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This is why militaries have rules about fraternization.

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Title: Maintenance
Genre: Fluff
Wordcount: 423
Timeline: Sometime after GS phase 40ish
Summary: This is why militaries have rules about fraternization.


"Still working?"

Leaning in through the door of the captain's office, Mwu watched Murrue look up from a stack of papers and offer him a brief, rueful smile. "It seems like there's always one more thing," she said. "I'll call it a night after I finish going over this report. You might as well go on."

Ignoring her last comment, he stepped through the open doorway, nudging the controls to slide the door closed behind him before wandering across the office and around her desk. "What is that?" he asked, leaning to look at the report over her shoulder, and resting a hand absently against the curve where her shoulder met her neck.

"Another report from Orb intelligence," she told him. "Kisaka suggested I have a look at it."

"Oh." He spent a few seconds skimming the printout, fingers kneading at the tension beneath his hand. "Anything very bad?"

A breath left her in an audible sigh. "No worse than we knew already."

She didn't say 'which was bad enough,' but the weight in her voice and the strain in her posture said it for her. "Well," Mwu said lightly, settling his free hand on her other shoulder, "that's something, anyway."

"Mm," she said, focusing on the report again with an effort while Mwu occupied himself with massaging her shoulders.

Or tried to focus, anyway. "That's distracting," she observed after a short interval.

"It had better be," he replied cheerfully, "or I'm not doing it right."

With a sighing laugh, she went back to reading... but her head kept trying to drop. When a knot of tension released beneath his hands, the breath caught in her throat. "I can't concentrate while you're doing that."

"So take a break." He let a beat pass before adding helpfully, "I think you read that page twice."

Murrue made an exasperated noise, but she let the pages fall, slumping gradually forward to fold her arms on the desktop. "This is why militaries have rules about fraternization," she said.

Mwu took advantage of the extra space to begin working his way down her back. "Should I report to my commanding officer later for discipline?" he wondered. "That could be fun."

"Mwu," she protested, but she was laughing as she said it.

"See," he said, as she let her head come to rest on her folded arms, "isn't that better?" He worked his fingers into the taut muscles of her lower back until she moaned softly.

Because she couldn't see it, Mwu grinned to himself triumphantly. Victorious as always.
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