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Chapter 7 Maryanne's second strike

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Another strike for Maryanne and her evil ways

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Meanwhile Nigel was back in his bedroom he had when he was three as his mom giggled giving him an invite to The Tikes Next Door mixer.
Nigel's mom(Kissing his cheek) My sweetie has a playdate with The Tikes Next Door I am so proud of you.
Nigel(Looking at a brochure) They sound the coolest secret missions, parties, friends, a cool numbah they are all so cool.
Nigel's mom: We need to get you looking spiffy for the first playdate Nigey boo.
Nigel found his old wardrobe waiting with a note from Fanny
Nigel's POV: Dear Nigel Uno or should I call you Nigey I want you to wear this to the playdate today and there's also a necklace I made myself and I thinkl it'll make you look cute, I want you to look Madamme Fanny which is me up when you get to the playdate there's a lot to talk about, my daughter Ariana who is Irish and muscular can be found beating up boys but she'll make an exception for you, as I said look me up because you and I have business to complete even if you don't think so I'll be the one looking like a teen sitter a very hot teen sitter and I also gave you a picture to remember who I am anyways I can't wait to meet you and I know you're on pins and needles on meeting me so hurry up with breakfast slowpoke and then meet me in room Numbah 1 which will be your Numbah and I'll be waiting for you on the bed ready to do things that you'll never forget Love ya
Fanny AKA Numbah 86
Nigel's mom: Looks like my Nigey has a secret admirer so let's get some food in you and then you can bring you're stuffed Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino with you to your playdate/ secret admirer neeting.
Nigel smiled throwing his uniform on and grabbing his dark sunglasses also snatching Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino and skipping downstairs for breakfast.
Nigel's mom: Pop Tarts sweetie your fave amd orange juice to cap it all off man is mommy really on today or what?
Nigel(Swinging his feet) Mama can I bring my tiger PJ's too, their my favorite PJ's and it says I have to start bringing things to the treehouse so I can sleep there on ocassions.
Nigel's mom: Sweetie I think the tiger PJ's are a good idea and the bear cub PJ's too they were a smash last Halloween.
Nigel nodded gobbling up his Pop Tarts and gulping down his orange juice as his mom got a bacpack pakcing his bear cub PJ's and underwear with animals into it.
Nigel's mom: Sleepover care package check, I'll get snacks while you look cute as always.
Nigel pointed out Oreo's, home baked chocolate chip cookies, soda, Cool Ranch Dorito's, and another list that contained Fanny's favorite things to snack on as she smiled.
Nigel's mom: My little Nigey's growing up, soon you'll be getting kissed by her and dragged everywhere like a puppy on a leash.
Nigel made faces when Mrs. Uno said kissing as she giggled and grabbed his jacket and led him to the van where only part of Nigel's nightmare was to begin.
Nigel's mom: Nigel goes marching one by one hurrah, hurrah Nigel goes marching one by one hurrah, hurrah Nigel goes marching one by one and he's going to fall in love with a little one.
Nigel(Singing) And we all go mrching down in the ground to get out of the rain.
Nigel's mom: That's the spirit we're here sweetie now you have fun looking for your secret admirer and I'll be here to pick you up tomorrow morning bright and early.
Nigel kissed his mom's cheek as Fanny's snack list is shown and this is what we see
Madamme Fanny's snack list
1. ten bags of Swedish Fish
2. twenty bags of Peanut butter M&M's
3. ten cans of Wild Cherry Pepsi
4. five bags of Sour Patch Fruits
5. fifteen bags of Sour Cream And Onion Lays chips(Not the small snack bags either)
6. six bottles of Cherry Coke
7. one ton of gummi bears and gummi slugs mixed.
8. one box of fruit Gushers grape is very advised.
9. Three boxes of Cheez It Crackers.
10. Burger King chicken fries
11. Wendy's chicken nuggets
12. Wendy's frosty
13. Mcdonalds Double Quarter Pounder with cheese.
14. Chili's Contry Fried Chcken Fingers.
15. Chili's loaded mashed potatoes.
16. Chick Fill A Chicken tenders.
17. Taco Bell chicken ranch chalupa two (Two would be appreciated).
18. Steak and Cheese Hot Pockets
19. twenty five boxes of Red Bull
20. Taco Bell Quesadilla's
Any additions to this food or any food forgotten on this list will result in punishment enforced by me so I sugest you triple check that you have everything when you come to see me XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Nigel: I wonder what Madamme Fanny looks like?
Nigel walked through wave after wave of terrified boys and cackling girls not knowing why the boys were so scared but knew it had something to do with the sneering little girl in front of them.
Ariana: My mama told you to build me an edible candy statue of myself so build, and FYI the licorice is my hair not my skin you idiots.
Boy #1: Man how did we get stuck with you?
Ariana(Lifting her skirt) Meet the kilt lift now are there any more stupid questions?
Boy #2: I have one slavedriver, if you want a candy statue why not build it yourself?
Ariana(Lifting her skirt) I'm going to be kilt lifted out soon.
Nigel: Excuse me but if you're done lifting your skirt can you help me?
Ariana(Smiling down at Nigel) Hmmmmmmmm fresh meat sure I can help, I'm Ariana Fullbright and what's your name?
Nigel: Nigel Uno and I'm looking for somebody named Madamme Fanny.
At the name all the boys winced in pain and shrieked in fear.
Ariana: The rest of you worms build me my statue, Nigel follow me and I'll show you to your room where Madamme Fanny is waiting.
Nigel skipped off as Ariana followed the two boys she gave the kilt lift to becoming a kitten for boy #1 and underwear for Boy # 2 for Ariana to wear.
Ariana(Stopping at a door with 1 on it) Well this is it, now I must be going I have undies to try on and a kitty to smother with love and attention.
Nigel opened the door to find Fanny sneering laying on his bed with a neglashai on and her snacks were thrown to her by Nigel.
Fanny: Everythings here nice job sweetie, now let's get to know each other better shall we?
Nigel nodded as Fanny giggled patting next to her on the bed where a TV was on and we see the training agents being yelled at by Maryanne.
Maryanne: You maggots haven't the slightest clue who I am, I'm the World Leaders daughter now somebody come rub my feet and chop, chop before I make all of you a wardrobe for my All Around Clothes Changing Princess.
One boy slowly made his way across the crowd of shivering boys as Maryanne sneered and beckoned the boy to come closer to her.
Maryanne(Flexing her toes) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is going to feel so good.
Boy: Princess Maryanne ma'am what are you going to do to me?
Maryanne: I see slave in your future see me I'm like a magic 8 ball and your the asker, now on your knees and get rubbing.
The boy got on his hands and knees as another boy snickered at him and Maryanne giggled back turning the boy into a black batman costume for Princess.
Maryanne: Anybody else find this boy giving himself up for you funny?
The boys and girl's shook their heads no as Maryanne grinned at her new costume for princess.
Maryanne: Princess Morbucks by day, Batgirl by night everybody will fear her.
Another boy cackled as Maryanne made him a solid gold super villian suit for herself.
Maryanne: Just Like Princess's in The Powerpuff Girl's it's even my size and it has rocket boots and a necklace making any boy fall head over heels for me.
Boy: Ma'am done rubbing what may I do next?
Maryanne(Sneering) You may find me a boy to become Laura Maryanne Limpin the 2nd's slave, plus she's two people so choose someone who's really mean to you.
The boy walked past all the shivering boys until he met a boy named David Mitchelson and the boy grinned grabbing David's arm.
Boy: He took my lunch every single day since I started pre school, now it's time for payback.
Maryanne: Nice choice because he also attempted to cut my pigtails in art class, so I was hoping you'd pick him.
David(Gulping) All right I get it I won't try cutting your hair or steal Jason's lunch anymore.
Jason: I think my master made a decision and I hope it's the right one.
Maryanne(Grinning) It sure is now brought to you by popular demmand it's Laura Maryanne Limpin the 2nd and her friend and mine The- Big- Badolescent.
Maryanne paused after each word of The Big Badolescent and David gulped seeing Laura II in a bikini giggling at him.
Laura II: Did you know this base has a pool man World Headquaters is the best place ever.
Maryanne(Grinning) It has it's perks now Laura meet David your other perk, he's your and The Big Badolescent's slave so take him and have fun with him.
Laura II: Goodie does that mean I don't have to clean my messy room, or any messes for that matter ever again?
Maryanne(Cracking her knuckles) That's right now show him your trick sweetie.
Laura II grabbed David's hands and led him down the hall as we see a huge shadow and David screamed in fear.
Maryanne(Opening her necklace) That was really sweet to save me from him like that, and one sweet deed deserves another.
A pink light surrounded Jason and Maryanne and the light became red as it got sucked into the necklace and Jason puckered up as Maryanne kissed him and he shrank to a three year old.
Maryanne: Sorry but boys older than me don't get my time, boys the same age as me do.
Jason(Whimpering) What did you do with Chase?
Maryanne: I made him school clothes for my All Around Clothes Changing Princess cool huh?
Jason saw himself growing weak to Maryanne as she noticed this too and giggled.
Maryanne: No three year old boy can resist my charm Jason, especially not a weak boy like you.
Jason bowed to Maryanne as her cackle echoed across the room.
Maryanne: You will be my prince when I'm old enough to have one, I'm princess of the pre schoolers and you just became my slave sweetie.
Jason grew fearful as Maryanne cackled and all the boys and girls were scared for him and themselves.
Maryanne: Now who wants to be the one to become Laura II's new stuffed animal, and I have to remind you that you'll be huge because she'll share it with The- Big- Badolescent.
Nobody raised their hands or volunteered as Laura II giggled walking through the crowd with David following her on a leash.
Maryanne: Good thinking I mean you know The Big Badolescent and yourself better than we do.
Laura II(Shaking her head) No I'm foing this to find a boy dumb enough to make fun of me, hit me, trip me, or do anything else bad to me, that's how I find my stuffy.
Maryanne: Even better so go bully search Laura.
Laura II skipped down the aisles of boys as one stuck his foot out and she fell in a mud puddle and everybody laughed at her.
Laura II: Everybody laughing has now joined the ranks of wardrobe for Maryanne, boy do I feel sorry for you and as for trippy over here time to meet THE- BIG- BADOLESCENT.
As Laura II paused everyone saw her becoming bigger until she reached way over their height and the boy who tripped her eeped in fear.
The Big Badolescent(Angrily growling) Now mommy make both Laura II and I take bath again, I hate bath so you give me bath that way me clean when I have to go home.
Boy(Stammering) Sorry Mrs. The Big Badolescent Ma'am it was an accident and it'll never happen again, can't we just let me off with a warning?
The Big Badolescent(Cackling) That would make me and Laura II look weak and we're not weak.
Boy(Begging) Please don't do this Pre School is all I've got left.
The Big Badolescent: Now you have Laura II and me too, next time don't trip us into a mud puddle making people laught at us.
Boy: But I never told them to laugh and I didn't mean to trip you honest I didn't, let's talk about this.
The Big Badolescent dragged Chris Waters to the bathroom cackling deeply as Maryanne approached all the boys who laughed at Laura II and The Big Badolescent.
Maryanne: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I still need school attire, and undies, nightgowns, and undies, socks, and undies, and tops, plus some undies.
All the boys gulped as Maryanne's shadow covered them and she had a sceptor like King Triton pointed at the boys.
Maryanne: All right I want piles upon piles of undies first so who's ready to meet my behind.
None of the boys approached her as Maryanne found a shivering boy and she was ready to use her sceptor on him.
Maryanne(Sneering) Helloooooooooooo undies.
The boy had no time to eep as the sceptor went off and he became undies piling up to the ceiling.
Maryanne: Mommy will be so happy she doesn't have to go undie shopping for awhile.
The other boys saw how serious she was as Maryanne made All Around Clothes Changing Princess whisper to her.
Maryanne: Awwwwwwwwww aint that sweet All Around Clothes Changing Princess wants undies too.
A boy ran at Maryanne ready to hit her as she threw him to the ground and placed one of her knee high boot feet on his chest.
Maryanne: Down for the count, now let's see what size All Around Clothes Changing Princess is.
The boy moaned as he became undies and the rest of the boys had no choice but to become the clothes Maryanne asked for.
Maryanne: It's great to be me.
Maryanne grabbed a pair of white underwear and a purple nightgown giggling at how Jason would react to her.
Maryanne: Time for me to show these training agents what I'm made of.
A dark cloud loomed over the preschool as Maryanne's cackle screeched into all the pre schooler boys ears.
Maryanne: Leader Fanny says that boys deserve to be tortured and girls don't, I agree with her.
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