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Gaze into his killing jar.

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I just wanted to add that when I write this story I usually listen to 'Give you my all' and 'Young blood spills tonight' both by Eyes set to kill. Also, 'The jetset life is gonna kill you' by ( who would've guessed it? xP ) MyChem :) It really helps me to bring the romantic atmosphere to this story. I think it would make it more fluffy if YOU, the reader, would listen to those songs while reading the story. Enjoy!

Mikey and I had spent hours playing on his xbox with mindless chatter followed by empty playful threats of asses being beaten. Nonetheless, it has been the best day I have ever had. I feels great having a friend. Companionship seems like a new frontier for me. Cursing at each other, insults, and threats... Yep that's true friendship.

Our stomachs began gurgle at us signaling us it was time to refill the tank. We put our controllers down and headed down the stairs to kitchen cabinets. Many bags of chips were gathered into our arms as we were making our way to the stairs.

Gerard appeared from his mystery stairs. He was adorned in all black. The same Iron Maiden tee was covered in a leather jacket, tight black skinnies, and laced black vans. His hair was a bit tamed and his hazel eyes were ringed with smudge black liner. I froze in my place unable to remove my eyes from the boy. Gerard ran his hands through his hair and shook it.

"Where are you going Gee?" Mikey asked in a sour tone. Mikey walked up to the first step of the stairs looking down at Gerard. I shook myself out of the daze I had experienced and walked beside Mikey.

"Don't worry about it." Gerard muttered through his smirked expression. "I'll be back around dinner time." Gerard looked up at Mikey under his raven locks. His thick eyebrows raising as he was about to speak; "Don't worry I'll be fine." he said smiling solemnly. Mikey nodded at him.

"..but remember Mikes. Mom and dad are gonna be home soon. Make sure you guys don't look you guys have had fun." he said laughing quietly. I giggled a bit. Gerard looked at me. I stare back at him. Even though we had our eyes locked for a few seconds I felt like I was being sucked into those eyes, to be lost in them. He looked away and shook his head.

"So yeah.. See ya' guys later." he said and he qucikly made his way to the door. As he opened the door, all you could see was the water droplets falling to the ground, the grey skies, and his silhouette being traced against the storm. The door slammed and it was all gone and quiet.

"You coming dude?" Mikey asked confused.

"Yeah, I'm coming." I said half smiling.

We hurriedly walked up the stairs and laid our food onto his bed. Mikey sat on his bed as I just laid back against the wall by the bed. He opened a bag of chips and offered some for me. I obliged and took a handful and shoved some into my mouth. Mikey chuckled.

"What?" I asked confused. I felt some chips fall out of my mouth onto my shirt. I looked down at my dirtied shirt. Mikey erupted into a laughter.

"What?!"m I asked louder trying not to smile.

"Your just so fuckin' out of it." he said trying to erase his smile. "Like every time my brother comes around you like go into this haze." he said chuckling to himself. "What's up with that?" he said more serious. I looked up at him. I thought about... I really don't know what what think about it. I found it weird myself.

"Honestly, I have no idea... It's probably just my social retardednes. Or whatever the fuck the word is.." I said laughing at myself.

"Oookaaaayyy, then. Whatever you wanna say Frankie boy." Mikey said unsure.

"What you mean?" I inquired.

"Well, have you ever acted like that around anyone?"

I thought about. Well, I have always been awkward. The dazed and confusion things are new. I guess I haven't really, no..

"No, I guess not." I said honestly.

"Just think about that." Mikey said. He laid back against the wall. We sat in silence really having no idea how to carry on the conversation.


After being at Mikey's I had to walk home in the rain. My house wasn't that far away from his. it just felt like with the storm and all.

I walked through the door all soaked and drenched.

"Hi honey." my mom greeted from the living room.

"Hey." I smiled crookedly at her.

"How was school?" she asked interested.

"A little better than I thought." I told her truthfully.

"That's good baby." she smiled. "Wanna come sit and talk about your day."

"Honestly, not really mom.." I felt a stab of guilt in my chest as I let those words leave my mouth. Her face felt a bit.

"Oh-oh okay hon." she said trying to smile.

"Okay." I said with no life in my voice. "Goodnight." I said as I walked to my room.

Why do I do this?

I'm sorry that this a small chapter. I've been really busy with college and crap. I did make a deal if someone would rate the previous chapter I would update right away. Sorry that it was late and short.. But her I am! If you rate this chapter. Next update will come even quicker! Thank you loves.
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