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Jayden's fighting Deker again part 1

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AN: here is my rewirte of the great duel


Normal POV

Early the next morning at the docks around eight o clock, Jayden ponders his departure. Antonio and Ashley arrive to comfort Jayden, who responds that they must protect Lauren, the new Red Ranger. Antonio reminds him that they will always be best friends. "Jayden. you didn't have to leave. You could have let Lauren take her place as our leader, but still stayed to help us train you know." Ashley says. "That's true Ash, but there can only be one red ranger." Jayden says. "If that's the case then why don't you hand over your samuraizer then?" Ashley says. "Ashley that's crazy I can't do that. I still need it." Jayden says. "Oh, really. But you just said there can only be one red ranger." Ashley says. "That's true but Deker is still out there." Jayden says. "Who's that?" Ashley asks. "He's a half human/half nighlok who wants Jayden to fight him to lift the curse that was put in him." Antonio answers. "Well I guess that's one good reason to keep it but you're injured." Ashley reminds him. "I know but I don't even know who I am any more since Lauren showed up." Jayden says. "It's simple, Jayden, you're still our leader, my boyfriend, Antonio's best friend, and not to mention you're family to Lauren." Ashley answers. Antonio offers a big breakfast to cheer him up.

Jayden wants to be left alone. Antonio and Ashley leave for a moment and return to find Jayden gone.
Antonio calls Mentor Ji and informs him that Jayden is missing. Tracy is with him as well. "Ji, can I talk to him?" Tracy asks. JI nods and hands her the phone. "Antonio, I know you still want to find Jayden but could you at last convince Ashley to come home please." Tracy says. "Sorry my little angel fish. I already tried and she refused to go home until we find him." Antonio answers. "Ok just don't do anything crazy, all right? I expect the both of you to come back in one piece ok." Tracy says in a concerned tone. "Don't worry, we'll be careful." Antonio says. Then they hang up and Tracy gives JI back his phone. Tracy looks up at him and doesn't say a word. "Tracy, you ok?" Ji asks. "Yes Ji, I'm fine. I just have a really bad feeling about this." Tracy answers.

Jayden walks alone in the forest and questions his true destiny. He runs into Deker, who tells Jayden that they have something in common. They both need to fight to prove something. Both of the warriors are tormented by fates they didn't choose. Deker pulls out the Urumasa and challenges Jayden, who immediately accepts the challenge with his Spin Sword. The two warriors head towards each other and begin their duel. The warriors fight strong until Deker transforms into his Nighlok form. Jayden morphs and their duel continue in the forest.

At the Shiba House, Lauren trains with the Light Zord. She manages to block all of the discs with the Spin Swords. The Rangers admire her work. Except for Tracy. She is sitting in the living room still thinking about her cousin coming home soon among other things. Ji tells the Rangers that they should train with Lauren. The Rangers miss Jayden and Emily tells him that they want to go look for him. Ji tells the Rangers he will find Jayden. "Ji, wait you'll find Jayden faster with a little help." Tracy says as she comes back to earth. "What do you mean Tracy?" Ji asks. Tracy whistles and Luna comes running up. "Yeah Luna can use her good tracking skills to help find Jayden." Emily says. "Yup that's the plan anyway." Tracy says. "I don't know Tracy. This could be dangerous and Luna's only been here for a few weeks." Mike reminds her. "I know that Mike, but at least this way JI can find Jaden faster than going out there completely bind." Tracy says.

Laurens stops training and goes over to the team. "How is she going to track my brother?" Lauren asks. "All she needs is something with Jaden's scent on it." Tracy answers. A light bulb goes off in Lauren's head and she races off. She returns with the rag she used to help Jayden with his wounds yesterday. "That's perfect Lauren." Tracy says. She asks Lauren to hand it to her. After Lauren gives her the rag she places it in front of Luna. A few seconds later Luna has Jayden scent and waits for her owner to tell her to go track him. "Well she has Jayden's scent." Tracy says. Ji reminds the rangers to stay focused. Tracy tells Luna to go find Jayden, Ji quickly follows behind the puppy and they both leave the Shiba house.

"So, who wants to be the first to spar with Lauren?" Tracy asks. "Why don't you go first?" Mike asks. "Are you crazy Mike. She would kick my butt." Tracy answers. "Way to be confident there Tracy." Lauren says. "Hey, there is no point going into a match knowing full well that I'm nowhere near the same skill level as my opponent." Tracy says. "That didn't stop you before." Mike reminds her. "That time I beat Jayden was just fluke Mike." Tracy says as she remembers that day. "It wasn't a fluke. Tracy you are a great swordsman." Kevin says. "Kevin was that a compliment?" Tracy asks. Kevin nods. "I'll go first and Tracy you can fight the winner." Mike says as he is overconfident that he can take on Lauren. "In that case I'm out of here." Tracy says as she starts to leave. "Why?" Mike asks. "Because Lauren's going to kick your butt." Tracy answers in a sing song tone as she turns back around. "No she's not and why are you singing?" Mike says. "Yes she is, and it's just fun." Tracy responds back in the same tone. Tracy knows Mike is going to lose but she still wants to see Mike get his butt kicked so she stays to watch.

Mike grabs a sword and they both go to the middle of the dojo. The Rangers watch as Lauren and Mike spar. Mike is able to block a few of Lauren's attacks with a few acrobatic moves. Lauren defeats Mike and turns her attention to the Rangers. "Tracy, you ready?" Lauren asks. "Nope sorry I got to go." Tracy says as she starts to leave the room. Kevin uses his arm to stop her. "You said you would fight the winner." Mike says as he gets to his feet. "I never said that Mike. Now you're just putting words in my mouth." Tracy says as she turns around to face him. "Tracy just do it so Mike will shut up." Kevin says. "Sorry my parents taught me not to give into peer pressure." Tracy says. "How is this peer pressure?" Mike asks. "Let's see, I already told you that I didn't want to do it. Then you guys keep telling me that I should do it." Tracy answers. "I bet you will last longer than I did." Mike says. "Now you're gambling Mike. Gezz you really are a rebel." Lauren says. "I'm just curious how much is this little wage of your's Mike?" Tracy asks. "I don't know, like five bucks." Mike answers. "Tempting, but I'm still not going to do it." Tracy says.

At the Sanzu River, Octoroo prepares his latest Nighlok, Gigertox. Dayu watches as Octoroo charges the Nighlok with his tentacles. Octoroo says that this may be their last chance. Dayu is surprised when Octoroo gives half of his life source to Gigertox. In the forest, Ji follows close behind Luna while she tracks Jayden. She finds Jayden's bandages on the floor and gives them to Ji. He tells her to stay put as he sees the battle on the bridge. The two warriors continue their fierce battle.

Back at the Shiba House, Mia serves lunch. Mike tries to warn Lauren about Mia's cooking. Lauren loves Mia's cooking. The Rangers try to get to know Lauren. She trains all of the time with Sealing Power and exercise. Emily tries to hide the food in the napkins. "So when did you guys get a puppy?" Lauren asks. "A few weeks ago she showed up at the door in really bad shape. Tracy helped her." Emily answers. "Really, so I'm guessing that once everything is over you are planning to go to college to become a veterinarian right, Tracy?' Laruen asks, looking over at her. Tracy doesn't hear Lauren's question. She just moves the food around on her plate. Everyone looks over at Tracy and notices the sad look on her face.

"Hey, Tracy you still with us." Mike says as he snaps his fingers in front of her face. A few seconds later Tracy comes back to reality. "Mike would you stop that please. It's getting on my nerves." Tracy says. "Sorry but what were you so deep in thought about anyway?" Mike asks. "It's nothing Mike, really." Tracy answers as she continues to play with her food. "Why were you so happy when he called yesterday?" Mia asks. "He just told me that he was coming home in a few days that's all." Tracy answers. "Tracy, that's great news but don't you want to be there when he gets home?" Emily asks. "Of course I do. But saving the city from master xandred comes first." Tracy says as she gets up from her seat. Then she walks over to the door frame and leans up against it. Everyone turns around to face her. "If you don't mind me asking, how long has your cousin been overseas?" Lauren asks. "He left before my junior year of high schoo - so three years." Tracy answers.

Back in the forest, Ji watches as Jayden faces off against Deker. Mentor Ji tells him that he doesn't need to fight. He stands in front of Jayden to protect him from Deker. Jayden deflects Deker's attack and falls down the cliff with Ji. Luna had taken the long way around to get to Jayden and Ji. Luna wakes Jayden up by licking his hand. She helps Jayden to wake up the Ji near the stream. Mentor Ji thanks him for the save. Jayden tells Ji that he is a true mentor.

In the city, Gigertox begins the attack. Antonio and Ashley morph into action. Back at the Shiba House, Lauren could tell that Tracy didn't want to talk about her cousin anymore, so she turns around in her chair. She continues to eat until the Gap Sensor interrupts her meal. Everyone heads to the living room. Lauren activates the map to pinpoint the attack. Emily hopes that Jayden is okay. The Rangers head out of the house.
The Gold and White Ranger struggle against the powerful Nighlok. Gigertox performs his finishing attack and defeats them, who demorph to Antonio and Ashley. Lauren and the Rangers arrive at the scene. She pulls out her Shiba Morpher and morphs with the Rangers. Mike and Tracy go check up on them while the Rangers fight Gigertox.

At the stream, Ji reminds Jayden of his childhood and his dedication to the Samurai life. His father trusted him to be the Red Ranger. Jayden thanks Mentor Ji and tells him to leave before Deker's return. Mentor Ji tells Jayden not to fight Deker. Jayden has to defeat Deker. Mentor Ji tells Jayden that he can do it. Then he tells Luna to follow him back home. Luna looks back at Jayden and gives him a look telling him to be careful.

Back at the battle, the Rangers struggle against the Nighlok. Lauren powers up to Super Samurai mode. The Rangers perform the Quadruple Slash. Tracy uses her leopard sabers to attack with icicle barrage. Lauren fires the Super Bullzooka to defeat the Nighlok. Antonio and Ashley watch as the Gigertox grows to Mega Mode. The Rangers form the Battlewing Megazord, while Tracy calls for her zord to help her team. Gigertox proves to be stronger in the Mega Mode form. The Rangers perform the Battlewing Megazord finishing attack to defeat the Nighlok, who transforms into a new form. Octoroo grows weak as the Nighlok drains more energy. The Rangers form the Samurai Gigazord. Gigertox pushes the Megazord back. The Rangers summon all of their symbols to perform the final attack to defeat the Nighlok.

Back at the Shiba House, Antonio and Ashley recover from the battle. Emily and Mia help him with his injuries. Tracy helps Ashley with hers. "You promised that you'd be careful." Tracy reminds her friend. "I was careful." Ashley protests. "Sure you were ash-tree the nighlok just caught you off guard." Tracy says as she draws the ice pack symbol then activates it. Tracy hands her the ice pack and a few seconds later she begins to feel dizzy. Tracy falls to her knees and tries to shake off the dizzy spell. "Tracy, you ok?" Ashley asks her best friends. Tracy looks back up at her friend and her vision is still a little fuzzy. "Yes, ash-tree I'm fine I just lost it for a sec that's all." Tracy answers.

Tracy slowly gets to her feet and hears Luna's claws click as she runs down the hall. Ji arrives to the Shiba House a few seconds later. The Rangers turn their attention to Mentor Ji. Tracy walks over to him as well. She notices a few small bruises, so she was going to draw the ice pack symbol again. Luna is sitting next to his chair and a few seconds later she lunges upward and takes the samuraizer from Tracy's hand. "Luna, that's not a dog toy. Now give it back." Tracy tells the puppy as she tries to get it back. Luna walks over to the doorway and sits down. Luna growls defensively to tell Tracy that she isn't going to give it back. "What's her problem?" Mike asks. "Luna just wants Tracy to take it easy that's all." Emily answers. "Ok Luna you win this round. I can't believe I got beat by a little puppy." Tracy says. Luna strops growling, wags her tail happily, and walks back over to her owner. Tracy puts her hand under her mouth and Luna lets go of the samuraizer. It falls gently into her hand.

"Did you find my brother?" Lauren asks. He tells them that Jayden is fighting Deker. "I knew that he didn't turn into a good guy." Tracy says. "What do you mean?" Lauren asks. Tracy tells her about the day he helped her. "Why did Deker help you in the first place?" Lauren asks. Tracy answers Laurens question with an I don't know shrug. Back in the forest, Deker arrives on a horse. Jayden uses symbol power to summon a horse. The warriors engage in a duel on their horses.
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