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Happy Birthday To Me :3

by Hozzie 2 reviews

'Tis my birthday pals :D

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It's my birthday today!! :D So you may have read my birthday one-shot about what happened Saturday night... It was one wild 17th birthday party :') I'm still not over the fact that I'm 17 :L Anyhoo this is what I got for my birthday...

From Becca:
Bobby Singer's Guide To Hunting Book, Mama DVD, Malteasers and Harry Potter's Every Flavour Beans

From Jess H:
Malteasers and Coraline DVD.

From Jess J:
Lost Season 2 and Supernatural poster.

From Nan:
Looking for Alaska by John Green and An Abundance of Katherine's by John Green.

From Mom:
Asylum 12 ticket, Family Guy pyjamas, All Time Low Don't Panic CD and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower book.

From Dad:
Iron Man 3 DVD, Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt, Zebra notebook and dark chocolate. Paula said that I have two more that haven't arrived yet :3

They were all lovely :D And now I have the day off college tomorrow because of the strike so I'm going up town with some of my birthday money :')

Love Hozzie
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