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Read please?:)

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Hi guys :D

So the people signed up for the Secret Santa so far are -

Poppana (I'll talk about the email thing in a second :3)

So yeah, we have 10 people so far :D We have until November 1st for more people to sign up so that's heaps of time.

There were a couple of things I realised though so if you'd kindly read them :)

1. Poppana - I understand why you don't wanna give out your email address. I needed it to give you the person you were writing for secretly so that they didn't find out but if you don't feel comfortable posting it in the open, you could post your Twitter name if you have one so I could DM it to you or you could email me on November 1st and I'll email you back November 2nd to tell you who you're writing for :)

2. I said the stories don't have to be MCR, they can be any fandom or OC based but I need an idea of what people can write so that, for example, if one of you wanted a Game of Thrones FanFiction, I can't make someone who's never watched Game of Thrones write a fic about it for you. So if everyone who's signed up could review telling me everything you could write? :) That needs to include whether you could write a story that's only about OCs or whether you'd feel better writing a fandom one and list every fandom you could write about :D

3. On October 15th I'll post a personal form for people to fill in about what kind of story they want written, what characters they want in it, stuff like that :)

Okay, thank you! :D If you have any questions then feel free to ask, I'll reply as soon as possible :3

Love Hozzie
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