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Insidious 2

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Category: Humor - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2013-09-13 - 276 words

Hey :) So it's Friday the 13thh - THE SCARY DAY >:) So me and my friends decided to go and watch Insidious 2 :D

I actually really liked it :) Me and Becca started panicking just at the trailers and then when the trailers finished I was like "Oh God... I've just realised we're watching a movie." And Becca was like "Well yeah, we're not here just to watch trailers."

The film started and I don't wanna ruin anything for anyone but there's this bit where a woman walks upstairs and is looking for this ghost thing and she pulls up the bedsheets to look under the bed and it made me jump even though there was nothing there and I went "Oooh!" really loudly and the packed cinema laughed D:

I'm actually jumping ahead... I feel bad for the couple who sat next to us! We let Jess pick where we sat and she had to be awkward and so we squashed past this couple. Oh My God, Jess accidentally stood on the woman's foot, Becca tripped over their popcorn and nearly landed on top of both of them and I hit the woman in the face with my bag... And they kept giving us evils. Oops :/

Then there was a scary bit (again, I'm not gonna ruin it) and everyone jumped and Becca yelled "Lord Jesus!" and everyone started laughing oh my god :') She hid her face in my shoulder because she was so embarrassed :')

Anyway, I personally think Insidious 2 is really clever and I really enjoyed it :) I feel bad for the couple sitting next to us still... But oh well :3

Love Hozzie
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