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The Final Battle Part 1

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The Rangers are surprised to see Master Xandred alive. Antonio and Lauren defeat the Giant Moogers and turn their attention to Master Xandred. Xandred praises Dayu's powerful tune that brought him back. Dayu reveals that she played the tune for Deker, not him. Dayu admits that she was never really a Nighlok with her human heart. Master Xandred feels betrayed and destroys her. One part of Dayu now resides in Master Xandred, who turns his attention to the Rangers. Xandred calls for the Red Ranger. Lauren and Antonio join the fight.

Lauren challenges Master Xandred. Master Xandred fires a blast towards her and Antonio pushes her out of the way. Lauren tells her new friends that she needs time to write the Sealing Symbol. She gives the Shark Attack Disc to Mike and the Black Box to Kevin. Master Xandred fires another blast at the Rangers. Kevin and Mike power up to Super Samurai mode and Shark Attack Mode. The Rangers make their first attempt against Master Xandred. He evades their attacks and sends them to the ground. Lauren starts the Sealing Symbol as the Rangers slow down Master Xandred.

At the Shiba House, Mentor Ji opens a Shiba-engraved suitcase. He hopes that he has trained the Rangers enough for this moment. Back at the battle, Lauren dedicates the Sealing Symbol to her father.

Lauren continues the Sealing Symbol as the Rangers struggle against Master Xandred. Just as Master Xandred is about to strike Antonio, Light Zord comes to his aid. Jayden continues to fight the Moogers. Master Xandred defeats the Rangers and turns his attention to Red Ranger. Jayden watches as his sister summons the Sealing Symbol. The spell pushes Master Xandred into the mountain and causes an explosion. After a brief moment, Master Xandred walks through the fires, and towards the Rangers, who are surprised to see him alive. Master Xandred reveals the white shield that is created with Dayu's spirit. Octoroo watches the fight from the Sanzu River.

Master Xandred fires a massive attack towards all of the Rangers. Tracy rushes over towards Laruen. "Tracy what are you doing?" Laurens asks franticly. Tracy doesn't say a word. She gets in front of Laruen and draws a new symbol into the air. Tracy activates it and a huge glacier appears in front of them. Tracy hopes that the wall is strong enough to protect them from the attack. The blast is even more powerful than Tracy thought. She watches as the blast makes a hole in the glacier and the wall crumbles down before them. The blast hits Tracy and she falls from the hill and demorphs."Tracy, No!" Lauren shouts. Master Xandred fries another blast and it hits Lauren and she falls from the hill and demorphs as well. Jayden leaps to their side. He performs the Teleport Symbol to escape with the Rangers. Master Xandred leaves the scene with Dayu's garment.

Later that night at the Shiba House, the Rangers are frustrated from their loss. Master Xandred is immune to the Sealing Symbol. Jayden walks outside and joins his sister on the bench. Lauren looks at the starry sky and tells Jayden that they have something to fight for. Lauren knows that Xandred's ship will be able to sail right into the human world. She feels that she has failed her father and the other Rangers. Lauren wants Jayden to return as the leader of the Power Rangers. Her destiny is to perform the Sealing Symbol. Jayden says that it's time to finish what their father started.

They turn around and notice Tracy standing on the porch. "Hey guys, can I join you - or is this strictly a family affair?" Tracy asks. "No you're welcome to join us." Lauren answers. Tracy walks over to them and she has a sad look on her face. "Tracy, what's wrong?" Lauren asks. "I just wanted to apologize." Tracy says. "Apologize for what exactly?" Lauren asks. "I'm sorry, Lauren, my glacier wall wasn't strong enough to protect you from the blast." Tracy says as she looks down at her feet. "Tracy you don't need to apologize. You did your best." Lauren says trying to cheer her up. "Yeah, Lauren's right, I know that you gave it you all back there." Jayden says. "Sorry guys. I appreciate what you're saying but it's pretty obvious that my best isn't going to cut it against Master Xandred especially now." Tracy says.

At the Sanzu River, Octoroo greets Master Xandred back at the ship. Octoroo mentions that Xandred can now walk on the human world without drying out. Dayu's sacrifice has helped to flood the River. Master Xandred throws Dayu's garment into the Sanzu River.

Back at the Shiba House, Lauren calls the Rangers for a meeting and denounces her role as the leader. The Rangers are pleased to see Jayden return as the Red Ranger. Jayden has a plan to take on Master Xandred with brute force to the white patch. "While you guys are doing that, I'll do what my great grandpa said was my destiny." Tracy says. "What's that Tracy?" Lauren asks. "I'll go to the highest point in the city and use my family's sealing symbol to seal all the gaps in the city." Tracy answers. "Tracy. you can't. You know how much symbol power that's going to take." Antonio says. "Yes Antonio I do, but this is why my great grandpa even told me about the symbol in the first place." Tracy reminds him. "Then I'll go with you." Ashley says. "No Ashley, Jayden and the others are going to need you a lot more than I will." Tracy says. "OK just be careful." Ashley says. "Hey I should be telling you that. Besides all I have to do is wait for you to destroy Master Xandred and for the Sanzu River to recede back into the netherworld." Tracy says. "How do you know that is going to happen?" Ashley asks. "Because, if this is anything like the last time he attacked, the river is bound to flood the city." Tracy answers. "I guess that's true." Ashley says.

"Isn't destroying Master X going to take a lot of power?" Tracy asks, changing the subject. "Yes, but Jayden will have it with this." Lauren says as she gives Jayden the Shiba Fire Disc. She tells the team that she has charged the disc with every symbol power possible to help them take down Master Xandred. Ji knows that this is only the beginning of the final fight.

A couple hours after the meeting, Tracy is sitting in the living room. She is deep in thought about tomorrow. Tracy doesn't notice her older brother sneaking up behind her. "Hey sis, what up?" Chris says loudly in her ear. Tracy falls off her chair. "Dam it, Chris. You have to stop doing that." Tracy says as she gets back to her feet. "You should be happy that mom didn't hear that last sentence." Chris says. "I know, but on another note, what are you doing here anyway?" Tracy asks. "I'll tell you in a minute. I think you deserve a trip to noogietown." Chris says.

Tracy notices the shy grin on her brother's face. "You have to catch me first." Tracy says as she starts to run towards the dojo. Chris starts to chase after his little sis. "Tracy how are you faster than me?" Chris asks. "Don't know bro." Tracy says. She did a u turn to avoid her brother. Lauren and Jayden heard the commotion from the kitchen. They leave to investigate.

"You know I'm going to catch you eventually right?" Chris asks. "How do you figure that bro?" Tracy asks. "Because I'm older" Chris says. "That isn't going to matter." Tracy says as she continues to evade her older brother. Chris turns around and sees Jayden and Lauren standing in the doorway. "Hey, Jayden" Chris says. "Hey Chris, how's college going?" Jayden asks. 'Good. Is this your girl friend?" Chris asks. "No Chris. Lauren is his older sister, genius." Tracy answers.

Chris looks over at his sister. "I'm sorry sis I didn't know that." Chris argues. "I can't believe you couldn't see that they are related. I thought you were the smart one in the family." Tracy says. "I am." Chris says. "I'm not so sure bro." Tracy says. "Hold on guys, I still have to teach my sis a lesson." Chris says. Chris turns back around and starts to chase his sister again. "You can tell by the way they act around each other that they are siblings." Lauren says. "True that, sis." Jayden says.

A few minutes later Chris finally catches his sis and starts to give her a noogie. Chris notices that Tracy isn't trying to stop him. "Hey, how come you hair isn't sticking up?" Chris asks. "Simple bro, I used hair gel." Tracy answers. "Come on sis that's cheating." Chris whines. 'No, it's not bro. It's called sensing an attack." Tracy says. "I hate having a sister that's a samurai. Fine, sis, let's see if you can sense this attack." Chris says. He makes a claw with his hand and is about to tickle his sis.

"Chris don't you dare. You know I'm ticklish." Tracy says. "I know why you think I'm going to tickle you." Chris says slyly. "Hey bro, you may be bigger but I'm stronger." Tracy says. "There is no way my little sis is stronger than me." Chris says. Tracy stands her grounds and wiggles her right arm free from her brother's grasp. She uses it to grad a hold of his right wrist and flips him over onto her back. Then she pins him to the ground. "See I told." Tracy says. "OK you're stronger. Now let me up." Chris says. Tracy smiles slightly and helps her brother up.

Chris decides that he isn't going to try to tickle his little sis again. He heads back out to the living room. Tracy, Lauren and Jayden follow behind him. "Now that we've got that out of our system bro, can you please tell me why you decided to show up here unannounced?" Tracy asks." When I got back to campus I got a letter that said I already earned all the credits needed for my degree. Which means I didn't even need to register for this semester." Chris answers. "That's great, another thing for mom and dad to brag about." Tracy says sarcastically. "Tracy, what with the sarcasm. Aren't you happy?" Lauren asks. "Of course I am. It's just that mom and dad never brag to the neighbors about anything that I did. They always talked about Chris." Tracy answers. "Tracy, mom and dad were proud of you too." Chris tells his sis. "If they were proud of me, they sure had a funny way a showing it bro. Let's face it Chris, you always were the star of the family. When it was just me and you I was the invisible kid. Now that the triplets came, I'm just the forgotten middle child." Tracy says.

She walks over to a chair, sits down, and looks down at the floor. Chris walks over to her and places his hand on her shoulder. "Tracy look at me. You may be the middle child now but trust me you are not the forgotten one." Chris tells her. "You're just saying that to make me feel better." Tracy says. "No I'm not. Mom called me yesterday." Chris says. "What did she say?" Tracy asks. "I had my phone off when she called but she left a voice mail." Chris answers. "Did you delete it?" Tracy asks. "No, I saved it." Chris answers.

Chris takes out his phone and finds the voice mail. He plays it back. "Hey Chris, this is your mom. I just wanted to call to tell you that I'm so proud of you for graduating from college." Tracy mom's voice says. "I am right. I'm the forgotten kid." Tracy says. "Hold on sis, the message isn't done yet. Keep listening." Chris says. "One more thing, can you tell Tracy that we are so proud of the strong, independent women she has become. Your father and I love both you very much." Tracy's mom says. "So they did notice me." Tracy says. "Yes, they did sis see I told you so." Chris says. Tracy gets up from her chair and gives her bro a playful shove. Then she gives him a hug out of the blue. "What's this for?" Chris asks. "Don't know. I just felt like it, I guess." Tracy says. Chris accepts the hug from his sis and hugs her back. After the hug ends they turn around to face Jayden and Lauren. "I hate to leave as quickly as I arrived. I'm pretty sure that mom and dad could use a little help with the rugrats." Chris says. "Ok. Bro stay out of trouble." Tracy jokes. "I will sis and you be careful out there too." Chris says. "I always am" Tracy says. Then Chris heads to the front door and Laurens follows him. Jayden and Tracy stay in the living room.

At the door, Lauren opens it for Chris. "I wish that you could have stayed a little longer. I wanted to get to know you a little bit better." Lauren says. "Don't worry, I'll be back. I still have to get that chance to tickle my little sis." Chris says. "Keep dreaming, bro." Tracy shouts. "Hey sis, listening in isn't polite." Chris shouts back. "Hey, it's not my fault the walls are really thin." Tracy shouts. "OK, sis, whatever you say, See you later." Chris shouts. Chris just shakes his head slightly as a small smile same to his face. He turns around and leaves the house.

The next morning, the Sanzu River begins to flood the city. The Gap Sensor alerts the Rangers of the several Gaps. "Well it looks like it's time." Ashley says. "Yes, let's do this rangers." Jayden says. Then the rangers rush off to the quarry to fight their final battle. Tracy leaves a few minutes later after she finds the highest spot in the city from the map.

The Sanzu River continues to pour into the city as Master Xandred's ship enters the human world. The Rangers return to the quarry, where they see a massive army of Moogers. "Antonio, you still glad that you decided to become a samurai?" Mike asks. "Are you serious? Being a ranger is the best thing that ever happened to me! I wouldn't trade it for anything." Antonio answers. "Me either." Kevin adds, "No place I'd rather be." Emily rings in. "I guess I don't have to ask if you're ready for this then." Jayden says. "Jayden as long as you're by our side we're ready for anything." Ashley says. "Hey, I was going to say that." Kevin whines. Ashley just rolls her eyes. The Rangers morph into action and run into the swarm of Moogers. Master Xandred and Octoroo watch as the world continues to flood. Master Xandred joins the battlefield. The Rangers stop fighting and watch as the Moogers stand in front of their Master. Jayden points to the white spot on Master Xandred. He places the Shiba Fire Disc in the Black Box and powers up to Super Samurai mode. The Rangers prepare for their final mission. The Rangers and Moogers run towards each other. Jayden fights his way towards Master Xandred. He powers up the Spin Sword and starts the attack on Master Xandred. He plunges the blade into the white patch. Master Xandred shakes him off. The Fire Shiba Disc is destroyed. Master Xandred fires a blast towards the Rangers and defeats them. Master Xandred leaves the scene to go after his next target: Lauren.

Meanwhile from the cliff, Tracy watches as her friends struggle to get to their feet. "Come on, guys, you can do this." Tracy whispers. Tracy watches as Jayden passes out. She clenches her samuraizer in her left hand. She wants to go help her friends, but she knows what she has to too. "Tracy, go help the other rangers." Fredrick says. Tracy turns around to face him. "Great Grandpa, I can't. What about my destiny?" she asks. "You can follow your destiny after you help your friends." Fredrick answers. Tracy gives him a hug. "Thank you great grandpa" she says. "You're welcome. Now go help you team." he says. Tracy releases him from her hug and runs off to help her friends.
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