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Fate of the Forgotten: Left Alone

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I have no summary (beep beep) no buddy can't we talk about this please stop it ahh the pain it hurts it hurts....

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This is the newest story In the entire series I really hope you guys like it I am not really sure what to do so you guys can tell me what you want for next chapters I am really happy you guys review and for those loyal readers I will dedicate chapters to you starting next chapter and also I will probably unload like every 2 or 1 week possibly more

*/chapter three
Meeting with the leaf/*

As they embarked on there quest to wave they noticed something seemed to be wrong with Naruto. Every move he made every word he said it was all just very..very.
Unnarutoish(best way for me to explain it sorry guys)

They really didn't know what to make of it he was really never sad at all. At least from what yugito could tell he was sad. An aura of gloom surrounded him as he jumped from branch to branch.

That was it yugito finally had enough of his sourness about talking and decided to tell him something "hey Naruto-kun are you okay " yugito asked mentally berating herself at using such an affectionate suffix in his name again.

When Naruto heard her he stander a little straighterand looked at yugito " of course Yugito-chan what would make you think I wasn't ?" Naruto said as he looked at her

why does he always do that Yugito thought referring to how naruto was able to call her Yugito-chan without even batting an eyelash its like he is fine with it yugito thought once again as her brain finally registered Naruto had asked her a question and rebooted allowing her to finally process the question.

"Oh its nothing really I just wanted to see if you were okay " yugito said as she fidgeted a
little bit under his stare.(like a certain someone I know not really but you get it she has blue hair that's all )

Naruto just looked back toward the forest in front of him and said " oh okay Yugito-chan " Naruto said you could almost taste the dissapointment in his tone

I actually thought she would know something was wrong thought Naruto as he looked at her.
Yugito noticed him looking at her and decided to ask what was wrong " Naruto do you need something " asked yugito as she looked at him.

" no its okay yugito " Naruto said even though she could tell right away something was up.
"Okay Naruto-kun just tell me if any thing is wrong okay." Yugito said as she turned back forward and continued on missing the dissipointed look Naruto shot her.


1 hour later in a different section of the forest /konaha team/



That all there was after tazuna finished his story about why he lied to them about the mission rank.

"Soooo...will you guys help me " tazuna asked nervously staring at each member of team seven.




"I think we ...." kakashi began looking over to tazuna " should let them decide" kakashi finished as he looked over to team seven with a stare.




"Well" tazuna said getting a little bit louder because of his irritation.

"Hnn" sasuke started with a grunt looking over at kakashi with a pointed stare.

"1 for leaving" kakashi said as he looked over to the next student in his view. Of course he would have actually paid attention if he didn't already know the answer to it.

" what about you" kakashi began cautiously placing his Hands over his eardrums and waiting for her mouth to move to know thy she awnsered.

Sakura either didn't seem to notice or didnt care because she screeched like a banshee assuming by the faces of the other people in the camp.

Of course since he was one hundred percent positive on what she would awnsered he just turned and looked at there last member.

" Sai " kakashi asked as he finally moved his neck toward and stared at him with a raised eyebrow.

He stared back at him for a second without blinking and finally talked "I think we should leave" he awnsered with a fake smile as he turned to look at kakashi and then the rest of the team.
When tazuna heard that they would be leaving his heart dropped and eyes fell as He stared at the floor and he heard kakashi awnser. It was official people just loved to screw him over and leave him with no hope.

First kaiza and then when he gets enough hope to carry on and fight back against Gato he loses the people he was hoping would protect him.

"Alright kakashi said as he turned around to look at his team and gave them a silents nod as the group began to leisurely walk back on the the path to konaha kakashi turned one more time to look at Tazuna before he too left on the path leaving Tazuna standing alone in the path way with no one as he watched the leaves fly about and now that he thought about they reminded him of himself in that they are alone left. Never to be seen again as they fade into the shadows of the dim forest.


Uhhh well the first thing I have to say is I am sooooo sorry fir leaving the writing world for like millions of years and the only thing I can say is thank you even though I stopped writing that all of you readers out there kept reviewing me and it actually makes me guilty that I took so long and sorry that this chapter is so short its just that after I wrote that last part I couldn't think of anything else to write so sorry again and I will try my hardest to update quicker.

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