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la la la.

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Patrick was miserable, it was apparent to everyone, except Kate. The guys had to take a week off because of Patrick's injuries, not that he couldn't play but they didn't want the fans and such to question things. When asked about his actions Patrick replied that "Kate needs someone better than me, someone that's going to treat her right."
"Dude, you're retarded." Pete shot him a look, "So basically your telling me that my
sister is too good for you and that's why you decided to cheat on her with Chelsea,
because it was easier for you to get her to break it off that way?"
Patrick nodded. Pete continued,
"And that's why you feel the need to stay with Chelsea so she stays mad at you?"
"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard" Joe said with a mouth full of food.
Just then Andy walked in to the room and quietly whispered something into Pete's ear. Pete nodded in response and followed him out the door.
"What? I wanna know." Joe said from where he was sitting, food falling out of his
mouth. He got up and followed the two out, leaving Patrick on the couch by himself.
A few minutes later Pete came back into the room,
"C'mon, we're all going out, I think your face has healed enough for you to be in public."
Patrick's nose wasn't swollen anymore, he had the remainder of two shiners and his stitches, had been taken out the day before, leaving only a small cut. Patrick groaned a response.
"Where are we going?" He whined.
"To a rock show."
"Who's playing?" Patrick questioned again.
"Uhm, Tears in the Sahara, Select Start, and someone else, I forgot." Pete lied.
"Fine let me call Chelsea."
They both herd a squeak from the kitchen and Joe attempting to whisper to Andy
"That's not a good idea" Andy responded by smacking Joe on the back of the head.
"That's why we don't tell you things dumb ass."
Patrick fortunately didn't hear what Joe "whispered," he was on the phone.
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