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when Gerard meets Frank

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Gerard meets the boy of his dreams when he moves to his new school in new jersey, but there is someone out to get him for what he has done.

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Gerard's P.O.V
"We'll get you Gerard!" they yelled. I picked up my pace dodging trees and branches. I could see my breath in the icy cold air.

'fuck you' I wanted to say but i didn't have the time or energy. I ran fatser, my feet hitting the earthly ground. I stopped at the edge of he hill.

shit! I saw the running for me.

(7 months earlier)

"gerard! mikey! hurry up your going to be late for your first day at your new school!" donna way shouted up the stairs.

"okay mum!" I shouted back. I dragged myself out of bed and pulled a pair of black skinnies on and a misfits hoody, I laced my converses up and knocked on mikey's door.

"yo mikes! you ready?" I yelled.

"yeah one second!" mikey yelled back. after about another five minutes of waiting mikey finally appeared from his room.

"you done?" I asked him.

"yerp, lets go" he said cheerfully.

when donna drops them off at school mikey and gerard walk to reception were they are given their timetables. mikey has maths first so he he is lead off towards his class, I had science with mrs.hall.

when I walked into the classroom everyone turned to look at me.

"ahh, and you must be the new boy? gerard I presume?" the rather short and old teacher questions. I resisted the urge to say 'noooo im santa clause'.

"yes" I replied.

"okay could you sit next to mr.Iero please she said pointing to the most beautiful boy he'd ever seen, he had long black floppy hair, his pale skin, he wwas wearing a smashing pumpkins T-shirt and black skinnies.

"hi" the boy said.

2hey, im Gerard" I said with a smile.

"frank" he replied. I sat down on the stool and open the text book that was in front of me.

"so what joys are we learning today?" I asked. frank chuckled.

"the rock cycle" he answers.

"great my favourite" I said sarcastically.

"so were you from?" frank asked.

"new York" I replied.

"cool! so how come you moved to new jersey?" frank questioned.

"to be honest I have no idea" I said.

when the bell rang I had the same lesson as frank, art.

"do you wanna sit next to me?" frank asked and I just nodded. we sat down on a tablewith some other kids.

"this is ray" frank said pointing to a kid with the biggest hair he'd ever seen!

"hi" I said.

"hey! welcome to new jersey" ray replied.

"this is bob" he said pointing to the kid next to ray.

"hi" I said. bob put up a hand in response. after about five minutes mikey walked in.

"yo mikes!" I called and mikey walked over.

"this is my brother mikey" I said.

"hey, im frank! and this is ray and bob" frank said, god franks smile was adorable!

"hey! welcome to new jersey!" ray chirped. and again bob put up his hand.

the teacher started talking about the importance of shading, so I sort of zoned out but after about ten minutes we were put into groups to do self portraits. me and frank were put together ad mikey, ray and bob were all together because there was an odd number in the class.

when the bell rang I gave frank his portrait.

"WOW! gee your so talented!" frank said, I could feel my cheeks burning.

"can I keep it?" frank asked, all I could say was,


"hey! Frankie!" someone called out.

"oh hey Brandon!" frank said, Brandon held frank by the waist.

"Gerard this is my boyfriend Brendon urie, Brendon this is Gerard way" he said. gerad felt so jealous! frank was meant to be his ! not this high school jerk popular kid who probably bullies the crap out of people!!!

"hey" he said< I just nodded.

"Gerard! are you coming?" mikey shouted, bob and ray were waiting as well.

Franks P.O.V
wow, Gerard was just...WOW I couldn't stop thinking about him for the rest of the day, actually scrap that the rest of the week! his green eyes, and his long black hair.. FRANK STOP! but he couldn't he had to tell Brendon, it wasn't fair on him.
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