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Chapter Seven

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I ran into the forest, my feet hardly touching the ground. Get away.

Get away... Once I reached the thicker trees, I took off my ring. I put it into my pocket and, before the guys came, I bolted straight West, heading for the ocean.

I got there in a matter of minutes. My feet skimmed over the tops of trees. It was a few miles to Hat Island.

I wonder.... I looked at my second ring. Shaking my head, I braced myself and launched off the tree, making the top shutter and drop leafs.

Like a bat out of hell, I shot straight across the bay and landed about halfway down on a tree in just off coast. Grabbing branches to keep myself from hitting the ground, I climbed up the the top of this tree.

I could smell the fish and salt in the water. The dry rot of the tree I was perched in. The dank smell of the boats on the water.

The blood pounding through the boat crews, making my mouth water. Ignoring that, I dropped out of the tree, I landed on my toes and headed to the bank.

There was a small outcrop of rocks that a strong human could jump to, so I wouldn't be noticed. I lept from rock to rock, feeling the spray of the water up on me as the boats shook up the water.

It felt amazing, especially in my current form. A boat tugged along, the crew waving at me. My stomach clenched tightly, but I waved back. "What are you doing all the way out here?" One of the men yelled at me. "Are you stuck?"

"I'm fine! Just needed a break!" I smiled. He nodded and waved to the captian to pass me. Luckily, they weren't close enough to see my eyes. I jumped to another rock, landing on my toes.

"She's a siren!" I looked up. A man in a rusty fishing boat screamed at the top of his lungs a little further out. "Look at how she moves!"

"Crazy old fart! There's no such thing!" I called, cupping my mouth. He spat into the water.

"Let this be the judge of that." He yelled. From behind his back, he pulled a harpoon gun amd aimed it at me.

"Hey!" The guys on the first boat screamed. He didn't stop. From here, I could see his finger squeezing the trigger.

I stared at him, my eyes wide. Time it.... I waited until the arrow was coming at me before I gasped and dove into the water at a human speed.

"What the hell?!" I climbed back onto the rock, getting moss tangled in my hair. The first boat was pulling up next to the rust bucket, the guys screaming at the old man.

I jumped from the rocks and back to the trees. Behind me, I heard the man scream. "Look! It's not human!" I didn't stop until I was in the middle of the island.

"He's right." I whispered to myself, sitting down on the green ground. I pulled my legs up under me. The trees shook above me and a second later, Andy was stooped in front of me.

"Come here." He sat next to me and pulled me against him. His shirt was instantly soaked with sea water.

"I'm fine." I whispered. He shook his head and held me tighter.

"I couldn't find you. I was worried." He breathed. "You're all wet." He kissed my forehead and started picking moss out of my hair.

"It was wet or shot with an arrow." I said, letting him clean me up.

"Arrow?" He asked, not worried at all.

"Crazy old guy thought I was a siren. He was partly right. Not a siren, but not a human." My voice was soft at this point. "We're not anything. We're its."

"No. I know that we're not human, but we are not its. You're still a girl. I'm still a guy. So are the others. As for humanity, it's overrated." He said calmly, still picking my hair clean.

"It's not. It's heaven compared to this. Nobody knows we exist. Our kind. Whatever we are." I shook my head.

"We're not human Oh well. We have each other." He hugged me. "Our family. We're strong. We'll be okay." He kissed the top of my head, my cheeks and my forehead.

"But none of us know what we are. If I can ever get my hands on Arthur, I'll know. I'll force it out of him." I said between clenched teeth.

"How?" He asked, pulling my hair away from my neck and resting his chin on my shoulder. "Fro what I remember of him, he's not exactly...aqquiting."

"I know. But if we put my blood into the equation..." I smiled darkly. "He might change his ways."

Andy kissed my neck softly, making goosebumps raise along my arms. "No matter what happens, I will always be with you."

"I know." I smiled, touching the back of his hand. His teeth broke my skin, making me sigh. Andy was the only one of my second generation to drink my blood like this.

After a second, he licked over it, cleaning the blood away and sealing my skin. "Thank you." He breathed into my ear. I rested my head back against his shoulder.

"I think we're far from being even." I cupped his cheek. "Jack told me he's in love with me." I said, almost off handedly.

"I figured something like that happened. You don't just vanish without a reason." He kissed every inch of bare skin he could.

"Worst timing, too." I sighed.

"How so?" He asked, his lips tickling my skin.

"The war. What else would I be talking about?" I looked at his face.

"Thompson." He said bluntly.

"Thompson is a dreamer. I honestly doubt he's thought it through what it would mean to be a part of my family." He raised his eyebrows at me. "You saw how he acted with my dad, Andy. If we hadn't been there, he would have probably killed him." I sighed. "And that's the least of it."

"Oh? How do you know?" He asked softly.

"I was in that position once. When we escaped from the Room and got out into the world."

"You never told me about that. The whole story, at least." He said softly, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I thought I did." He shook his head. "Okay. I'll tell you the whole story."
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