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Dreaming of you...

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But in the world of dreams, things aren't always as they seem...

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"What's that?" I hear you cry "No, it can't possibly be an update can it?"

Well you can stop for yes! This is an actual update! And I'm working on another one! Someone get a glass of water for the person who just fainted in disbelief...ahem, , anyway...enjoy!

Vikki xoxo

P.S The song for this is 'Devil Doll by the Misfits' because I listened to it alot while writing this :)

Frank peeled open his heavy eyelids and groaned, turning his head to discover Gerard had gone and that the room was empty. His eyes fell upon the window, the sky looking blacker than he'd ever seen it and he suddenly felt uncomfortable. This just didn't seem...natural.

Slowly he threw back the covers of the bed, thankful as he climbed out that Gerard had brought him some pajama bottoms. The last thing he wanted was to be caught out of bed with his ass out, especially by the nurse who'd come around earlier. He stopped suddenly, clutching his IV stand for support, and listened. He was unsure how he hadn't noticed it before but the room was completely silent; there was no sound of machines beeping or nurses passing, no sound of traffic making its way through the cold night streets. Nothing.

Stumbling slightly he made his way to the door, only stopping to pull the needle from his hand, and pulled it open slowly. The halls were deathly silent, not a soul in sight as he stepped into the corridor. Fear pulsed through his veins as he closed his eyes and tried to will himself awake from the dream he wasn't sure he was having, feeling slightly insane as he talked to himself "Come on Frankie, wake up..."

Frank realised how useless his attempts were and opened his eyes once more, listening intently for the slightest sound and feeling sick as he heard nothing. Taking a deep breath he let go of the door and crept along the darkened hallway, peering into rooms and feeling his stomach lurch after finding them all empty. A sudden laugh caused him to jump and he spun, his eyes frantically searching through the darkness as he tried to find the source


"Gerard? Gerard where are you?"

"Come find me Frankie, I'm waiting..."

Frank started toward the voice, following the sound of tgat oh so familiar laugh; but instead of it warming his heart, an icy chill ran down his spine.

"Im in here Frankie, come get me..."


Gerard clutched Frank’s hand as he slept, leaning up to brush the hair from his eyes and kissing his forehead. He got to his feet and walked to the bathroom on the other side of Frank’s bed and took one last loving look before stepping inside and closing the door.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled himself from them, allowing his head to roll back as he took the piss he'd needed for hours. It was silly really, he thought to himself, Frank was safe for now. He flushed and zipped himself back up, wandering to the sink and washing his hands. For a brief moment he glanced at himself in the mirror, using the water on his hands to brush the hair from his eyes in an attempt to make himself look presentable. He was prodding the black circles under his eyes when his phone buzzed in his pocket

"Hey Mikey, whats up?"

"Gerard! It's Dani, are you with Frank?!"

"I'm just in the bathroom, whats wrong?"

"Mikey had a vision! We're on our way now, something's wrong Gee! You have to go check on him now. We're almost there okay...GO!"

Gerard quickly hit the end call button as he fumbled with the door, struggling against it. It wouldn’t open. Desperately he called out his lover's name in an attempt to wake him, he knew he should never have left his side, he'd left him alone and vulnerable to attack.

Anxiously he chewed his nail, pacing back and forth and often kicking at the door in a vain attempt at opening it. It felt like hours had past when he heard his brothers desperate voice on the other side

"Mikey! Mikey I can’t get out!"

"Gerard! Pull on the handle while we push okay?! One, two, three pull!" Gerard used all the strength he had as Mikey and Dani pushed on the door. The invisible force holding it shut suddenly gave way, knocking Gerard on his ass. Mikey quickly pulled him to his feet and they ran to the bedside

"Wake up baby, come on..."


Frank fearfully gripped the handle of the door and gently pushed it open, confusion filling him as he saw no one and tentatively stepped inside. The door shut behind him and he jumped, turning startled to see Gerard grinning manically at him "You found me Frankie..."

"Gee? What's going on? Where is everyone?"

"Ssh Frankie, we're all alone. We should make tge most of it..." Frank began backing off as Gerard walked toward him. He could feel it on his stomach that something was wrong, nothing seemed to make any sense. He stopped abruptly as his escape was blocked by a table behind him, Gerard suddenly in front of him pressing their bodies together "I know you want this as much as I do..."

Gerard pressed his lips roughly against Frank's, allowing his tongue to sloppily lick across his lips. Frank remained unresponsive, refusing to allow himself to fall into this obvious trap; although he still wasn’t sure it was real. Gerard pulled away and smirked, gripping Frank’s chin and forcing their eyes to meet "Don't you want to play with me Frankie?"

Frank stared into the eyes of the man before him and his stomach lurched, the darkest brown he'd ever seen in a persons eyes gazed back at him. This isn't his Gerard, now that he thought about it his clothes were all wrong too. He had to get out of there and fast.

"This isn't like you Gee, you don't act like this. Just give me a minute to think okay?" He lied, he had to somehow get some space between them; even if it was just to think. The man before him stepped back and allowed Frank to turn away, immediately searching the room with his eyes to find some kind of weapon. The only thing he could see was a glass water bottle and supposed it would have to do, slowly walking toward it and grasping it firmly in his fist.

In a flash he was slamming it against the surface of the table, thankful that it had smashed so easily, and began advancing on the beast. Frank slashed across its chest, desperately trying to injure it and gagged as a thick black oil like substance seeped slowly from its wounds. It smiled and looked down, running its fingers across the wound and sucking the substance away "Kinky, I do like it rough..."

The tone of voice stirred a familiar feeling inside of Frank, a feeling of sheer terror he'd felt not too long ago. The incubus, trying to succeed where the succubus had failed...


Gerard clutched relentlessly at Frank’s lifeless hands, trying with everything he had to wake his boyfriend but nothing seemed to work. Guilt ate away at hin as he stared down at his boyfriend, chewing his lip as Mikey locked the door. Suddenly he was being pulled to his feet, not really registering what was happening as his brother shook him hard. A sharp pain spread quickly through his cheek and he turned quickly, snapping out of the trance he seemed to be in.

"Gerard! Get on the bed, you know what to do..." he didn’t need to be told twice and hopped up beside his lover; gripping his hand tightly and placing their heads together. Before his brother leaned in to place the salts under his nose he pressed his lips to Frank’s and whispered against them softly

"I'm coming baby, I'll always come for you..."


"I knew this wasn't real, Gerard is coming; he wouldn't leave me..."

"I wouldn't be so sure..." The creatures eyes darkened as it smirked, advancing on Frank once again. The young man kept backing off, keeping the barrier between them

"What...what do you mean?"

"Your precious Gee is a the moment. Youre all alone Frankie boy, nobody is coming to save you..." Frank visibly gulped and looked around desperately for an exit, he'd never survive this alone; he just didn't have the strength.

Suddenly he was suspended in the air, nothing holding him, just an invisible force. For a moment he hung there limply, his eyes fixated on the creature smirking up at him, when he heard a voice calling his name. Using everything he had he screamed his boyfriend's name, seeing the door swing open as he was slammed against the wall.

For a minute everything was a blur, the sound of rushing liquid filled his ears as he tried to focus. As quickly as it came it went and slowly his vision came into focus. The creature had now shown, what seemed to be, its true form and had Gerard pinned to the ground. He struggled to his feet, biting back a cry of agony as a searing pain rushed through his ribcage.

He stumbled across the room, grasping the leg of a broken table as he went, until finally he was close enough to see the horror of the beast attacking them. Its face was pulled into the most terrifying grin, its face looking shredded and eyes horrifically wide. It's back was arched and deformed, lumping in places and the skin looking as if it could tear at any second. Long arms pinned his boyfriend firmly to the ground, its laugh sending a chill through his bones. It was scarier than he'd ever seen.

Frank’s entire body protested as he raised the wood above his head, slamming it as harshly as he could muster across the head of the beast. He was forced to drop the wood he was holding and covered his ears; the scream it emitted tearing through the air and hacking into the young man's head. Ignoring the feeling tearing through his body and mind he crawled to Gerard, taking his hand and pulling him from beneath the shrieking beast.

Gerard smiled, relieved the boy he gave his heart too was okay and staggered to his feet. The only way they were going to win this was together, their bond keeping them alive just like before. And just like they had done last time, they had to drag it out of there; only this time they'd be ready.

In a silent understanding Frank jumped upon the beasts back, holding tight as Gerard stabbed it again and again. Both closing their eyes and reaching out with their fingertips, each willed the other awake. Praying that Mikey and Dani would be prepared.


Mikey stood at the foot of the bed, an anxious expression on his face, while Dani stood beside him clutching the blade that her father had given to Frank. They began to grow restless as they watched the sleeping figures on the bed, unmoving and seemingly peaceful.

Without warning Frank was suspended in the air, his legs and one of his arms wrapped around something invisible, his other hand reaching out. Gerard was now standing, a broken bottle manifesting in his hand and his other touching Frank’s. Fear became apparent in Dani's eyes and she graped her boyfriend's hand tightly

"Mikey, what's happening?"

"They're coming"

In a flash of light the demon had appeared, managing to fling Frank from its back, and grasping Gerard’s throat. Immediately Mikey was there, grappling to save his brother and attempting to shove away the beast. Dani ran forward, her heart beating wildly in her chest as she thrashed the knife toward it; being caught by the creatures flailing arm and crashing backward.

The brothers battled furiously, Gerard eventually dropping from its grip and using all the strength he had to try and pin the creature. He called out for Frank but he didn't reply, Gerard catching a glimpse of him laying unconscious by the wall and Dani close by him struggling to her feet.

"Mikey, get her out of here! "

"But Gerard I..."

"Just get her outside then get back in here!..Now Mikey!"

Mikey released the hold he had on the demon and grabbed his girlfriend, scooping her up and carrying her outside the room. Dani attempted a feeble protest but realised she didn't have the strength to fight anymore. Instead she resigned to sitting outside and watching her boyfriend run back to the door, praying for the best. Mikey struggled with the door, no matter how hard he pushed and kicked it wouldn't budge. His brother was stuck in there to fight alone.

Gerard tried to wrestle tge beast alone, struggling in its grip as he heard his brother banging on the door. For a moment he was caught off guard, that being all the demon needed for him to grab Gerard’s throat. It leaned in smirking, it's eyes glinting as it looked Gerard up and down

"You're a pretty boy, I don’t think I'll kill you. I'll keep you as my little toy..."

"Not this time fucker..."

Gerard watched with wide eyes as a blade burst through the hell beasts neck, yanking to the side and slicing open. It relinquished its grip and dropped heavily, disappearing in a flash of flames and leaving no trace of it ever being there.

Gerard raised his eyes to his lover's, receiving a small smile in return. Frank shuffled toward him and reached out, collapsing suddenly and Gerard catching him just as the door swung open and his brother ran inside.

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