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Vendetta !

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Mikey Wants Revenge But On Who, How And More Importantly Why?

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Hai guise this is a story i thpught about ages ago and really wanted to write
also this story is for my Bezzie Mate Georgia because she is the most amazing person ever and she wrote me a fic when i was wifi-less and believe me it was terrible

so please guys rate and review it would mean alot
Jade xø

Mikey had had enough he was sitting on the battered old couch in his apartment which he sadly shared with his older brother Gerard, they were both really close friends as well as brothers, but that bond between them was vanishing slowly each day.

Mikey was thinking on how to get him back for what he did that night. That certain person he had loathed for the past 2 weeks was none other than Frank Iero, the hyperactive midget who can’t control himself or his feelings for the people who care for him most.

Frank was the current boyfriend of Gerard and neither of them were showing signs that they wanted to end their relationship with each other soon…

You see, the problem was that Mikey had had his eyes on Frank for a while (a year or so give or take a few) and he planned on asking him out on the 1st of October it’s specific I know but there was a party one of their best friends Ray had organised, he was sure frank knew this information and had noticed the hungry looks Mikey had given him for a while when they were in band practice with Ray and their other friend Bob.

But he wasn't sure if Frank had properly registered the importance of this message in that small brain of his. So when the 1st of October came he managed to corner frank and ask him the question— turns out that Frank had asked Gerard the same question just moments before Mikey had asked him. To Mikey’s dismay Gerard had practically screamed yes and sucked Franks face off when Frank asked him because apparently Gerard had had the biggest most girlish crush on him for like EVER.

This is why Mikey loathed the fact that Frank had chosen his brother, the scruffy, vampiric, socially awkward guy he had known for about 3 years and not him the clean, un-scruffy shy boy who he had known for longer than he could remember….. The jealousy was burning through his insides, scalding each part of his body and eating him alive….Killing him

He had to get his own back on frank, he had to. But how?

Mikey would get his Vendetta!
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