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I'm taking my time to plan your demise.

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For my ill best friend Georgia to make her feel better-er xxxx

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Hey guys
sorry i havent updated for a while its the holidays so i have been out with my friends
And for Georgia... Please dont die on me from illnesses we dont know of... :)
Chapter title is from the song... Ex-Lovers Lover by Voltaire
Enjoy XØ

Mikey was still sitting on the couch when the door flew open and revealed Gerard pulling Frank through the door, hand in hand laughing their heads off. They had obviously just been to the fair that was in town because Frank had a stick of candyfloss as big as him in his hand and they were both covered from head to toe with webs of silly string. They waljed through the door and stopped outside Gerard's room, not even aknowledging Mikey's presents on the manky old couch... Not that Mikey wasn't used to this sort of behaviour from the pair. Gerard then mumbled "Come on Frankie, lets go shower" kissed him on the lips slowly and dragged him into the bedroom slamning the door behind them.

Mikey was staring at them the whole time, but quickly looked elsewhere when they shared a deep and meaningful kiss. It hurt too much for him to watch something happen that he couldn't be a part of, no-matter how much he wanted to or how much he wished it was 'Him and Frankie' not 'Gerard and Frankie'

But for the past 2 hours or so he had been thinking about the ways in which he was going to get frank back, he would do anything to get Frank back... Anything!

He grabbed a piece of paper and the nearest pen and started to jott everything he planned to do to frank. It was a small list but to Mikey it didn't matter all he wanted was Frank. With the last way of revenge being the worst. The slightest thing could make it ALL go horribly wrong.

He knew that Gerard and Frank would be a while been as Gerard had a en-suit- and no guessing what they would probably be doing in there-. And it broke Mikey's heart to think of something he couldn't have to himself without Gerard there to ruin it all.

So before Gerard and Frank got out of the shower and into the bedroom. Mikey took the chance to get to his room and put his earphones in, to stop the disturbing noises that were bound to come through the paper-thin walls in the next 5 minutes or so. And drop off into a deep slumber carefully thinking over his deavious plans of revenge.

So i hope thats okay guys and the action will start in the next chapters to come
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Jade xø
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