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Here's your ATL fic - I really hope you like it :)

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[A/N] – Sorry it’s taken me a while to write this D: I’ve never written an ATL fic before and I’m really worried that it’s gonna turn out terrible but I shall try :) Also, I did tweet you but I have no idea what PE Theory is :L So I uh changed it to a different lesson. I haven’t decided yet but yeah :3 Also, I’m not American so a lot of the things in here are English so yeah...

The bell rang loudly throughout the school signalling the end of fourth lesson. Only one more lesson to go until the end of the day. Claire stood up and made her way to the door. She’d just had Science which wasn’t exactly her favourite lesson but luckily she had music last lesson. Well, she liked the lesson itself but the teacher was a bit of an asshole. But that was one of the rare lessons that her and her best friends Chloe, Jed, Aisha and Teja were all in together.
It took her two minutes to walk to her final lesson of the day and she took a seat at the front of the classroom in between Chloe and Jed “Hey Clairebear.” Jed smiled as she sat down “Have fun in Science?”
“Of course not, I was sat next to Joe who is probably the biggest dickhead on the planet.” Claire replied, rolling her eyes “How was art?”
“Amazing as usual.” Jed grinned, running his fingers through his hair before bending down and picking up his school bag. He pulled out a drawing pad and a pencil and started sketching. He didn’t bother with a lot of lessons but art was something he took seriously.
Claire rolled her eyes and smiled before turning to Chloe “Where’s Mr O’Hanlon? He’s normally here yelling at everyone who’s about one minute late.”
“I don’t know. Aisha’s in his form and she said he didn’t turn up this morning so they didn’t have a form tutor.” Chloe shrugged her shoulders “So hopefully we’ll just get a free lesson to talk and mess around.”
“Yes, that would be the best thing ever.” Claire grinned; completely unaware that something even better was going to happen during that lesson.
For the next ten minutes the class messed around because they all believed they wouldn’t have a teacher that lesson then the principal walked into the room and clapped his hands together loudly so the class shut up “I’d just like to tell you all that you do have a supply teacher for this lesson. He’s just phoned and said he’ll be here any minute so if you could keep quiet until then that’d be great. His name is Mr Gaskarth.” And with that, the principal walked out of the room.
Claire grabbed Chloe’s arm “Oh My God, he said that his name’s Mr Gaskarth and he’s going to be teaching us music. What if it’s Alex Gaskarth Chloe? What if it’s Alex Gaskarth?
“Get real Claire, what would Alex do in the middle of a shitty Secondary School?” Chloe replied, rolling her eyes at her best friend.
Two minutes later, someone walked into the room and stood at the front of the class. Three other people followed him in. Claire gasped and grabbed Chloe’s arm again. It was All Time Low.
Alex smiled and waved slightly “Hey, so I’m ‘Mr Gaskarth’ but you can call me Alex, I don’t give a shit. This is Jack, Rian and Zack. So I don’t... I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing or why I was called in but this piece of paper says you should just continue practicing your songs or whatever so get into your groups and then... Go and practice I guess.”
The majority of the class got their instruments and sheet music and went off into practice rooms to pretend they were rehearsing. Claire, Chloe, Jed, Aisha and Teja were the only students left in the room with All Time Low “Uh... So I don’t get it.” Chloe said “Why are you guys teaching us?”
“I have absolutely no idea.” Alex said, sitting on top the front desk and swinging his legs “I just got a phone call saying I had to come in and teach this class music. I couldn’t refuse my calling!” He leaped up and picked up a guitar and started strumming “Shouldn’t you guys be practicing?”
“I’d rather sit in here and talk to you guys.” Claire said, getting up from her seat and then sitting on top of her table. Chloe sat next to her “Wow. I have no idea what to say.”
“I hope you don’t find this awkward, but I think you’re really pretty.” Jack suddenly told her.
Claire blushed but grinned “Thank you.”

Twenty minutes later and Claire and her friends had made pretty good friends with All Time Low. Aisha and Jed were talking to Rian, Chloe was talking to Alex and Teja was talking to Zack. Claire was still talking to Jack. They were exchanging dirty jokes “Okay...” Claire thought about it for a second “What’s a condom and a coffin got in common? They both hold stiffs but one is cumin and the others ones going.”
Jack burst out laughing “Dude, that was a bit inappropriate. In both ways. Oh well.” He grinned and thought about his own joke “How do you make your girlfriend scream while having sex? Call her and tell her.”
Claire laughed so hard she choked on the coke she’d been taking a sip of “Did you have to tell me while I was drinking coke?” She rolled her eyes and thought of her next joke. She grinned “What’s the difference between you and eggs? Eggs get laid and you don’t.”
“Excuse you, have you seen my face?” Jack asked “I totally get laid.”
“I have no trouble believing that.” Claire winked and Jack laughed.
Jack raised his eye-brows and decided to pay her back for her joke “Which sexual position produces the ugliest children? Ask your mother.”
“Says the one who told me I was pretty twenty minutes ago.”
“You are pretty. I just wanted to pay you back for saying I don’t get laid.”
“I’m sure you do get laid.” Claire grinned.
Jack laughed “Alright, it’s your turn. Tell me a joke.”
“I think I’ve ran out. Let me think a minute.” She bit her lip and then said “How do mermaids reproduce? Seaman.”
“That one was crap.” Jack said but he was laughing.
Claire rolled her eyes “I know but I’m running out of decent jokes. You seem to be full of them. It’s like you prepared for this moment all your life or something.”
“I did. I Googled dirty jokes every night to prepare for the day that I met you Claire. And let me tell you, it was worth it to beat you at a dirty joke competition.”
“You haven’t beat me yet. I’ve told one more than you have.”
“It was terrible. It shouldn’t count. But I’ll let it past... Because I think you’re cute.” Jack winked at her and thought of his next joke “Uh... What do a good employee and a lousy lover have in common? They’re always coming early.”
Claire burst out laughing “Dude, you have too many of these jokes. Okay, fine. Can we call it a draw?”
“No! I wanna win!” Jack pouted “Let me tell you one more joke and then we’ll say I win, okay?”
“Okay, fine, if you really wanna win.” Claire sighed, rolling her eyes.
Jack thought about it “Okay... My last one... This has gotta be good... Did you hear about the spread that lost its virginity? It got marmalaid.”
“Okay, that wasn’t good.” Claire told him “That was worse than my mermaid one. A lot worse than my mermaid one.”
“Well, maybe I could tell you a better one sometime.” Jack said, glancing at the clock “We have to leave in a bit, we’ve got places to be. Can I have your number? I’ll give you mine too. I’d like to see you again someday.”
Claire blushed bright red. Surely he meant as friends? But she couldn’t help hoping he meant as something more “Yeah, I’d love to see you again.”
“Great.” He grinned and pulled out his phone so Claire pulled out hers too.
They swapped numbers in time for Alex to yell at Jack that it was time for them to go. Jack put his hand on Claire’s shoulder “Well, I look forward to seeing you again. We could go on... Like a date kind of thing.”
Claire smiled shyly “Yeah, I’d really like that.”
Jack nodded “I’d really like that too. I’ll see you around Claire.”
“See ya.”
As Jack was walking out of the room, Claire yelled “Hey Jack! What’s the difference between being hungry and being hungry? Where you put the cucumber. Ha! Now we’re even!”
Claire’s friends groaned but Jack laughed and yelled back “Okay, but I’ll kick your ass next time!”

[A/N] – I get the feeling that this is crap and not what you wanted, I’m really sorry 3: Fun Fact, I had to Google all of those sex jokes because I didn’t know any of my own :L I really hope you liked it!:)
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