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carry on. sorry this one is a tad short.

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Kate's face flushed and she would have sworn at that very moment that her heart had stopped. The tears that were threatening to fall finally gave way as "Lets Get it On" began playing again from her phone. Stumph Cell the caller ID once again read. She flipped her phone open and before she shut it she could hear Patrick on the other line "Kate baby, let me explain." She shut off her phone and threw it across the room.
Kate and Patrick had been inseparable from the day that Joe brought him strolling into the Wentz garage to try out for the band that he and Pete concocted. That was three years ago when they were both eighteen, and Fall Out Boy was just a no name garage band. Lots have changed since then, they were no longer eighteen, they were twenty one, and Fall Out Boy was growing an insane fan base that ranged from scenester teens to rock guys and even middle-aged moms. Kate and Patrick though, their relationship never faltered, that is, until now.

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