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Authors Note

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Sorry so much you guys

Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Anko - Published: 2014-02-02 - 145 words

You guys this is something I have been dreading and I really really don't want to do it but I guess I have to i am ending this story and leaving it up for adoption if anyone want to adopt it your going to have to go to Fan and go to LegionsEnd56 profile on there Pm ( private message ) me if you want the story but if I give it to you have to make sure that it does not come out well.....

Like crap you have to actually try hard and make it into a good story if you want you can add lemon so yeah also I am going to be starting a new story and sits one I will go over I will probaly do it on fanfiction . Net sorry you guys so for the last time LegionsEnd56 signing out
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