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Fate Of The Forgotten

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What if....Naruto was lost when he was just a baby after the sealing....what if he had the most powerful Doujutsu.....and he thought the leaf village abandoned him..... Naruto x Yugito possible Har...

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Chapter One
Fate Of The Forgotten
It's History:

Night of The Kyuubi attack

"Who are you and why are you here"said a blond haired man while glaring at a masked figure. Whole the figure just stared through a hole in the side of his orange swirl mask.

"You know why I am here Yondaime" spoke the masked man. In a somewhat
Insane tone."

"Yes I am afrad to say I do "the blonde spoke tone filled with sorrow"but why can't we just resolve this peacefully what ever you want we will give it to you just stop all this senseless violence,please" the yondaime said in a more pleading tone as he stared down the masked intruder.

"I'm afrad to say that it has already began yondaime" and with that the masked man dissapeared into a swirling vortex of nothingness with the kyuubi's roars of anger to fill the air.
--+--------+-------------------------------------------------------+----------------- "Come on men we must hold it back till lord forth gets here" screamed a ninja just before he and countless were swiped away by a giant glowing red tail and they fell to the floor dead with hundreds of others following.
Even though the ninja new it was hopeless barley they fought and were dying trying to protect the hidden leaf village from what could be considered the worst disaster to ever befall the great village.The kyuubi no youko was attacking there village all the while they were holding the front of the village from being desroyed waiting for there hokagee,Minanat Namikaze to come a 'defeat' the beast with his plan of action.
Of course no one new what he really planned to do besides the Sandaime homage,Jiraya of the damning,and the fourth homage himself but that didn't stop them from believing it was going to be some flashy super SS class jutsu that would drive the beast back.
A giant poof of smoke signaled the arrival of there hero on his signature summon,Gambunta boss summon of the toad clan."Everyone get back retreat we do not need anymore casualties to the village."screamed the homage while his summon shot toward and deflected one of the tails from destroying half of the village"I will take him away from the village just get to safety" and with that the hokage dissapeared for the last time in his signature yellow flash.


A boy with blonde hair opened his sparkling blue eyes as a loud ring filled his decent size apartment. As he say up and stretched he turned his head to the right to look at a the little alarm that had supposed to have awoken him and his eyes widened " Oh man Oh man I am going to be late and with that he shot out of his bed into his restroom to take a shower to brush his teeth.when he got out he sprung into his clothes and like a twister went out locked his door and began shooting across the roof to the academy.

When he was half way there he was joined by another blond who also seemed to be in a rush.
"Hey yugito forgot to set your alarm" the blond snickered
"Looks like I am not the only one Naruto" she said as they soared across building towards there destination.
Naruto visibly slumped after that one,but quickly came up with a fix."race you there" Naruto said as he inwardly paged himself on his back for his perfect evasion,or atleast until he heard what she said next."hah your just trying to change the subject" yugito said as she giggled.
"Was not"Naruto countered
"Was to"yugito said back"
"Was not"
"Was to"
"Was no..yugito watch out" Naruto screamed as he jumped over and tackled her down to the ground.
"What the heck was that for Naruto" yugito yelled as she git ready o hit him on the head until she looked up and saw she was about to hit a wall.
"Uhhhhh" Yugito didn't know what to say or atleast until Naruto opened his big mouth.
"You should really watch where your going young missy" Naruto fake scolded her
"Naruto" she whispered
"Mhh""yes yugito" Naruto said as he looked over just in time to get punched in the fore head.
"SHUT UP" yugito screamed
"But I didn't even do anything Yugito-chan!"n Naruto whined as he began to nurse his bruised forehead and his bruised ego.
"Just hurry up lets go to the academy Naruto-kun" yugito said as she turned her head to hide her light blush because Naruto used such a affectionate suffix for her name.
"Okay Yugito-chan" Naruto said dejectedly as they took off toward the academy for there team assignments ( sorry about skiping the gennin exams just didn't feel like writting that part but I will explain how it happened in the next few chapters.) When they got there Ethernet first thing they saw was a bunch of kids from there homeroom sitting down. Even though when some of them saw them they sneered. They didn't really mind as they were both used to it and they both sat down and seated the teachers arrival.


When the teacher got there Naruto and yugito sat up straight,a.d she vacant to call out names. They both waited patiently until they heard there names.
"Team 8" the teacher began "Yugito Nii and Naruto Uzumaki with joninn sensei Killer Bee." They both visibly inflated at the sound of that Killer Bee was one of the most powerful people in te village some even said he was able to stand up to there leader.
As they waited for there tacher to finish calling out names they couldn't help but feel a little bit giddy they got to be on each others team and got the most powerful jobbing sensei avalible it was a good package.
When the Ye"ager finished calling out names she told them t wait for there jobbing sensei and so they didbtheu waited about twenty minutes before a man with eight swords on his back and a white scarf with sunglasses walked in and said " team eight lets go fools ya fools" with that they got up and walked out of the classroom while naruto's shoulder shined with the headband o
With numerous clouds on it


author's notes:
Well what do you think rose of you who read my other story bound by hatred I think this is and actually good improvement compared to that story not of mention I think its longer at least by a little bit if you want me to continue one person has to atleast review like I was going to do on my other story but since it isn't very good I wont do that ill just.continue writting it.oh an also ill be doing a poll on who you want Naruto to have in his harem or if you want it to be strictly Naruto x yugito

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