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Dat crazy day everybody wanted Gerards poop hoop...

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This is what my sister just sent me, so funny omg

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My sister text me and said "Hey what you doing?"

I replied saying "Fanfiction"

She then text me this little story and I laughed for like an hour and she said I could share it with you guys, I'll probably delete it tomorrow but seriously I don't even know what goes on in her head. Tell me if you laughed too and also she is actually an incredible writer, this was a joke

Vikki xoxo

Dat crazy day everybody wanted Gerards poop hoop.

Gerd walked into the kitchen and was like "I want coffee" and Mikey was all like "I want to sex your bum" and Gerd was like "Eww you is my bruva get away from me" and walked away and Mikey cried.

Gerd then went to da park and saw his friend Ray and said "Hey Ray you want to hang out with me?" And Ray was all "I want my pee pee to hang out in your butt" and Gerd was like "No Ray ermahgerd what even are you?" And then ran over to Frankies and left Ray to stroke his fro alone.

When Gerd went inside Frankie's house he knocked on his door and walked in and said " What even Frankie? All da boys want my anus today and I don't want to give them it" and Frankie said loudly "BUT I'M THE ONLY PERSON ALLOWED YOUR BUMHOLE OH MY GOD! Maybe its dat milkshake bringing all dem boys to ya yard?" And Gerd was confused then remembered that he had a milkshake in his hand and was all "You so smart bby" then they kissed and had sex with their willies and buttholes til they jizzed in each others eyes and went to sleep.

End motherfucker.

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