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[A/N] – I think I’m better at cute and cheesy rather than funny so I hope this goes okay and I hope you like it – Also, I hope you’re okay! You can always add me on Facebook and rant to me if you want :)

“Oh come on, I know you fancy him Vik.” Gerard teased, nudging his best friend “Let me help you out. Honestly, I know what to do.”

“Gerard, you are my best friend and I love you but you’re not exactly a genius when it comes to relationships.” Vikki said, rolling her eyes at him.

But of course Gerard hadn’t let it go that easy “I sit next to him in Maths. I could talk to him, find out what he likes, maybe suggest that-“

“You’re not suggesting anything!” Vikki cried “Please, just leave it Gee. Frank’s never gonna like me back.”

Vikki had had a crush on Frank Iero for a pretty long time but had only admitted it to her best friend a day ago. Already, she’d regretted it because Gerard seemed determined to get the two of them together.

“I won’t say anything bad, I promise. And what makes you think he wouldn’t like you back? You’re goddamn beautiful!”

“... Tom didn’t like me back.”

“Are you for real?” Gerard asked, grabbing her shoulders “Just because one guy was a jerk doesn’t mean they’re all jerks!”

Vikki had been good friends with a guy called Tom for a few months until Vikki had reluctantly admitted that she had feelings for him. Tom had freaked out, yelled that he didn’t feel the same way and that she’d ruined their friendship. She’d tried to apologise but now Tom avoided her. She still felt bad about it.

“You don’t understand how it felt though.” Vikki whispered “It was horrible. He acted like... I don’t know.”

“He acted like a dick.” Gerard told her firmly “I’m telling you now, Frank is lucky that you have a crush on him. Tom was lucky too but he didn’t realise it because he’s an arsehole. Now stop getting your knickers in a twist. I won’t mention you in maths at all, I’ll just ask him some stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?” Vikki asked, narrowing her eyes at him suspiciously.

“You’ll find out once I’ve talked to him.”

“Gerard...” Vikki was about to beg him to just leave it when the bell rang loudly signalling the end of lunch.

“Guess who has maths now?” Gerard laughed, jumping to his feet and running away.

“Gerard!” Vikki yelled but she knew it was useless. She was screwed.

At the end of the day Vikki waited for Gerard just outside the school gates so they could walk back to his house together to do homework. She saw him walking towards her... With Frank walking alongside him. Vikki’s eyes widened and she had to resist the urge to delve into her schoolbag and pull out a mirror or hairbrush. What was she going to say to him? How could Gerard do this to her?

“Hi Vikki.” Gerard smiled “I told Frank you were having trouble with your Maths homework and I wouldn’t be able to help you so I invited him back to mine. I hope you don’t mind.” He winked at her.

Vikki understood what he was trying to do but she was still annoyed. She was perfect at Maths and even though she knew that was just a lie to get Frank to talk to her, she still hated it. Why did Gerard have to do this to her?

“That’s fine.” She eventually muttered when she realised that she still hadn’t replied after nearly a full two minutes.

Frank smiled at her “Great. I’ll see if I can help you out.” Vikki blushed bright red.

The three of them started walking home, Vikki walking a couple of paces behind the two boys who were talking about some band that the two of them liked. Vikki liked that band too but she couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say. She was too busy thinking about what she’d say when they got back to Gerard’s house. Once they’d finished their homework they played video games for a while. Vikki would have to say something eventually but nothing interesting was coming into her head. How could Gerard have thrown her into this situation?

They made it back to Gerard’s house just as his little brother Mikey arrived “Hi Mikey.” Gerard smiled “This is mine and Vikki’s friend Frank.”

“Hi Frank.” Mikey smiled and started chatting to Frank as if they’d been friends for years.

Vikki’s eyes widened. How come Mikey and Gerard could talk to him so easily but she had trouble saying the simplest of sentences? It was starting to frustrate her.

They went inside and Mikey ran off upstairs to do his homework on his computer while Gerard, Frank and Vikki went downstairs into Gerard’s room to do theirs by hand. Gerard’s parents were never home until late so they had the house to themselves for a while and Vikki normally left at around seven. What was she supposed to talk about until seven?

“So, do you have any Maths homework or is there something you want me to show you that you don’t quite understand?” Frank asked her.

Vikki blinked at him for a second before managing to say “I uh yeah, have homework, yeah.”

“Great, if you get it out then I’ll show you how to do it.” Frank smiled at her and Vikki nearly melted on the spot. Over Frank’s shoulder, Vikki could see Gerard grinning at her and giving her thumbs up but Vikki ignored him as she searched through her bag for her Maths homework. She got it out and looked at Frank who started talking her through it automatically. For once in her life, she was hopeless at Maths and couldn’t even get the simplest answers.

They went on for half-an-hour until eventually Vikki said “It’s okay, I think I’ve got it now.” Frank looked doubtful so Vikki continued quickly “So uh do you wanna like play video games or um something?” She cursed loudly in her head at how vacant she sounded but she couldn’t help it.

“Yeah, sure, let’s go upstairs.” Gerard grinned “You guys go into the living room, I’ll go and get Mikey.”

‘No, don’t leave me alone with him!’ Vikki yelled in her head but Gerard was already gone and Frank was looking at her expectedly because he had no idea where the living room was “So um, what’s your favourite video game?” Vikki managed to ask without sounding like too much of an idiot as she walked up the stairs.

They managed to have a pretty decent conversation about video games until Gerard and Mikey came downstairs “You two put the first game on.” Gerard told Mikey and Frank “Me and Vikki will get some coffee.”

The two of them walked into the kitchen and Gerard grabbed her arm “Okay, this is your time to shine! You need to seduce him!”

“You are so cringey.” Vikki laughed, shoving him off “I am not going to ‘seduce’ him you weirdo. Shut up and make your coffee.”

“Oh come on, you could flirt with him a little. I think he likes you!”

“No he doesn’t and he never will. Get over it Gerard.”

“No, I will not ‘get over it’ Vikki. Go in them and show him how hot and sexy you are. Look, you could undo these buttons on your shirt. Come here.” Before Vikki knew what was happening Gerard had pulled off her school tie and unbuttoned the two top buttons of her shirt. Then he pulled her blazer off and rolled her sleeves up to her elbows “Now, pull your skirt up two centimetres.”

“No. If it gets all bunched all up I’ll look ridiculous instead of sexy.”

“Come on, I’ll tell you if it gets bunched up.” Gerard said, grinning at her. Vikki groaned and rolled her eyes but hitched the skirt up a little “Further.” Vikki hitched it up again “Further...” Again “Okay, too far, I can see a bit of your underwear. Actually, that might be good...” Vikki whacked him and pulled the skirt down a little “Perfect. Now then, take this coffee into the living room and show Frank how hot and sexy you are!”

Vikki was about to whack him again but he put a mug of coffee in each of her hands, one for her and one for Frank so she didn’t get a chance to. She walked carefully into the living room and over to Frank. He made eye contact with her, smiled and said “Wow, you look amazing.”

She smiled back, her stomach flipping over and then she accidentally tipped coffee onto his trousers “Oh God, I’m so sorry.” She cried, trying to put the cups down but accidentally spilt more on him “Oh God, I’m such an idiot. Here, let me clean it up.” Vikki started scrubbing at his trousers and then realised that her hand was way too close to his crotch and she squeaked, pulling it away “I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it...” Frank looked up. Vikki was still bent in front of him “Uhh Vikki... I can see down your shirt. Nice bra.”

“Oh God!” Vikki leaped back up, doing the top buttons of her shirt up again. Tears filled her eyes. She was so humiliated “I’m gonna go home... I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She ran out of the house and didn’t stop running until she was back in her bedroom. She threw herself on her bed and burst into tears. Why did she always have to ruin everything?

Later that night, her Mom yelled at her from downstairs that there was someone at the door for her. Vikki expected Gerard to be at the door so she was all ready to yell at him for being such an idiot but when she got downstairs it was Frank. She bit her lip “Oh, hey Frank.”

“Hi Vikki.” He smiled “Can I come in?”

“I don’t know.” Vikki whispered “I just... I feel awkward about what happened earlier. Can we just forget about it?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk about.” Frank said “Gerard spoke to me when you left. You’ll probably hate him for a second but he told me that you fancy me.”

Vikki flushed bright red “That asshole. Why can’t he stay out of it?”

“But I just wanted to tell you... I like you too Vikki.” He smiled at her again “I think you’re really cute especially when you get all flustered and embarrassed. But you don’t need to be embarrassed around me. I really like you the way you are. So... Will you be my girlfriend?”

Vikki stood there for a second before grinning and saying “Of course I will.”

Frank took her hand and then kissed her on the cheek “Brilliant. By the way... I really did love your bra.” Vikki laughed and whacked him on the shoulder. She was so glad things had worked out.

[A/N] – I really hope you liked it! :)
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