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I'm not crazy...

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Frank is released from hospital...

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Hey guys! This is pretty short and stuff but I had to post it now so I'll try to make the next chapter longer, I just need to say a few things.

Numero uno!
The song for this is 'Summertime' by MCR

This carries a smut warning so that clearly means rudie dudie penis time.

I was talking to someone who reads this and they keep saying 'If it's a supernatural type of fic then why do you have Frank being depressed and anorexic?' And I just have to say this.


Anyway, enjoy and if you could please R&R thanks

Vikki xoxo

"I don't need a fucking shrink!"

"Mr Iero, I highly recommend you see our psychologist. He's an expert in dealing with cases such as yours..."

"Oh, and what kind of 'case' might I be?"

"Well, the injuries you were brought in with appeared to be self inflicted which leads us to the conclusion that..."

"That what? I'm a head case? I can't be trusted with sharp objects? I thought you were about patient care? Not making them feel small and judged..."

"I'm sorry if that's the impression I have given you, I strongly advise you take the opportunity we're presenting to you..."

"Is it mandatory?"

"Excuse me?"

"Did I stutter? Is the psychological treatment mandatory?"

" but..."

"No buts, I'm out of here. Come on Gerard, lets go"/]

Frank grabbed his bag and stormed out, ignoring the slack jawed stare of the doctor. Gerard merely shrugged at him and followed his boyfriend from the building, jumping slightly when Frank turned around as soon as they got through the doors.

Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard’s neck and pulled him into a fiery kiss, lapping at his bottom lip and sliding his hands into his shirt. Gerard pulled away and smirked, gripping Frank’s hand and pulling him to the car "Not here Frankie, wait until we get home."

Frank groaned in mock frustration and followed behind his lover quickly, jumping in the passenger side and adjusting the mirror before crawling into the back. Gerard quirked an eyebrow at Frank through the rear view and started the car, moaning as Frank leaned forward and kissed his neck

"Frankie, wait baby. I don’t wanna crash" Frank leaned back in his seat and lifted his hips to push his joggers and boxers down a little

"I can't wait that long..." Gerard bit his lip and stole glances at his boyfriend in the back seat, he was moaning softly as he stroked himself and staring straight at his boyfriend through the mirror; smirking as he caught his lust filled gaze

"Ah shit, fuck it" Gerard gripped the wheel tightly as he felt himself growing hard and spun the car to drive through a heavily wooded area. He knew where he was going having spent a lot of time there as a child, knowing that nobody ever came around. He drove deep into the woodland until he came to a small clearing and stopped the car.

Frank giggled as Gerard crawled onto the back seat to join him, his laughter turning to a moan as Gerard wrapped his fingers around his swollen erection. Their lips connected in a heated kiss, their teeth clashing as they gave into their desperate lust. Gerard pulled away and told his boyfriend to move into a position easier for access and began sucking at his own fingers, making sure to fully coat them in his saliva before pushing the first insude his lover's tight entrance.

Frank moaned as Gerard slipped in the second, scissoring and hooking them in a search for the youngers sweet spot. Gerard suddenly had a thought, was Frank just doing this to take his mind off of his issues? He moved to pull his fingers from his lover and voice his concern when Frank suddenly gasped loudly, beginning to rock back and forth onto his fingers. The sight was so tantalizing and after that, Gerard just couldn't deny himself.

He pulled away his fingers and wioed them on his jeans before quickly unbuckling his belt and running a hand over his erection, Frank shifted along and reached over to drop the drivers seat back; giving the men more room to move. He grasped Gerard’s shirt hard and kissed him hard then told him to lay down, Gerard doing as he was told immediately.

Frank crawled up Gerard’s body and smirked down at him as his hands rested each side of his head. Gerard reached down and guided his dick to his boyfriend's entrance, using his other hand to grip Frank's hip and push him down onto it.

Both men moaned quietly as they gazed into each other's eyes, staying perfectly still for a moment once Gerard was fully inside. Slowly Frank began to rock his hips back and forth, groaning loudly in delight as his little bundle of nerves was brushed. Angling his hips slightly, he began to move up and down; staring lovingly down at Gerard who was holding his thighs to help his movements.

Frank dipped his head down to capture his lover's lips, breaking apart after a moment to breathe heavily into each other's mouths. Their movement's were slow and deep, neither feeling a need to rush it but both feeling so close to the edge. Gerard slipped a hand between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around Frank’s member, pumping him in time with his thrusts and holding back on his own orgasm. He wanted Frank to feel good, not just satisfy himself.

Frank threw his head back as he began to move faster, his climax tearing through him, and milked it for all it was worth. Less than a minute later Gerard followed, feeling euphoric as Frank clenched tightly around him. Both men finally stopped and smiled at each other, Frank lifting himself off of Gerard and laying across his side "That was incredible, Gee"

"Yeah..." Gerard replied breathlessly before looking down at his shirt, laughing as he saw Frank's cum across it "Come on Frankie, lets get cleaned up. I don’t think Mikey and Dani wanna see what we've been up too"


Frank sat on the ground, leaning against the car and puffed on a cigarette. He stared up at the sky, enjoying the way the sunlight burst through the balcony the trees created. He'd never been somewhere so beautiful in all his life, it was like a movie set or something.

He pulled his gaze around as he heard the trunk of the car shut, Gerard had been digging around in Frank’s laundry to find a fresh shirt that might fit. He smiled as he watched the older man rake a hand through his hair, his black shirt riding up to reveal a strip of pale skin.

Once more he looked to the sky, watching the leaves rustle in the slight breeze, smiling at the beauty of it all. He didn't look away as Gerard took the cigarette from between his fingers and took a long draw from it, sighing as he released the cloudy white smoke into the air. For a while they remained that way, just enjoying the sun and each others company.

"Gerard?" Frank said quietly, turning to look at his lover "How did you come across this place? It's so peaceful here"

"I used to come here as a kid, the vicarage isn't very far from here and when dad would tell us he was going away for a while I'd get real upset.

One day I just ran out of there and down the road, I didn't know where I was going but when I heard my dad coming after me in the car I cut into the trees. I was shoving branches and shit out of my way when suddenly I just burst out of the tree line and onto this clearing. It was such a beautiful place and after I came out here a few times I realised that nobody else ever did, I guess I kinda claimed it then..."

Frank rested his head on Gerard’s shoulder and linked their fingers together, relishing in the feeling of not being alone "I've never been anywhere like this before, it's incredible"

Gerard laughed lightly before turning serious as he turned his head to rest his chin on Frank’s hair, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Frank had just been trying to distract himself before and hadn’t really wanted sex. He closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath, willing himself to open his mouth "Why didn't you want to see the psychologist?"

Frank pulled away from his boyfriend and laughed awkwardly "What? Are you serious?"

"I just wondered is all, I mean I'm worried about you..."

"What? You think I'm crazy too? Are you fucking kidding me right now?"

" I just..." Gerard took hold of his boyfriend's hand, only to have it pulled away harshly "...Look baby, I know you're not crazy! I just think it could help you find peace in yourself..."

Frank looked at him like he'd just spawned a couple of extra limbs, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Using his feet and hands, he shuffled away from Gerard "I can't fucking believe this bullshit! I don't need help! I thought the only person I needed to talk to was you! I thought you'd fucking save me, that you'd help me through...." he looked down at his feet and said "I thought you loved me..." his voice barely a whisper.

Gerard quickly moved to his boyfriend and kissed him roughly "You know I love you! I didn't mean to pressure you baby, I'm sorry okay? Just promise me this? Promise that you'll let me save you, you'll let me help you? You gotta be straight up with me Frankie, I love you no matter what. I just want you to promise you'll let me help you through everything..."

Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard tight and snuggled his face into the crook of his neck " I promise..."

For a small while longer the men sat there, breathing in the silence and drowning out the world. The late evening air was warm as they finally made it home, sunset fading slowly, and Frank smiled as he was greeted by Mikey and his sister. He thought to himself about what Gerard had said and smiled.

Nobody will ever be able to help him through everything like these guys, they're his family now.
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