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Fate of the Forgotten : Mission to Wave

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When the hero's lost son meets the hero's student what will happen.....who knows..not me. Alright I am dedicating this chapter to kevingl for obvious reasons like out of the 150 people who read it...

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Fate of the Forgotten
Chapter two
Mission to Wave
A/N: okay you guys all of you can thank kevingl for this new chapter because he was the first to review and I am really really happy that I got a review because It. Was the firs review I have ever got and I am going to treasure it so this chapter is dedicated to you outbthere kevingl oh and also....
Here are the age numbers so far so those of you who want the harem can know...

Naruto and Yugito - 14 (and I know that it is a little big but it is in response to his review so I can atleast have them a little closer to older women's age ..if I do the harem that is you guys can still vote till the fifth chapter)

Mei - 18 (still trying to shrink it as much as possible oh and for those of you who don't know she is the mizukage )

Anko - 18 (know it is not the real age but best I can do)

Tsume - 25 (she has to be pretty old she is kiba's mother remember )

Konan - 23 ( shrinking that as much as I think can happen)

Temari - 15

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inner demon/summontalk

inner thoughts

"Normal talking""


Present time chapter

"Hey yu-chan what's up with our sensei he acting kinda weird "whispered Naruto as he began to ponder what is actually wrong with there sensei.

"I..I.really really just don't know " admitted yugito as she watched there sensei babble and while making signs with his hand while rapping.(not hand signs just to let you know)

Just as she said that bee jumped up (while rapping)and fell of the railing to the ground d hit his head.

They both just sweatdropped while thinking the exact same thing 'we're doomed'.

Then as if by some miracle bee climbed back up and stood in front of them like nothing had happened,and they once again sweat dropped at the intelligence of there sensei.

"So lets start by introducing yourselves,or else" (you guys know many people take for granted of how hard t is to do bee's speech I mean seriously constant rapping in every sentence think about how hard that is)

'is he serious' thought Naruto and Yugito referring to how lame the rhyme sounded. They just stared at him for a little bit before they finally started introducing thereselves.

"Hello my name is Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto said as he gave a little bow of respect to the man in front of him even though he acted like a child.

"Hello my name is Yugito Nii " yugito spoke in the same respectful tone Naruto had.

"No fools ya' fools I'm mean likes and and dislikes "Bee said in a loud voice

" name is Naruto Uzumaki and I like yu-chan,ramen,and kiyomi-chan" Naruto looked at.
bee for assurance in what he had done so far was correct and bee nodded.

"And my dislikes are....bullies..fighting...and all the hate in the world " Naruto spoke with the utmost confidence that he did it right.

Bee just looked at the kid while giving him the the critical eye sizing him up to see if he was lying "okayy..Kitty your next" bee said pointing at yugito

"Okay sensei" yugito said politely while inside she was seething ' nobody calls me Kitty!thought yugito.

My favorite things are seafood,nibi-chan,and " she looked over to Naruto to see him giving her the puppy dog eyes "ugh, Naruto-kun " she took a breath and began to talk again "and my dislikes are people who judge people by how they look without getting to know them" she bit back a sniffle but felt someone put there hand on her shoulder and she looked back to see Naruto was giving her a concerned look."and people who. Hurt my friends,maybe bullies and rapist." Yugito finished and felt Naruto freeze up at the mentioned of rapist. It became clear to her that Naruto hated rapist almost more than her when they first met.

"Okay we will meet at the raikage's office tommorow "
Bee said strangely serious without rapping once.
They looked at each other and then at bee and nodded.

"Okay sensei" they chorused

--–(oh I am not going to give them a test just in case you wanted it to much work and writing and right now it is 5:18 pm so yeah don't want to waste sunshine on that do we.)

The day after Naruto and yugito had introduced themselves to bee after they got dressed and did there normal hygenial activities

The went to the raikages office like bee told them to.when they got there they saw each other and decided to talk to each other to pass the time.

"Hey yugito" called Naruto while he waved to her as he caught up to the cat jinchuriki.

"Oh hey Naruto " whispered yugito with a blush on her face as she tried to hide something behind her back to no avail as Naruto already saw she was holding something.

"Watcha' got there yugito" Naruto said as he finally caught up to her.

"It really is nothing Naruto-kun "yugito said in a more firm tone as she backed up a little

"Are you sure " Naruto said as he Began to give her the critical eye.

"Uhhh..." yugito mumbled as she tried to come up with something to say to divert his attention, and she got her wish when there sensei arrived in a lightning sunshin.

"What are ya' doing down here we got to go see my bra' " bee rapped as the two jinchuriki's facefaulted at the 'amazingness' of his rap.(by the way I mean Brad's like in brothers like how the hawaiyans say no offense to the Hawaiians out there Kay)

As bee said that they continued there ascent to there destination..the raikages office.

Raikages office 2,000,000 sheets of paperwork later ..

"Heya' Playa I need a permission for a mission" bee waifing a sing song voice as they entered the raikages office.

"Ugh..bee not now" spoke A clearly aggravated

"No I need a mission for there bitchin'" spoke bee quickly in a rap

"Just take one " A said anger clear in his voice

"Okay A now we gonna play" said be while his two students had there faces buried into he ground from massive facefaults.

-----(okay you guys gonna timeskip 3 weeks for the safety of time)

"A were back with more...uhhh..tact " spoke bee with finality

"Ugh bee not now I have enough paperwork to deal with without you distracting me" A said with anger (guys never gonna be happy)

"Okay bro just go with the Flo"said bee with a grin stretching across his face.

Then A just hit his head on his desk and knocked himselve out."okay crew lets take a paper and head out" ( I know it is not a ryhme but cut me some slack it is really hard to do all the rhymes for bee s character.)

When they got out of the office Naruto being the naturally curious one decided to ask what mission they got with a slouch because out of all the mission they got the coolest one was to paint a house a bunch of different colors(don't were I got that it just came up.)

"Mmhh nothing much just to help leafies deal with some theifies" spoke bee I. A proud manner

"Okay get you stuff and meet you at the gate" Naruto said to yugito with a grin.

"Race" yugito spoke in a excited manner with a grin that matched naturist own fox like grin.

"Okay " Naruto said quickly and they were off to there houses to pick up there equipment


"When they got there they saw there sensei waiting by the gaits with a sash slung over his had and his back on the wall.

"Hey sensei " Naruto and yugito said together as they group to the gates where there sensei was waiting for them , and with that they were off but not before Naruto could get one last question in.

"He sensei were is this place were going to anyway" Naruto said casually but inside he was curious.

"Mmhh" bee mumbled as he looked down at the mission briefing and looked back at Naruto.p
" is at the land of waves." bee said

authors notes:
Okay so what do you think pretty good right I know (not really) I thought it was coming out pretty good during the beggining but that's all I really thought it would go smoothly but it didn't and also I am fairly sure that this is less than 1000 words so sorry about any body who
wanted it to be longer I tried I really did but nothing I do will work my mind keeps drifting because I have always been like that I don't know why I don't really finish a lot of things without encouragement. So if you want me to keep this fix going I am going to need two reviews this chapter and fir those who do thank your so much it really means a lot to me and it also makes my day that you took the time to do that OK so now onto the poll here are the people that can be in it so far.

Anko - 1
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Yugito - she is going in no matter what because she is the starter for this fix relationship

Okay that is all those are the harem votes no one has votes for just yugito yet so I am sorry for those who wanted that I really am but I can't really do any thing about that.( I really can) but anyway I just wanted to say thatnk you to all of those people who have read this fix so far and this LegionsEnd56 signing out

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