrassing notes in her lunches.

She suddenly started sobbing. Frank’s eyes widen, Cherry jumped up, but all she wanted was her Mommy and Daddy.

She wasn’t so strong anymore.
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