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Oneshot for Hozzie's personalized story trade

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My attempt at a Supernatural oneshot. I've never seen it and I tried my best

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Okay, like I said, I've never seen Supernatural but I tried my best and I hope you like it :)

Vikki xoxo

Sam and Dean had heard she existed, they knew their father had another child that they'd never met. They never tried to find her, their lives were far too dangerous, they just presumed she wouldn't even know about them.

Never in their wildest dreams had the men ever expected to meet her, they certainly never expected that they'd save her life.

Dean looked over at his brother with a mouthful of food, noticing the concerned look in his eyes. He swallowed roughly and nudged his brothers shoulder, causing him to look up "What's up with you?"

"I dunno Dean, I just feel like...something's wrong y'know?" Dean quirked an eyebrow at Sam before taking another bite from his burger, dropping crumbs onto his brothers sleeve

"You sure its not something you ate?" Dean said between chewing, his brother looking disgusted

"Gimme the keys Dean..."

"What? No way man, I'm driving...besides, where we going?"

"Dude..." Sam reached over and grabbed the keys from the ignition before stepping from the car and leaning to speak to his brother "Move, I'm driving..."

Sam drove with purpose, he had no idea where he was headed but knew he had to get there. He never had a feeling like this before, it was terrifying him but he couldn't stop. Not even when Dean begged him too, something was telling him to keep going.

Suddenly Sam slammed on the breaks, the car screeching to a halt making Dean lurch forward and smack his head on the dashboard "Dude! What the hell are you doing?!"

"I don't know..." Sam said turning to his brother who was rubbing a red mark on his forehead "Something was telling me to come here..."

Dean turned and followed his brothers gaze out of the passengers side window, his eyes landing on a warehouse with a dull light flickering though its shattered windows. He quickly opened his door and jumped out as his brother began walking toward it, he hadn't even heard the door shut.

"Sam...wait up!" He began jogging toward the younger man, stopping in his tracks as he heard an undeniable scream. The two brothers turned to each other, sharing a look of concern for a moment, before running to the metal doors of the building and bursting inside. A fire flickered in the middle of the floor in the seemingly deserted warehouse, Dean turned to his brother and opened his mouth to speak when a voice crying out stopped his own from coming out

"Stay the fuck away from me!"

Simultaneously the brothers spun to the source of the sound and saw a girl, no older than sixteen, swinging a piece of wood at something before suddenly being thrown across the floor and landing hard at their feet "Aah shit..."

The girl groaned as Sam quickly crouched to help her to her feet, Dean running forward as a man emerged from the shadows. Immediately Dean knew the man had been possessed, he'd seen it plenty of times before. Sam pulled the girl up and away from the man before running to help his brother, picking up a metal bar from the floor as he ran and shouting "Get out of here!" To the girl. Dean wrestled with the possesed man, trying to get his fingers from around his throat. Kicking and clawing but unable to free himself.

Sam raised the bar above his head but was stopped in bringing it down as fingers wrapped around his own throat and he was lifted from the ground, the demon turned with both brothers in his grasp kicking for freedom. Dean's eyes widened and he shook his head as he saw the young girl approaching them slowly with the metal bar Sam had dropped tightly in her grasp, the demon noticed him shaking his head frantically and turned his face, only to have the bar slammed into it, and relinquishing his grip on the brothers. They scrambled to their feet and grabbed the girls arm, running toward the exit "I told you to get out of here!"

"I would but the door won't open idiot! What the hell is wrong with that gut?!"

"He's possessed..." Dean said as he looked around for another exit "...taken over by a demon"

"I know what possessed means douchebag! My dad hunted demons before he died...I just never saw it myself before..." Dean was dumbstruck for a minute but was pulled sharply from it by his brother calling to him to get up the stairs.

Their feet clunked heavily on the steel steps as they tried to space themselves from the possessed man, hoping to have a minute to think. Neither had anything on them to fight the demon within the vessel but didn't really like the alternative either. They stopped at the top of the stairs and took a breath, the girl flipping crates to find something to defend themselves with "Who are you guys anyway?"

"I'm Sam, this is Dean...and you are?"

"Hollie, I'd tell you about myself but theres a possessed dude coming up the stairs and we got nothing but our fists to fight with..."

A sudden sound of footsteps on the stairs confirmed what she was saying and Dean quickly picked up a crate, throwing it at the man as he reached the top of the stairs. He barely reacted, merely letting out a dark laugh and throwing Dean back, making him knock down his younger brother. Hollie backed off as the demon started toward her, forcing her back into the railing. She looked down and realised the drop would kill her before looking back at the man grinning darkly at her, she knew that whoever he was, was still inside him somewhere but it was either him or her

"I'm sorry..." she put her hands out in front of her and ran forward, forcing the man back and shoving him from the window. He shrieked deafeningly as he fell followed by a loud crack then silence "Fuck!" She shouted as guilt overcame her, she didn't even know who the guy was.

The brothers got to their feet and guided Hollie down the stairs "Come on..." Sam said with a soft smile "We'll take you home"

"Home? I AM home! What do you think I was doing here in the first place?" Dean looked at Sam sadly before turning back to the girl

"Well you ain't staying here anymore..."

Once out of the warehouse and into the car Hollie snuggled down in the back seat, appreciating the warmth. For a while they drove in silence until Dean pulled over in front of a 24 hour store "I'm hungry, you guys want anything?"

Sam shook his head and turned toward Hollie who sat up and leaned forward between the seats "Chocolate milk and a bag of chips..."

"The healthy choice, nice..." Dean chuckled softly as he stepped from the car and made his way inside. Sam chewed his lip for a moment contemplating what to say to the girl, he knew who she was, even if it seemed Dean didn't "Hollie..."

"Call me Hozzie...or Hozdog, I'm cool with either really..."

"Uh okay...Hozzie? How old are you?" Sam observed the girl, the light of the store glinting in her blue eyes. She was small and pretty thin, her hair long and dark but she didn't look like either him or his brother.

"16, now cut the bullshit Sam. Who are you guys?"

"That depends..." Sam replied with a smile, running his hand through his own dark hair "...on your last name and who your father is?"

"My dads name was John and my last name is Winchester"

"What?!" Dean said, caising the others to jump. They hadn't even seen him coming, let alone get into the car "That would make our..."

"Sister? Yeah, I figured it was you guys when I saw you. Dad gave me this..." She pulled a folded picture from her pocket of the boys and their father "...I just wanted to see if you knew who I was too"

For a while they just sat there, only the sound of Hozzie eating her chips breaking the silence. Sam turned and looked to his brother "So what do we do? I don't wanna leave her Dean"

"Hey, I'm not really bothered either way y'know. I've been on my own for quite a while now..." Dean spun around and narrowed his eyes at her

"How long?"

"Two years..." Dean turned back to his brother, who was pleading him with his eyes

"You ain't alone anymore, I guess we're a threesome now Sammy..." Hozzie burst out laughing and looked at Dean's confused face

"Threesome? Eww..." The older turned the key in the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot, speeding down the empty street


"Yeah?" She said wiping the tears of laughter from her face

"Shut up"


Sorry if its not exactly what you had on mind :/
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