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Headfirst for halos: Part 2

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Again, this could be triggering.

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So I know you're waiting to see what happens to Frank and well, here's your chance! Please review as your opinions genuinely mean everything to me. Until the next installment....

Adios my amigos! Xoxo


Part 2

"Where is he?! I couldn't figure it out from the call and this note doesn't give me any fucking clues at all..." Gerard cried out in frustration, punching a wall as his feelings overpowered him "I can't fucking lose him...I won't lose him!"

"Gerard please, calm down we'll find him okay? Just go check around upstairs, maybe you'll find something up there..."

Gerard harshly wiped the tears that had begun to run down his face and turned to leave the room, taking his shirt off to wrap his hand. The older man was terrified he'd never see his lover again, that he'd never feel him near and it hurt. First he entered his own room, throwing books across the floor and tearing the place up. Finding nothing he moved to walk downstairs, stopping suddenly as he saw Ray's bedroom door open. He took a deep breath and entered slowly...



"Oh Frankie, you're such a silly boy..."

"Where am I?"

"Between life and death my darling, the choice you make here will decide your fate...come on, we have things to discuss"

Frank's mother pulled him to his feet, embracing him tightly before stepping back to look him over. She smiled softly, a warm feeling spreading through Frank's chest as she cast her loving gaze over him "I knew you'd grow up a handsome boy, I just wish you weren't so thin..."

"I'm sorry mama..."

"That's not important right now, walk with me" a small voice caused them both to turn, a little girl was running toward them smiling widely. Frank's mother bent down and scooped up the small child, hugging her tightly before turning to Frank "Elizabeth, aren't you going to say hello to Frankie?"

The little girl turned, her brown ringlets bouncing slightly and giggled "Hi Frankie" before turning again and hiding her face in the woman's shoulder.

"Who is that?" Frank asked, smiling at the small girl "She's beautiful"

"Before you were born I lost a little girl, baby this is your sister. Time moves slower here, almost not at all. On earth she'd be twenty three, in heaven she's she's almost four years old..."


Gerard searched around Ray's room, pulling out draws and rifling through the papers on his desk, but came up empty. Eventually collapsing to the floor and sobbing into his hands. He felt his hair being brushed from his face and looked up, his gaze meeting that of a woman. He yelped slightly from fright and shuffled back until his back hit the bed, wide eyed with fright. The woman smiled and shook her head a little before standing up and walking toward a man laughing lightly on the other side of the room

"R...Ray?...How are...I..."

"Unfinished business I guess, I can't move on until I've helped you and the guys as much as I can and I'm Christa's unfinished business, she won't pass through without me..."

Gerard unsteadily got to his feet and reached out his hand, taking shaky steps until he was touching his departed friend. His fingers brushed over the cool skin of Ray's cheek and he gasped, covering his mouth with his other hand and releasing a single tear from his eyes.

Ray stepped forward and took Gerard's hand in his own, brushing his thumb over it reassuringly. Christa stepped forward and cupped the shocked man's face, her warm smile turning serious suddenly "We know where Frank is but you need to move fast okay?" Gerard nodded automatically "He's at St. Christophers church and he needs medical attention now, go Gerard. We'll see you again soon..."

Christa dropped her hands as Gerard turned, sprinting from the room and grabbing the car keys. Mikey and Dani followed him out to the vehicle confused, sharing a look of terror as Gerard called an ambulance and floored the gas. Speeding toward the church.


Frank gazed around in awe, the colours of the world around him strikingly vivid. He'd never seen a sky so blue, and the long grass of the field they walked in looked as though it was pure gold. He turned to his mother as she spoke, feeling his heart swell a little at the sound of her voice

"This place is beautiful isn't it? So peaceful. I wish I could tell you that if you chose death this is where you'd end up but I'd be lying. You'd be forever giving away your soul and you'd be going downstairs, not up..."

"Right now I really don't care mama, I need to savr Dani and Mikes...I need to save my Gee..." The woman stopped and turned to look at her son seriously, her eyes burning into his

"And what makes you think that your death will save him? Darling, you have his heart! If you die now you'd be killing him yourself...I've seen what becomes of Gerard if you choose death and its devastating, while your soul goes down his soul is stuck. You'd never find each other again..."

Frank looked down as tears sprang from his eyes, his mother brushing them away softly "He must ne going through hell right now..."

"Would you like to see him? I can show you..." Frank looked up once more, his gaze meeting his mothers and nodded gently "Then close your eyes..." Slowly he shut them and his mother placed a gentle hand over his closed lids, allowing him to suddenly see himself. His heart breaking at the sight.

Frank saw Gerard leaning over him, choked sobs escaping his lips as he desperately tried to wrap his lovers wrists and stem the bleeding. Mikey shoved the knife into Frank's bag before helping Dani perform CPR, in a bid to revive the young man. Suddenly Gerard was being pulled away by a man in a paramedics outfit as another set to work stopping the low of blood and trying intubate Frank. Mikey held Gerard back as the ambulance team performed CPR, the older screaming his lovers name as he willed him to wake up.

Without warning he was pulled back into the golden field, little Elizabeth crouched in front of him frowning, his mother moving to kneel beside him "It's time to make a choice baby, it's time to go..." Frank looked at Elizabeth and smiled sadly, leaning in to place a gentle kiss on her forehead before turning to embrace his mother. He turned his head a little and whispered softly into her ear

"I need to go back mama, I can't let him suffer like that..." Frank pulled away and smiled sadly at his mother, she cupped his face gently and kissed his cheek.

"My handsome boy...I love you darling and I'll always be with you..."

The world around him began to fade, the last thing he saw was his mother and Elizabeth waving at him before he was engulfed in darkness. His mind sending him to sleep.


Gerard had managed to free himself from Mikey's grasp and was kneeling over Frank's lifeless body, stroking a hand through his hair. His heart tearing to pieces with every minute that passed with Frank being unresponsive, whispering "Come back, I need you" to his lover. Suddenly one of the paramedics called out and they stopped CPR, Gerard breathing a heavy sigh of relief. They'd found a pulse, Frankie was gonna make it.

The paramedics placed Frank onto a stretcher and loaded him into an ambulance, Gerard climbing in with him. He quickly threw Mikey the keys to the car and told him to follow behind before the driver shut the door, leaving Gerard to stroke his lovers hair as the other paramedic checked over Frank's vitals.


Gerard sat all night, gripping Frank's hand in his own and watching the blood drip through the tube and into Franks veins, just waiting for a sign of conciousness. His eyes grew heavy as he sat and decided to tell Mikey and Dani to go hone, he got up and walked to the door , seeing the two fast asleep on the waiting room chairs and deciding to leave them be.

A groan behind him made Gerard spin to find Frank rubbing his head, the older opening the door and calling out for a nurse. He quickly turned and ran back into the room as Frank opened his eyes, gripping the younger mans hand and leaning over to stroke his face "Hey Gee..."

"Hey baby, you really scared me for a minute there..."

"I'm sorry Gee...I thought it was for the best..."

"It's okay, don't apologize, Just don't ever scare me like that again! I can't stand the idea of living without you!"

"Don't worry about that, my mom would be pretty pissed if I ever tried it again...I love you baby'

"I love you too"

Please review and tell me what you thought and the song for this was 'Stay with me baby' by Lorraine Ellison an oldie but a goodie, so emotional xoxo
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