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Chapter Five

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Dean's father finds out about Dean and Castiel's relationship and things take a turn for the worst.

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Shout out to my wonderful and amazing twitter friend and BETA @tellmeimanangel!! this fic wouldn't be possible if she didn't help me when i'm stuck and correct my shitty grammar. follow my fandom twitter @plzdean to see when I update this fic.

Since Dean had finally asked Cas to be his, the pair had been hanging out in Castiel’s bedroom every single day after school. Dean rarely spoke about Castiel at school to his friends though, and had tried to explain many times to Castiel that he simply wasn’t ready to tell anyone yet. Castiel understood, but he found it difficult to stay away from Dean throughout those painful six hours. Dean found it hard too, and often found himself counting down the minutes until he got to Castiel’s house and they could just lie there for hours without anyone else in the world suspecting a thing.

The two liked each other’s company; whether that was a long cuddle under sheets, sitting across from each other as they talk music, or soft, gentle kisses on the bedroom floor. It didn’t matter how they spent their time as long as they were with each other. Sometimes, on weekends when they were the only two in the house, Castiel would cook dinner for Dean. It wouldn’t be particularly impressive, usually just pasta and tomato sauce, but Dean admired the effort he put in and the fact he could cuddle Castiel on the living room sofa as they ate it while the sun went down.

* * *

It was a Saturday afternoon and, yet again, Dean had cancelled his plans with his friends to go and play basketball, to hang out with Cas instead. He’d kind of lost interest in the sport anyway since he started being around Castiel more often; it was as if his whole life now centred around this perfect little boy and nothing else in the world mattered.

Anyway, Castiel was sitting on his window sill smoking a cigarette with Dean lying in his bed watching a movie, when Dean’s phone rang out and disturbed the peace.
Castiel couldn’t quite hear what the person on the other end of the phone was saying, but their words were short and hurried.
“What do you mean? No…no…he can’t.”
Dean jumped out of the bed and paced and forth across the room with one hand to his ear and the other behind his head.
“Did you tell him?...I know you didn’t know until now. I’m sorry. Fuck.”
“What’s wrong?” Castiel mouthed. Dean just shook his head quickly and turned away.
“Okay. Thanks for telling me, I…no, it’s not your fault, Sam. I’ll see you at home.” Dean hung up quickly and threw his phone across the room.

Castiel put his cigarette out and jumped down from the window. He stood there on the other side of the room and watched as Dean slowly sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through his hair. The longer he starred, the more it became clear he had started to cry.
“Dean…” Castiel said carefully. “What’s wrong? Has something happened?”
“It’s my dad. He found out about us…and he’s on his way to pick me up.” He suddenly began to cry harder and Castiel knew he couldn’t just watch.
“Hey, hey, hey.” Castiel said quietly, sitting beside him. “It’s okay. Your dad will understand. He is your dad, after all.”
“No…no, you don’t understand! My dad will kill me, literally. His sister came out as gay to the family and he completely cut her out of his life; I’ve never met her…he refuses to even believe she exists.”
“But you’re his son! He’ll see things differently for you! And your mom…your mom will understand.”
“My mom’s dead, Cas.” Dean spat.
“It will be okay, Dean. It will just take him a little while to get used to and then things will be back to how they used to be.” Castiel sighed, taking one of Dean’s larger hands in his own.
“There’s a reason I’ve never brought you back to my place, Cas. I didn’t want you to see how much of a mess my life really is.”
“Your life isn’t a mess.”
“You don’t know what happens when I get home. You don’t see the things he does to me or hear the things he says.” Dean cried harder, and then the doorbell rang.

Dean’s eyes widened and the colour drained from his face. As he slowly stood up, his body began to shake and the tears dripped from the end of his chin. Castiel made his way towards the hallway but Dean stopped him.
“I can’t let him see you.” Dean said quickly.
“Why not? Dean, seriously, I’ll be fine.”
“I’m not prepared to take the risk. He’s a sick, sick son-of-a-bitch, Cas. If you really think he won’t dare to hurt you, you’re wrong.” Dean said, placing a hand on Castiel’s cheek. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he hurt you.”
The bell rang again. This time accompanied by five frantic knocks.
Dean’s hand on Castiel’s face tightened, but not enough to hurt him. It was more of a protective grip than anything. “I love you, Castiel.” He whispered as he let himself cry. He leaned in and held his forehead against Castiel’s for a few seconds, just to trick himself into thinking that everything was going to be okay. But then the doorbell rang once more and he had to tear himself away.

He marched right down the stairs with Castiel a few paces behind until he reached the door. For a few seconds Dean let his breathing calm and his body relax, before quickly turning to Castiel, kissing his lips slowly with some sort of desperation, then and turning back around again to face the door.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, Cas.”
“I love you, Dean.”
“And I love you, Cas. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything before, and I never want you to forget that. Never doubt that for a single second.”
Then Dean opened the door. Castiel watched as Dean’s body tensed up as the dark figure standing on the door step appeared. He saw a hand grab Dean’s collar and pull him out of the house, but they didn’t seem to be leaving just yet. The only sounds Castiel could hear were the pumping of the blood in his own ears and the sound of Dean’s whimpers. He let himself sink to the floor behind the wall so Dean’s father would not be able to see him, and pulled his knees up to his chest.
“Where’s the boy?”
“I don’t know.” Dean said quickly.
“What do you mean you ‘don’t know’?! You’re at his godforsaken house, for Christ’s sake! Tell me where he is so I can beat the living day light out of him for making you believe you’re a…faggot.”
“NO! You won’t touch him. You won’t touch him, I swear. Take it out on me, I’m begging you. Just don’t you dare touch him.” Dean cried.
Behind the wall, Castiel began to cry too. He wished he could just step out there and take every punch he knew Dean was going to suffer when he got home. He hated the fact Dean was sacrificing himself like this, but Castiel was too damn scared to do anything about it. He’d been beaten until helpless by too many people, too many times. Selfish as it may sound; he simply couldn’t let himself suffer that way again.
“When we get home, we’re going to sort this shit out. I will not have a gay son. I will not allow it to happen.” Dean’s father said angrily, and then the door slammed shut.

Castiel ran up to his room and over to his window sill in time to see Dean’s father dragging him across the lawn to his car by his shirt. Dean didn’t seem to be resisting in the slightest, but Cas could see form his face that he was absolutely terrified.

* * *

Dean didn’t come into school the next day. In fact he hadn’t been into school for nearly a week without a text or a call to say that he was okay. The only thing that even let him know Dean was even still in the city was the fact his younger brother, Sam, was still at school.

It was getting painful to not see Dean for so long. Castiel knew that Dean obviously wasn’t safe at home, but he couldn’t do a damned thing about it because Dean had never told him where he lived. All he knew was that it was on ‘the rough side of town’, but that really was not much to go by. Every night Castiel would cry himself to sleep and hope that he’d see Dean sitting across from him in History class or with his friends at lunch. But Dean never showed, and it made sitting on his own in the cafeteria without anybody to smile at all the more painful.

On the Friday, Castiel decided that enough was enough. At lunch he found Sam and his friends sitting under a tree on the field and decided that, if he wanted any information about Dean whatsoever, Sam was the best place to get it. As he approached the boy he began to grow nervous; what if he had the same opinions towards Dean and Castiel’s relationship that his father did? What if he out right refused to even talk to Castiel?

“Are you Sam? Sam Winchester?” Castiel asked quietly. Well, he knew that the boy was, in fact, Sam Winchester. Dean had shown him many photographs of the two of them as kids. In fact, Dean rarely went a day without mentioning him at least once.
Sam looked up. “Uh, yeah I am. Can I help you?”
“Yes, actually. Can I talk to you? In private, maybe?”
Sam shrugged. “I guess so, stranger.” He said with a smile as he stuffed his lunch into his rucksack and slung it over his shoulder. “Let’s walk.”

The two of them walked almost nearly half the field before Castiel dared to speak.
“You’re probably wondering what the hell this is about, right? Well, I’m-”
“I know who you are, Castiel. Dean said that you’d probably come and find me at some point. I had no idea what you looked like so I couldn’t exactly go and find you but, well, you’re here now and I assume you want to know about Dean, right?”
“Yeah I do. Please just tell me if he’s okay?”
“He’s fine, dude. Well…not fine exactly, but he’s not dead. Or in a coma. Or paralysed in any way. Oh, and he told me to tell you not to worry too much because his dick still works just fine.” Sam frowned.
Castiel let himself smile a little bit.
“He misses you.” Sam said quietly. “He’s told me that every day since he last saw you.”
Castiel felt his face redden. “Then why hasn’t he been at school? Or come to see me in the evenings like he used to?”
“Dad won’t let him leave the house until most of the bruising heals up. He doesn’t want people to ask questions, you see. My dad’s very defensive of the Winchester family name – doesn’t want people to think he’s just some drunk that hits his kids.”
“That’s exactly what he seems like to me.” Castiel mumbled.
To Castiel’s surprise, Sam laughed. “I know he does, but he’s not the world’s worst father. Dean and dad have never really seen eye-to-eye but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about us.”
“He beat his son because he was gay. What part of that is ‘caring’?”
“It’s just the way he’s been brought up to think. I know that he shouldn’t have laid a finger on him because of something like that. I know that, okay? I shouted at him, I told him to stop, but there’s no stopping our dad when he’s mad. If there’s one thing I will never forgive him for, it’s for hurting Dean for liking dudes.”
“Did you ever find out who told your dad about us?”
Sam shook his head. “Dean has no idea.”

Castiel sighed and sat down on the grass. Sam joined him. “Does your dad hurt him often? About other things?”
“Only when he’s drunk.” Sam sighed. “He hurts us both when he’s drunk. You’ve just got to learn to stay out of the way when he finds the whiskey.”
“I know what it’s like to be scared like that.” Castiel muttered. “I know what it’s like to be beaten for things that shouldn’t matter.”
“I know.” Sam said. “Dean told me that you’re, you know, fostered.”
Castiel nodded. “Does he talk about me a lot?”
“Only when dad’s not around.” Sam shrugged. “I remember once…he came running into my room after school and told me that there was a new guy in his class that he’d just driven home after getting a detention with him. He seemed excited for some reason.”
Castiel smiled.
“I never would’ve guessed he liked guys, though. I only found out when dad told me he was going to get Dean from his boyfriend’s house. Honestly, I thought he was joking at first, but he seemed too angry to be messing around.” Sam began to pick the grass beneath him as he spoke. “Dean always had a girlfriend up until about a year ago…but I never would’ve suspected he was gay. I still didn’t even believe it until after I saw what dad had done to him. Dean never would’ve let that happen to himself unless it was true.”
“Was it that bad?”
Sam nodded slowly. “That night, he came into my room while dad was at work and told me everything. He said that all the pain was worth it if it meant you wouldn’t get hurt. He’s still scared dad will find you, though. I mean, now he even knows where you live and Dean’s been driving round your area at night just to make sure dad doesn’t come and pay you a little visit.”
“I don’t understand why he’s so insistent on looking after me like that. I know I’m not worth it.”
“If you’d heard the way he talks about you, you’d realise just how much he needs you in order to be, well, Dean. I haven’t seen this happy since before mom died. Just wait, okay? He’ll be back at school soon. But in the meantime, I think you should hang around with me and my friends during lunch times. Dean told me not to let you sit on your own in the cafeteria because he hates seeing you lonely. Besides, you seem like a nice guy and I’d be happy for you to join us.”
“Thank you, Sam.” Castiel smiled. “I’d like that too.”
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