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One Jump Ahead

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ENTER KELLIN! The street rat of our story! He eats to live but steals to eat! But is there more to him than we expect?

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AN This is scene 3! In this scene we will meet Kellin; the street rat who steals to eat and eats to live. Hope you enjoy this!

If you want me to make this fic better…SEND ME MONEY! My bank account details are ******* and the pin is * so yeah! I expect £5,000.1  I will also sell my soul to the person who gives the whole amount! ;D

So on with the show!

Scene 3

2 Hours have passed. Gerard, Mikey and Ray are walking around town. People pass them muttering murderous thoughts. The three guys then enter the coffee shop.

Mr. Latte:
Oh hello boys! (Polishes a cup) Back for more?

Yeah. Frank didn’t show up earlier so we need our coffee now.

Mr. Latte:
He was in here earlier. I gave him the coffees free of charge.

Gerard: (Looks pissed off)
That shrimp! He’s probably off drinking my money!

Mikey & Ray:
‘Our’ money…

Our money. When I get my hands on him- -


Hey fellas! Think you could buy me a nice cup of coffee? (everyone looks at him with a grossed out face)

Mr. Latte:
STREET RAT! Out! Shoo – shoo! (Whips a cloth at Kellin)

Right, jeez, I’m leaving! :’( (leaves with a forever alone face)

Mikey follows Kellin.

You can have this if you want… (holds out a baby unicorn in his hand)

Kellin: (looks weirded out)
No thanks. I gotta concentrate on getting me some real food!

CUE ‘One jump ahead-Aladdin’.

Kellin: (jumps behind an unoccupied apple stall)
Gotta keep
One jump ahead of the breadline
One swing ahead of the sword (A guard throws a machete at him)
I steal only what I can't afford
That’s everything!

Kellin begins to climb on top of a building in order to escape the officer. Some of the stolen apples fall from his pockets. When he reaches the top of the building, he sees the judge is also up there too. He has a giant hammer.

One jump ahead of the lawmen,
That's all, and that's no joke! (Avoids the giant hammer which is swung at him. He jumps onto another rooftop.)
These guys don't appreciate I'm broke!

Street rat!
Take that!

Kellin: (avoids a rock which has been thrown at him)
Just a little snack, guys?

Rip him open, take it back, guys!

Kellin: (jumps off the building and hides behind Mikey who is still holding the baby unicorn.)
I can take a hint,
Gotta face the facts
You're my only hope, Mikey! (Goes digging through Mikey’s pockets for money)

Three girls: (grab Kellin and drag him away. They love his adorable features)
Oh, it's sad Kellin's hit the bottom!
He's become a one-man rise in crime!

Older lady: (snatches Kellin from the girls)
I'd blame parents except he hasn't got 'em!

Kellin: (pulls away before she can hurt him)
Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat
Tell you all about it when I got the time!

He runs away. The older woman tries to follow him but cant due to her high heels.

One jump ahead of the slowpokes (begins to climb another building)
One skip ahead of my doom!
Next time gonna use a nom de plume!
One jump ahead of the hitmen
One hit ahead of the flock (he spots a doughnut stand)
I think I'll take a stroll around the block!

Kellin hangs from the building and skilfully snatches a doughnut in his hand. He then falls off the building. Ouch :o

Doughnut guy:
Stop, thief!

Vandal! Outrage!


Kellin: (backing away from the crazy towns people)
Let's not be too hasty!

Homeless woman: (snatches his arm)
Still I think he's rather tasty!

Kellin: (punches woman before she tries to eat his arm)
Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat
Otherwise we'd get along!


One jump ahead of the hoof beats!


One hop ahead of the hump!

Street rat!

One trick ahead of disaster! (starts running and drops the poor doughnut)


They're quick, but I'm much faster

The butcher catches him and punches him.

Take that!

Kellin bites the butcher and escapes. He begins to climb up onto another building. He really does like climbing up onto roofs, doesn’t he? :L

Here goes, better throw my hand in (about to jump onto another roof but it looks a long way to jump)
Wish me happy landin'
All I gotta do is jump!

He jumps from one building top the other successfully.


Kellin finds an apple in his pocket and starts eating as he jumps building to building whilst laughing triumphantly.

AN I personally hate this scene. It took forever to type let alone write in the first draft -_-‘

Anyway for those of you who do not know who Kellin is, this is what he looks like:

Cute yes but very vain :D but anyway!

I hope you enjoyed the readed! Yes I said readed :D I am in a giddy mood today :L
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