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Jack is trapped!

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Disclaimer!I don't own Jack or his personality. Or anything. Yet...

My heart was beating like a thousand drums at once.
Boom. Boom. Boom.
I’m sure Jack heard it. It was loud enough to fill the cell.
“Are you scared?” He asked.
“Only a little.” I said, managing a weak little smile. I doubt he saw it, it was so dark in that room.
He must have, because he chuckled a little. Or was that a cough? I couldn’t tell.
“Where are you exactly?” I asked into the darkness.
“In a corner.”
“Which corner?”
“The one across from you.”
I got up slowly and placed my hand on a wall. Slowly I walked, trying not to fall, to a corner. There I turned and walked along the wall until I bumped into someone slightly. I sat down next to Jack.
“It’s cold in here.”
“Here, take my coat.” He said as he took his long brown overcoat off and draped it over my shoulders. It smelled bad, but it was warm.
“How can you even see in here?” I asked.
“Your eyes just need to adjust.”
“We’ve been in here for only five minutes.”
“Just give it time, luv.”
A cold breeze came out of nowhere and I shivered violently against my will, despite of the heavy coat. He must have felt me, because he draped his arm around me and pulled me closer. He smelled just as bad as the coat, maybe worse, but he was very warm.
Exhausted, I laid down on his chest, listening to Jack’s heart beat, I slowly fell asleep.

When the morning light hit my face I woke with a shiver and pulled the coat closer and wrapped it around me, trying to keep warm. Looking around, I saw that I was alone in the tiny cell. A thick metal door was on the wall just right to me and there were two barred windows on the walls left and right to the door, letting in a cold breeze.
As I stood up a tricorn weather old hat fell off my head. I picked it up and placed it back on my head, not wanting it to touch the dirty floor.
I paced the small room for a while to try and get the soreness out of my muscles to no avail. Around noon, the door opened and a guard threw in a tray that had a piece of bread, moldy cheese and a mug full of dirty water on it. I grabbed it and waited for Jack’s return.

The night had begun to fall when the heavy door was opened and a man was brutally shoved in by a guard. I rushed over to Jack and helped him to his feet. He was shaking and drenched with sweat.
“Jack!” I almost yelled.
“I’m fine.” He said and he sat against the cold cell wall. Seeing as there was no way to get him to talk about it, I sat down next to him and gave the tray with food to him.
“No.” He said and pushed it away.
“Eat.” I said persistently as I put the tray in his lap.
“You eat it. You need your strength. Savvy?” He said firmly as he pushed the tray back.
“I’ll be fine. Let’s at least split it.”
Jack mumbled his reply, which I took as an ‘aye’, and he split the bread and cheese into uneven halves. He put the largest pieces into my hand and watched as I ate. When I was done I stared at him.
“What, luv?”
“Eat.” I said, pointing to the food in his hand. “Eat it or I will shove it in your mouth and force feed you.”
Jack chuckled and took a small bite of the bread.
A cold wind rolled through the windows and I leaned against Jack, my head on his shoulder.
“How are we going to to get out of this, Jack?”
“Don’t worry luv. I’ll get us out.”

The sun peaked through the window and landed on my face. I opened my eyes and found that once again I was alone. Jack’s coat and hat were still on me. I looked around the bleak cell and saw not much has changed. The food tray was still on the ground. On the tray was a small chunk of cheese and a piece of bread that had a bite taken out.

I waited for Jack’s return and another food tray. Neither seemed to come. It was well after nightfall when the heavy door opened and Jack was pushed in. He moaned slightly when he hit the floor.
I helped him sit against the wall and let him catch his breath. Once again he was soaked with sweat and he was shivering.
Picking up the bread, I quickly shoved it into his mouth before he could protest.
“What are you doimhmh mmmh?” He tried to get out, but failed towards the end.
“I told you if you didn’t eat I would shove it in your mouth.”
He looked at me as he chewed and tried to swallow the dry chunk of bread. After he swallowed he said, “I’ll take you more seriously then.”
“Damn right you will.” I said as I handed him the cheese.
He ate it slowly, not talking and staring at the door. By this time my eyes had adjusted and I could see just fine.
“Wish there was rum.” Jack mumbled.
“Me too.”
“Thought you didn’t like rum.”
“It’s just not my favorite.”
Jack chuckled a little. That was the end of the only conversation we had that night.

It’s been a week since Jack and I were first taken. Food, mostly bread and cheese, were given to us every other day.
They always took Jack early in the morning and was returned late at night. He always came back sweaty and shaking and bruised. We talked less and less until the end of the week, were we just stopped talking.

When I woke up I was surprised to see that Jack was still in the cell. He was deep asleep, snoring and his head was leaning on my shoulder. He was snoring loudly and drooling.
In the sunlight I could actually see the extent of the damage that had been dealt to Jack. He was sick pale color underneath his usual caribbean tan. Bruises, some new, some already fading, covered most of his exposed skin. His white shirt was torn and stained with blood.
As I was just about to move his shirt to see the extent of the wounds I heard some people outside the heavy door augering, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. They came closer to the door and I frantically tried to wake Jack.
“Jack, come on, you have to get up!” I said as I shook him.
No reply.
“I’m going to burn the rum!” I shouted in his ear.
“Why is the rum gone?!” He yelled, startled.
“Jack, somebody is coming!”
As I helped him to his feet several guards burst into the cell and grabbed us and pulled heavy sacks over our heads. For a fleeting glance I saw many redcoats with guns lining the halls, making an escape impossible. As I struggled against the man who was holding my arms tightly against my back, something connected with my head, and all was blank.

The first thing that I noticed was the rocking of a ship underneath me. It wasn’t the gentle and soothing rocking of the Pearl, it was harsh and sickening. Slowly, I opened my eyes and tried to ignore the waves of nausea that ripped through my midsection. We were definitely at sea.
I looked around slowly. I was in a small prison cell in the brig of a ship, one that I have never been on, and Jack in a cell just to my left. He was awake and staring off into the distance.
“Jack?” I asked quietly. He looked at me and flashed a trademark grin. “Where are we?”
“Aboard the Dauntless.”
“How do you know that?”
“I’ve been in here before, after the Isle de Muerta.”
“Oh.” I replied, my mind replaying memories of Jack telling stories to people about the Isle de Muerta. Mostly they were stretched to ridiculously tall tales that made almost no sense, but he told me what really happened. It was before I ever met him.
We sat in silence for a while, then I noticed Jack was staring at me with a fiery intensity. “What?” I finally asked. I don’t like to be stared at.
“Where’s my hat?” He finally said. I had the feeling that he was think about something else, not just his hat. I raised my heavy arm to my head where I discovered that his hat was indeed gone, but I was still wearing his coat.
“It’s right here, Jack.” A fairly annoying voice called out. As it’s owner traveled down the stairs Jack recognized who it was.
“Beckett.” Jack said, a hint of hate lancing his speech. Beckett, a embrassly short man, was hold Jack’s effects.
“Sparrow.” He replied in a manner similar to Jack’s but almost more like a gentleman. Then he glanced over to me. “And who is this?”
Neither Jack or I replied.
“No matter. We only need you, Jack.” He replied as he raised a pistol at me. I never heard anything after that. It was all over.
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