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Ficwad Secret Santa

by Hozzie 20 reviews

I know I'm posting this WAY too early but there were a few problems last year that I'll explain if you read:)

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Hey, so who remembers last years Secret Santa? Anyone wanna take part again this year? :)

For anyone who's new or didn't take part, it's pretty simple. You fill in your information and I'll give you a person you have to write a fanfic for - And then someone will write one for you as well :D You don't have to be in the story, it can be an OC or it can just be purely fandom related :D

Okay, I'm posting this so early this year because last year people kept signing up at the last minute and I didn't want to say no to anyone so I let everyone participate and a few people missed out on getting their fics because people couldn't be bothered and for a lot of the time, I panicked because I didn't think a few people would have anyone to write for and yeah, so I'm starting early this year :)

So if you want to take part again this year could you fill in this please :D -

Email Address:
Did You Take Part Last Year?
If so, can I have a link to the story you posted please?
If you took part, did you receive your story?

Don't worry about how you want the story to be yet, I'll sort that out in October :) Sign-Ups are until November 1st and I'll tell you who's got who on November 2nd so that you have LOOOOOOADS of time to get your story ready before Christmas Day! :D

Love Hozzie
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