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Chapter Eight

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"It was about ten years ago. Back when I was human. My mom had been dead for about two years before that. It was just me and dad.

We went for a walk on the beach. My dad had gotten into drinking. Bad. And, when he passed out on the beach, I decided to go exploring alone.

When I was following a gull, someone grabbed me. They put a bag over my head and shoved me into a car.

I don't remember how long we drove, but when we got to where we were going, it was cold. Snowing.

They took me into a building and wen they took the bag off of my head, I was in a green room, tied to a bed.

They stuck needles into me. Put things in me. Things that made me sick. I couldn't eat food without puking. I couldn't walk.

They thought I was wrong. So they tried to kill me. Shot me in the head." I touched the exact spot on my temple. "It went straight through. And, I didn't die. I healed.

I wasn't the only one who could heal myself. But I could heal others. And I was the only one on record who could do that.

They didn't know why. I didn't know why either. It was just something I learned.

We were trained. To kill. Each other and other things. Animals, humans, you name it, we sliced it down.

They made rings to keep us in check. We each got one. Only two of us needed two." I shook my head.

"You and Arthur." Andy whispered.

"Yes. We needed two rings. If we didn't have both, we were not as human as the others." As I spoke, I took my ring out of my pocket and looked at it. "This is the second. Unless I or any of you are about to die, I will ever take the first off."

"Why?" He asked softly.

"You've never seen me at full strength. And, like I said, you never will. I refuse." He touched the ring lightly with his finger. "Do you feel it?"

"The buzz or the heat?" He asked, his voice soft.

"Both. That's the major sponge for all of this. All of me." I sighed. "But, once I'd heard that I wasn't the only one who needed a second ring, I wanted to meet the other. They allowed it.

That was when I first met Arthur. We didn't exactly hit it off. Actually, we almost killed each other. But, we realized that whoever survived would be punished.

So we learned to tolerate each other. And, eventually, we became close. Not like this." I touched his cheek for a second. "It was more of a survival alliance. We were the strongest and we knew it. So, we gathered the others who were strong. And, we broke out. We wanted to rule ourselves.

Only, Arthur wanted to rule the others. With me as the queen to his king, if you will. I knew this before we'd even gotten free.

What I didn't know, however, was that once we were out of that Room and out in the open, was that the others were going to instantly turn on each other.

There was blood everywhere. Arthur and I killed the ones that came at us. By the time all the fighting was done, there was only twelve alive out of the starting thirty five.

It was the worst thing I'd ever seen. We decided to go our own ways. Arthur wanted me to stay with him, but I refused. He wasn't exactly happy.

Once I got myself under control, I came back here to Anacortes. There was a girl. Who looked just like me. Sounded just like me. Was pretending to be me.

I got so mad that I waited until she and dad went to bed, snuck into my room and took her out into forest. That's when I realized that, if you're mad enough, you'll drink up the memories of the human along with their blood.

After that, I buried her in the mountians and took my place back. It was like I'd never left. Except for the inhuman thing."

"I'm sorry. At least I was human for a while. You saved me when I was sixteen. You were so young. And missed so much." He sighed. "I guess I didn't really know that. That's why you're so mad about all this, right?"

"It's one of the reasons, yeah. But, as for the rest, those are stories for other days." I stood up, slipping out of his arms. I patted my pockets. "Oh shit!" I panicked.

"What?" Andy stood next to me.

"My phone!" I grabbed every place I ever put it. It was gone. "Shit!" I yelled, throwing myself on the ground.

"Jack has your phone." Andy said softly, touching my back. I rolled to look at him. "You dropped it when you ran off. I saw him grab it from the ground."

"So you have been following me." I narrowed my eyes at him. He smiled down at me.

"Forever, of course. It's what I do." He held his hand out to me. I took it and he pulled me to my feet.

"Well, at this point, I'm pretty happy about it. My phone isn't ruined. Just...with...Jack..." Everything that had been going on rushed back into my mind. "Oh fuck!" I jumped to the top of the closest tree. "We need to go get it back!" I said as he joined me.

"Why?" He asked, always calm.

"What if my dad calls about the murderer following us? Or if one of the guys text about going out to feed?" His eyes widened. "Exactly!" We ran off, heading back to the mainland.
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