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Chapter Nne

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"Why didn't you grab it?" I asked as we ran across the trees.

"There's only so much I can do in my human form, Izzy." He said as we stopped a few feet into the trees from Jack's house. "He was already picking it up by the time I knew it was yours."

I sighed heavily. "Okay." I dropped down to the tree trunk and, waiting for him, I brushed my fingers through my hair. Once he was next to me, I put my ring back on.

I looked into his soft green eyes and left him standing there as I went up to the side of Jack's house. Though it was dusk, he had his light on.

After a second, I found a few pebbles small enough to throw that wouldn't break his window. Narrowing my eyes, I threw th first two.

Nothing. I threw another two. As I got ready to throw another, the window opened. Jack popped his head out. "Hey." He smiled at me. "Why so secretive?" He leaned against the seal.

"I just realized I dropped my phone here. Do you have it?" I asked softly. He nodded and ducked back inside, coming back with my red phone in his hand.

"Can you catch it?" He asked. I nodded and moved under his window. He let it drop straight into my hands. "You had a couple calls and texts. I would have answered, but I don't know how to work your crazy phone."

Oh thank god! "Thanks. I should get home." I turned away.

"Wait!" Jack hissed. I turned back to see him climbing out his window and onto the thick tree a foot away.

"Jack!" I gasped. "Are you trying to kill yourself?" I stood next to where he had to come down.

His feet crushed the wild flowers under them, but he didn't seem to care. "Where'd you go? Before?"

"I needed some air. Some time to think. I went down to the beach." I said, not exactly lying.

"You're all wet. Did you fall in?" He asked, touching my shoulder.

"Yeah, I fell in." Again, not a total lie. "It's fine though."

"You didn't run because I freaked you out, right?" He asked, looking me in the eyes.

"I'm not sure. There's just a lot going on." I waved my hand.

"Izzy, I meant what I said. You know that, right?" I nodded. "I just needed to say it. I meant to the night you got back, but the party was happening and you were stressed enough."

"Jack." I put my hand over his mouth. "It's fine." I felt him smile under my hand.

"You smell like fish.'" I rubbed my hand over his nose, making him laugh. "It's okay if you don't feel the same, you know?"

"Yeah, I know." I hugged him. It's not like his is the only love confession I've had today.

"But, if you do..." He smiled at me. I flicked the tip of his nose. "I'm kidding. Well, sort of." I let go of him.

"I'm not really sure how I feel about anything right now." I said without thinking.

"What do you mean?" He asked. I looked at him. The boy I knew longer than anyone else. Except my dad, that is.

Would he understand? "All the other stuff going on." I said softly. Not now.

"Maybe I can help?" He asked, looking at me with trusting eyes.

"I don't think you can." I smiled. "Go to sleep. You have school in the morning."

"Don't you?" He poked my cheek.

"No. We start classes next week." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Let me walk you home." He stood next to me.

"If your mom finds you room empty, she'll kill you." I pointed out.

"Oh yeah. Oh well." He shrugged. I sighed and nodded.

"Fine, you can walk me home." I looked into the trees. I saw Andy's green eyes for a second before he backed into the brush.

As we walked, Jack and I were silent. A peaceful silence that only we could seem to manage. Until I stopped in front of the band house and he kept walking on to my dad's.

"Jack." I called. He looked back at where I stood. His face fell.

"Riiight. You live here now." His voice was anything but happy. I sighed.

"No choice. Our manager wants me to, remember?" He came back to where I was, his eyes on the house.

"Yeah. Doesn't mean I have to like it." He huffed.

"You'd liked the guys if you got to know them. "He looked at me, his eyes doubtful. "I'll plan something out so we can hang out. We can go bowling or something."

"If you really want me too..." He sighed.

"Great!" I kissed his cheek. His face went red. "Go home. If you get caught, you weren't here." I smiled at him.

I walked into the house and was instantly swarmed by the guys and Thompson. "Are you okay?" They asked at the same time. Andy came in through the back door.

"Guys. Leave her alone." They all backed off unwillingly. That was something only Andy and I could do. Keep the others in check. "He's headed home."

I nodded. "I'm going to shower. And no, I don't need help." I said before any of them offered.

They laughed and went back to doing whatever they had been before I got back. I grabbed my bag of bathroom things and headed in.

Once I was clean and warm, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself. All my clothes were in the basement already, so I didn't have to search.

Steam belched out of the bathroom as I opened the door. The only one who stared my way was Thompson. The others had seen me in a towel before.

And less, now that I thought about it. We'd done a swimsuit issue for a band magazine and I was put into a bikini.

So this wasn't new to them. I headed down the stairs and grabbed one of the over sized shirts I slept in and a pair of shorts. I got dressed and brushed out my hair, pulling it back into a ponytail.

I looked around my empty room and sighed. As I opened the door, Thompson was lifting his hand to knock on it.

"Hi." I smiled at him. His face was bright red. "Something wrong?"

"I...How do you do it? The humans..." He swallowed hard. "So close to you like that."

"Lots of practice. I've only killed one human in the last ten years." I headed up the stairs. "You really do get used to it."

"And you'll help me?" I looked back at him.

"Of course. You're one of us now. We'll all help you." He smiled. "Go to sleep. It's late." I messed up his hair and went to the livingroom.

Andy sat at the end of the couch. I laid across the couch, my head in his lap. "You should sleep too." I looked up at him.

He curled his finger into my wet hair. "I will once you fall asleep." He smiled at me, twisting his finger around, my hair following it.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." I sighed. He kept playing with my hair softly. "But, you do need to sleep. Eventually." I crossed my arms, my palms on my shoulders.

He laughed softly. "Okay pot." He said softly. I smiled, closing my eyes. "Good night, Izzy." He kissed my forehead but didn't move.

"Night." I sighed, letting myself drift to sleep.

I wish I hadn't.
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