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carry on.

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Kate quickly stood, it was like a rocket fired inside her and she snapped. She threw open her closest doors, dodging the falling debris. She quickly changed out of her pajamas, wiped her tears, grabbed her keys and ran outside. She sped and reached the venue in fifteen minutes. It would have taken her less but the rain that was now falling had slowed her down. Her tires squealed against the wet pavement as she pulled into the now vacant parking lot. She stopped hard not even bothering to actually pull into a spot. The sound of the car door slamming echoed off the concrete walls of the venue and she steadily walked to the back entrance ignoring the falling rain. Joe and Andy were loading equipment into the vans.
"Hey Katie-Kat" Andy said cheerfully only to receive no reply.
Joe and Andy exchanged confused glances as Kate proceeded into the venue through the back door. She followed the winding hallways knowing exactly were she was going. She entered the door that had "Fall Out Boy" taped to it only to find her brother packing up his bass.
"Where is he?" Kate stated coldly, yet calm.
Pete looked up at her smiling, but his expression soon changed to that of concern when he saw his sister standing there soaking wet, faced flushed from crying.
"Kate, what's the matter baby girl?"
She ignored the question and asked again this time a little louder.
"Where is he?"
"Who?" Pete was immediately confused "Patrick? I don't know. What's going on?"
As if on cue Dirty walked through the door a sandwich of some sort in hand.
"Patrick left awhile ago with some chick, but he's out back now with Andy and Joe, he
kept whining about ugh You actually Kate, it was annoying so I came in here." Dirty stated mouth full.
Kate half smiled a 'thanks' and walked out the door Pete at her heals. Dirty was right, outside was a now very wet Joe and Andy still loading the van and Patrick, leaning, hat pulled down over his face, against a light pole.
"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Kate yelled over the pouring rain. The sudden yelling scared Joe, who in tern dropped his side of the amp he was helping Andy carry.
"JOE!" Andy screamed, causing Joe to turn around and yell "Kate, what the fuck?"
She ignored him and turned back to Patrick who hadn't moved.
"GOD DAMN, LOOK AT ME!" Patrick slowly lifted his head to meet her gaze but stayed silent.
"Uhm, ha ha, sorry to intrude on your little party and everything, but what the hell is
going on?" Pete cut in.
Kate shrugged past Pete and got in Patrick's face, she could fell his breath on her cheek. "Why?" she questioned him harshly but got no response. She asked again, "Why? Why did you cheat on me?"
It was Andy's turn to drop his side of the amp and Joe let it fall. All three boys stood there in complete and utter shock.
"I don't know." Patrick mumbled out in a small voice.
"That's not an answer Patrick." Kate squeaked now crying but there was no difference
between her tears and the rain.
"I'm sorry, I don't know what you want me to say." Patrick responded in the same
small voice.
"That's just great Patrick, abso-fucking-lutly great." Kate said as she threw her arms
into air frustrated.
"What do you want me to say?" Patrick said now raising his voice, "Do you want me to
tell you that I don't love you, FINE!" he lied.
"LIAR!" She screamed through her tears.
"I DON'T FUCKING LOVE YOU, I NEVER HAVE." He yelled back at her, immediately regretting that
That was a gesture that Kate responded to by balling her fist and hitting him in the nose as hard as she possibly could. Patrick slid down the light post not even bothering to cover up his now severely bleeding nose and cheek, he knew he had deserved that. Joe and Pete were frozen with shock, and Andy rushed to his side. Kate backed away clutching the fist she had used to punch Patrick. Pete, now out of his gaze, noticed her pain stricken face and ran over to her, Joe stayed in place looking from Kate to Patrick and then back to Kate. He opened his mouth to say something and quickly shut it, he did this a few times before coming to the brilliant question of "Wait, what?"
"Shit," Andy started off ignoring Joe, "I think his nose is broken, and that cut needs
stitches." He inspected the cut made by Kate's ring.
"Yeah man," Pete responded over his shoulder to Andy, "Her hand, I don't even know. It
doesn't look good."
Joe, tired of his question being ignored, chimed in "Dude, you cheated on Kate? IDIOT!"
"SHUT UP JOE!" Pete and Andy said in unison.
Andy was right, Kate had broken Patrick's nose and gave him a cut on his cheek that required 3 stitches. In return Kate had broken four knuckles on her right hand, an injury which required a cast, she opted for a black cast giving the excuse that it "matches with everything and doesn't get dirty."
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