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Personal Story Trade?

by Hozzie 4 reviews

Because I'm ill and I'd rather do this than homework 3:

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Hi guys...

I've had a crap day. I wore horrible shoes on Monday and now even though I'm wearing nice ones, I have REALLY bad blisters that make it really painful to just walk to the bathroom from my room 3: Also, my head hurts, I've got a runny nose and a dry throat. And, I'm procrastinating I suppose.

Anyone fancy doing a one-shot trade? I'll write one for you if you write one for me? If someone could write me a Supernatural fic where I'm Sam and Dean's little sister I'd love you forever but if you can only do MCR then that's fine too :3

So if you wanna trade then please fill in this form for me?
What You Want Your Story About:

Here's my form I guess :L
Name: Hollie Bareham
Nickname: Hozzie, HozDog
Age: 16
Looks: Long black hair, straight but curly towards the bottom. Blue eyes. Pale skin. Long fingernails painted red. Small and skinny.
Likes: Chocolate milk. Supernatural. We Are The In Crowd. Cat Clarke. The Hunger Games. Orphan. Chocolate chip muffins.
Dislikes: Spiders. Lifts. The dark. Discrimination. Being ill.
What You Want Your Story About: I don't mind, like I said I'd really love a Supernatural story but if you can only do MCR I don't mind - If you'd rather write something specific then just ask but I genuinely don't mind ;L

Once we agree to trade I'll start working on yours straightaway, I'm assuming I'll only get 1 or 2 people if that ;L If you could start writing yours straightaway too that'd be great and then we could both post them tonight :3 Also, can we have a rule of 1000 words+. I won't write you a crappy 200 word story, I'll try and make it as long as possible :L


Love Hozzie
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