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Frankie's favourite thing...

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Another of my twisted sisters random ideas...

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Okay guys, so this one is a little different from the last one but I hope you enjoy it still!

Frankie's favourite thing...

Frank loved it.

He loved the feeling of it between his lips and the weight of it on his tongue, he liked to run his tongue up the length and the taste of it in his mouth, the taste of the drops that would drip into his mouth. It was heaven for him, he couldn't get enough.

Sometimes Frank liked to suck it in as far as it would go, letting it touch the back of his throat teasingly. Frank didn't care who saw him or knew about it, it just made him want it more. He was a total slut for it and lusted after the way it would slide between his moist lips and into his hot eager mouth. He would bite his lip and close his eyes as he thought about it, it was just so...tantalizing.

Frank even liked the way it left a string of spit trailing to his mouth, he would moan around it in his mouth. It made him feel so deliciously dirty, especially when it dripped onto his shirt. He even loved talking about it, not caring who heard him. It was a thrill and he didn't care, his mouth felt empty without it and he couldnt wait til his next fix. Until he could wrap his lips around it once more and feel it, taste on his waiting tongue.

Mmm...Nope, there was no denying it...

Frank sure loved popcicles.

The end :)

I bet you all thought she was talking about penis! I did! Seriously I was like "Willies!" And then I was like "OMFG!"

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did

Vikki xoxo
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