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Part 2

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I hope you enjoy this and I'm really sorry if it isn't exactly what you had in mind. After writing these oneshots I think I'm gonna start watching supernatural and also I looked up Crowley and Castiel and...OH MY GOD HOW HOT IS CASTIEL?! DAAYUUM! Anyway, I hope this is okay xoxo

Sam and Dean had grown to like the fact that it was no longer the two of them, Hozzie being a fantastic tribute to the same old conversations and bringing a new perspective on everything...Not to mention settling their usual arguments. They had discovered though, that the girl they had met in the warehouse was entirely different to the one they'd gotten to know. That night she'd been brash and sassy when in reality she was shy and quiet, the boys figuring that she'd probably been pissed off and a little sad that night, after all she had been attacked by a possessed man and met the brothers that she never thought she would.

Things had been a little quiet lately, it was unsettling to them both. Something was telling them that something big was about to go down, if only they knew what. Sam turned around and found Hozzie snoozing in the back seat, her chest rising and falling in her quiet slumber and frowned a little as he turned back to his brother

"Hey Dean?"


"Something doesn't feel right, things are a little too..."

"Quiet? Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing" Dean pulled over and rubbed his eyes before turning back to his brother "I gotta take a leak..."

"Yeah, me too..." The two men both looked back to the sleeping girl curled up on the back seat, then stepped from the car, making their way over to the trees lining the side of the road to relieve themselves.

They walked a little way into the trees, as not to be seen from the road, and made their seperate ways to give themselves some privacy. Dean closed his eyes and allowed his head to fall back as he enjoyed the relief of finally getting to pee, tucking himself away when he was done and calling out his brothers name as he zipped himself up. As he turned he shouted out and jumped back "Jesus Cas! Haven't we talked about personal space?!"

"Sorry..." Castiel muttered and stepped back, turning his head as Sam ran toward himself and Dean "...I had to speak to you..."

"Couldn't it have waited until after I'd...y'know?" Dean made a hand gesture toward his crotch and looked at Cas questioningly. Cas looked down to Deans crotch and tilted his head to the side a little, looking back up into Dean's eyes and shaking his head

"Crowley wants the Angel Tablet..."

"Well he can't have it" Sam said, Dean giving him a 'no shit Sherlock' look before turning back to the Angel.

"He's trying to make a deal with you...the Angel Tablet for your sister...He's taken Hollie"

Sam immediatly set off running back to the car, Dean and Cas hot on his heels, and threw open the car door. She was gone, Crowley had taken her and they had no idea where

"No...NO! Where the hell has he taken her Cas?! Where is she?!" Anger overwhelmed his sadness as he thought of the girl they'd met only two months before, she was their baby sister and they were supposed to protect her and they'd failed, allowing Crowley to get his hands on her and use her as part of his sick plan

"They've gone to Bobby's old junkyard..." Dean stomped around to the other side of the car and said "Get in.." before slipping inside and starting the engine, the wheels screeching and the rubber burning as he spun the car around and slammed his foot on the gas.


"Let me go!" Hozzie thrashed around in an attempt to free herself from her binds, she looked up at the man standing before her and shivered a little as fear crept down her spine like an icy claw "Who...Who are you?"

"I am the king of hell my dear, The name is Crowley"

Hozzie's head spun as she tried to make sense of what had happened. They'd been driving for a few hours, Sam and Dean had been arguing about something stupid so she'd decided to surrender to the tiredness threatening to take over her and closed her eyes in the backseat. She remembered the hum of the engine acting as a sort of strange lullaby then nothing, not until she'd been jolted awake by someone dragging her from the car and seeing Cas, the angel her brothers had introduced her too, arguing and trying to get past a man to reach her. After that things were a blank too. She wanted to cry out for Dean and Sam but realized it was stupid, she didn't even know where they were and she was certain they didn't know where she was.

Crowley watched her, a smirk creeping across his face, as she allowed tears to slip from her eyes and stopped thrashing around. It amused him how easily she'd given up but at the same time he didn't want her to lose hope just yet, that would take some of the fun out of his little game and he definitely didn't want that "Don't cry, you won't be here long. Those brothers of yours are on their way. As soon as they give me what I want, I'll set you free..."

Hozzie stopped crying and put on a brave face, she believed Sam and Dean were coming for her but for him to set her free? She very much doubted that. screeching of tires made Hozzie look up and smile, her only hope of getting out of there had finally arrived.

Sam and Dean jumped from the car and ran toward Hozzie, Castiel following behind, and stopped as Crowley stood in front of her "Hello boys..."

"What the hell do you want from us Crowley? Let her go..." Sam said through gritted teeth as he tried to step around him, only to be pushed back with a flick of his hand.

"Ah, ah, ah Sam, I'll let her go as soon as you give me what I want. The angel tablet, hand it over..."

"We don't have it with us Crowley, you really think that's something we just carry around with us? Are you really that stupid?" Dean laughed, he knew they'd have to lure him away from here and make a plan to try to get Hozzie back without having to hand over the tablet.

"Oh, I can't hand her over yet. Are you crazy? She's my collateral, when I get the tablet, you get your sister back. A fair trade I think..." Crowley smirked as the brothers twisted their faces in anger and frustration, desperately trying to think of a plan to save their siter. Cas stepped in front of the brothers and caught eye contact with Hozzie, making her feel a little more relaxed as he smiled at her.

"Okay fine, we get it. This is what we're going to do..."


Sam and Dean sat in silence as Castiel talked them through what they were going to do when they reached their destination. They were going to trick Crowley into thinking they were going to make the trade, they couldn't risk the Angel Tablet falling into his hands, it was far too dangerous.

They pulled up outside of a disused house and ran inside to set to work. Sam and Dean pulled back the carpet in the front room, making enough space for Castiel to paint a large Devil's trap on the bare floor, and as the boys pulled the carpet back and secured it in place Castiel drew one on the ceiling.

They waited for what felt like forever for Crowley to show up with Hozzie, Sam leaning against the window tapping his foot impatiently on the carpet and Dean walking backward and forward across the room. They were just about to give up all hope when Crowley sauntered in, pushing Hozzie along ans smirking "Well, well...the Hardy Boys are already here..."

Cas stood back holding the angel tablet in his hands as the two brothers stepped forward. Crowley stopped walking and smiled ...And you have my tablet, I am pleased"

"Yes, we brought the damn tablet so just let Hozzie go now please.."

"Wait? Did I just hear you beg? Now I can't say no to that can I?" Crowley shoved Hozzie forward and she fell hard on her knees, Sam and Dean running forward and pulling her to her feet and across the room where they set to work on her binds, Crowley watched them for a moment before looking at the angel and smirking "Castiel..." he put his hands out and smirked "..The tablet if you please"

"No.." Castiel tightened his grip and stepped back as the three siblings watched from across the room "...I won't let you have this"

"Castiel, a deal is a deal..."

"No..." Crowley groaned in frustration and moved forward, trapping himself in the Devil's trap. He yelled out in anger and set a glare upon the brothers and Castiel who had begun making their way over to the door with Hozzie and the tablet

"You tricked me..."

Dean smirked and looked into his fury filled eyes "Like I said earlier, are you really that stupid?"

Quickly they all ran outside and piled into the car, Castiel quickly locking the tablet in the trunk of the car where Sam had carved a Devils trap into the paintwork, and drove off into the night. Hozzie curled up into Sam's side and after a while sleep took over her again, Sam looked down at her and leaned down to place a kiss in her hair. He knew now she'd never be safe alone and he intended tro keep her safe no matter what.

Yeah, I really hope this was okay

Vikki xoxo
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