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Your first one-shot:)

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Vikki sat on the window sofa, staring outside from the apartment she shared with her husband. They lived on the top floor of an apartment building and for months she’d been painting and sketching the beautiful view from that window. But now she didn’t seem to have the ability. She lacked the motivation to paint. And that made her lack motivation to do anything.

Her husband Jake stared at her from the other side of the room, his arms folded. He was sick of her acting like this. What was wrong with her? Why couldn’t she just snap out of it? “Vikki?” He asked. Then he asked again louder “Vikki?” Vikki turned her head in the general direction but didn’t quite meet his gaze “Vikki, I’m sick of this. You need to do... I don’t know, something. Get a job or something.”

“I’m an artist. I don’t want another job.” Vikki muttered, turning her head back towards the window.

“For God’s sakes!” Jake yelled “I’m sick of this Vik. Being an artist was a crappy job anyway, you should get a real one. I’m supporting both of us here and it’s not fair. I deserve better than this. Better than you. If you don’t attempt to feel better soon then I’m gonna leave, I’m warning you.” Vikki didn’t re-act. Jake groaned and stormed out of the room.

Vikki sighed and ran her fingers through her black hair that hung down to just below her shoulders. She didn’t want Jake to leave, but she didn’t see why he was so mad about something that she couldn’t help. She sighed one more time before getting to her feet and leaving the apartment. If getting a job would make Jake stay then that’s what she’d have to do.

Two months later she’d been working in a new job for one month. It was in an office and she hated it. Things at home weren’t any better because Jake still didn’t seem happy with her. He kept saying that she wasn’t herself. He said she was more ordinary now and that it made him upset. Well, Vikki was upset that she’d tried so hard to make him happy and apparently she’d failed miserably.

One night, she got on the bus and made it home at about half six. She was sick of working late nights but at least she was earning some money. When she unlocked her front door, she saw Jake putting his things away into a suitcase. He noticed her standing in the doorway and bit his lip, looking like a small child who’d been caught doing something wrong “I was hoping I could leave before you got back.” He told her as if that made any difference.

“... Where are you going?” She asked.

“I didn’t want you to find out this way Vik. I met somebody new. Her name’s Laura and we kind of just clicked straightaway.” He ran his fingers through his thick blonde hair “I’m sorry. I kept meaning to tell you but I never knew how you’d react.”

“How long has this been going on for?” Vikki asked, swallowing back tears.

“Just over a month. The thing is... I’m going to live with her. She’s fun. She makes me feel young again.”

“Oh, well. I’m so happy for you.” Vikki said sarcastically.

“Don’t be like that Vik. Things weren’t working out between us. It’s time we both moved on.”

“Well as far as I can see you’re the only one moving on.” Vikki slammed the door shut behind her and slapped her handbag down on the counter “Alright, get out then. Go to your precious Lauren-“

“It’s Laura.”

“Like I give a shit Jake! Just get out of here!” Vikki yelled.

Jake finished getting his things together quickly and ran out of the apartment. Vikki walked slowly over to the window seat and sat down. She put her head in her knees and started sobbing. How could everything have gone wrong so quickly?

Two months later, Vikki was on her way to another boring day at work. She was sick of working at that crappy office. Every day was essentially the same and she was starting to go insane. As she walked to work, she wasn’t watching where she was going and nearly bumped into the man in front of her “I’m so sorry.” She said, still daydreaming as she went to walk past him.

He grabbed her arm “Vikki? It’s me, Frank!”

Vikki turned and looked at him. It took her a moment to recognise him. Frank Iero was her best friend in High School and she’d had a massive crush on him but never admitted it. They’d always said they’d keep in touch when they went to separate colleges and they did for a couple of months before both of them ended up with too much work and just lost touch. They hadn’t seen each other in ages.

Vikki beamed and threw her arms around her best friend “Frank, I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve missed you too! I love your tattoos by the way. They’re very you.” Frank winked at her and Vikki felt bad because she wasn’t the same anymore since she’d lost her muse. She was so very boring lately “Where are you going? Are you busy? Do you have time to go and get a coffee?”

“I really wish I did but I have to go to work.” Vikki sighed “But can we meet up after work please? I really wanna catch up with you!”

“Of course we can.” Frank grinned “Here’s my number... Give me yours too!”

Vikki took his phone and Frank took hers and they saved their numbers into each other’s phones “Text me as soon as you finish work.” Frank said “I have the perfect idea of what we could do. All I’m gonna say is, book a week off work. Trust me.” He grinned and ran off into the crowd.

Vikki stood looking at her phone for a moment before wondering whether she should actually book a week off work. She shrugged her shoulders and started walking to work. At least it’d be a change.

She stood outside her apartment building the following week with enough clothes to last her for the entire week. She’d been standing there for a while now and was worrying that Frank wasn’t ever going to show up. Vikki pulled her phone out of her pocket, wanting to text Frank asking where he was but she was worried she’d look too clingy and desperate. So she waited it out and eventually Frank pulled up outside her house in a camper van.

“... Are we going on another one of those crazy road trips we went on when we were teenagers?” Vikki asked, raising one eye-brow “Seriously?”

“Of course we are.”

“Thank God, I am looking forward to it!”

Frank laughed as she clambered into the passenger’s seat and they set off. He put on some loud music that they used to listen to when they were teenagers and seemed impressed when Vikki still remembered the words. He rolled down the windows and the two of them sang along loudly to the cheesy songs being played. It was just like when they were teenagers. Vikki could practically feel her troubles melting away from her for the next week.

When they’d been driving for a long time and they were in the middle of nowhere, Frank stopped the van “Okay, I’m exhausted. What do you say we go to sleep and then continue driving tomorrow?”

“Where are we even headed?” Vikki asked as they clambered over the seats to the back of the van. It had only just occurred to her to ask where they were going.

“I have no idea. Wherever the road takes us I suppose. Just like when we were teenagers.” Frank grinned and started changing his clothes. Vikki did the same and when they were both in their pyjamas, they didn’t get into bed, Frank poured them both a cup of hot chocolate from the flask and they sat on their tiny camper beds facing each other “So, what have you been up to?”

That was all it took for Vikki to pour out everything that had happened to her over the last few months. How she’d lost her muse, her ability to create beautiful art, her husband, everything about her life had just fallen apart.

“Hey, it’s okay Vik.” Frank said. He hadn’t said a word as she’d spoken but now she’d begun to cry so he held out his arms and she ran into them “You’re going through a rough patch but it’ll get better, I promise. And as for your husband leaving you, you deserve better than that jerk. He can’t leave you for someone else just because you tried to do the sensible thing. But life isn’t always about doing the sensible thing Vik. Do what makes you happy; try not to worry about the consequences. Life is way too short to give a fuck.”

“Easy for you to say Mr Rockstar.” Vikki laughed. Frank had played her a few songs that he and his band had written.

“Well I didn’t get to be Mr Rockstar by playing it safe. I took a few chances and they were the right ones. You need to do the same thing.”

Vikki sighed and was about to say something when suddenly there was a loud ‘thud’ against the side of the van. Vikki shrieked and so did Frank “Holy shit, what was that?” Vikki cried.

“Probably... Just our imagination?” Frank suggested, perfectly on time for when another loud ‘thud’ appeared.

“Oh My God, we’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s a murderer outside!” Vikki cried, remembering all those horror movies Frank had made her watch when they were younger.

“Oh God, we’re gonna die.” Frank said, hugging Vikki closer “Vikki... If we both die then I want to let you know something... I love you. I always loved you but I was always too afraid to say anything but since these might be our final moments then I thought I should tell you.”

“Frank! You idiot! I fucking love you too; you should’ve worked up the courage long before our final night on earth!” Vikki yelled.

“I’m sorry! But if we make it out of this alive I promise that every day for the rest of our lives that I will tell you how much I love you.”

Vikki smiled at him and was about to say something when they heard an animal-like noise coming from outside. Frank stood up slowly and walked to the back of the van. He pushed the doors open and jumped outside. Vikki squeaked and watched him nervously. Frank started laughing hysterically so Vikki jumped out the van and walked round to the side of the van. Standing outside the van was a large moose who had been headbutting the side of the van. Vikki started laughing just as hard as Frank until they could barely stand up straight anymore. After what felt like forever, Frank shut the back doors to the van and got into the driver’s seat. Vikki got into the passenger’s seat.

“Maybe we should carry on driving for a while.” Frank giggled, starting the engine.

“... Do you still love me?” Vikki teased.

“Oh shut up, you said you loved me too.”

“And I meant it. Did you?”

Frank looked at her “Of course I did. I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Vikki smiled “That’s what I want to.”

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