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Happy Birthday Hozzie!

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This is for you :D

The siblings felt great.

They'd checked into a motel and showered, feeling more refreshed than they had in weeks. Sam and Dean sat together at the small table in the room, Hozzie flicking through the T.V channels as she lay on the bed. It felt good to relax, especially for Hozzie who had been through so much more than she ever expected she would in her whole life. There was something on the girls mind though, and her brothers had noticed.

"Hey..." Dean said looking over at the girl still changing the channels absentmindedly "You okay Hoz?"

"Just peachy Dean thanks..."

"Come on Hoz, whats up? You're so quiet...well, quieter than usual y'know?"

"DEAN! I'm fine okay?! Just drop it okay?" Hozzie threw the remote onto the bottom of the bed and crawled under the covers, turning back to say quietly "I'm sorry, I'm just gonna go to sleep" before pulling the covers over her head. Eventually falling asleep about a half hour later.

Dean had wanted to pursue the subject but a swift kick and a silent shake of the head from Sam had made him keep quiet, sulking a little and throwing down a beer. He was concerned about her. he wasn't trying to be an asshole. When they realized she was sleeping Sam decided to give his brother his theory on what was going on

"Dean, I think I know whats wrong with her..." he whispered, looking at the sleeping girl momentarily then back to his brother "She's a girl..."

"No shit Sherlock, that doesn't mean she's pissed about it though, does it?"

"That's not what I meant dude! She has...umm...ladies problems? Y'know?" Sam raised his eyebrows at his brother as he waited for the penny to drop. Dean just stared back at him for a moment before his eyes widened and a look of horror spread across his face

"Eww dude! Okay, I'll drop it. I don't even want to know.."

"That isn't the problem..."

The boys jumped and turned quickly, their hearts going a mile a minute to see Castiel standing by the bed looking down at the sleeping Hozzie, then raising his gaze to the brothers shocked faces. Dean stood and glared at him, he hated being caught off guard

"Damn it Cas!" He hissed as he approached the angel "Stop doing that!..."

"Shut up Dean, what do you mean that's not the problem?"

"How old is she?" the angel asked as he wandered across the room and picked up Dean's bottle from the table, peering inside before setting it back down and looking at the brothers

"She's sixteen, what's your point?" Dean asked defensively

"When is her birthday?"

"It's...Tell him when her birthday is Sam!"

"It's...I...I dunno..." Cas smiled a little as the brothers looked at each other confused, she'd never told them and they'd never thought to ask

"It's tomorrow..."

The brothers looked at each other open mouthed, then back to the angel standing before them and finally over to the girl sleeping soundly on the bed. Dean was the first to speak, breaking the heavy silence of their guilt that hung thick in the air

"Well, I feel like an asshole..."

" too..."

"We didn't even ask her when it was! And we didn't get her a gift...." Deans eyes widened dramatically as guilt shot through his features "That's it Sam! She would be expecting a gift!...What are seventeen year old girls into anyway?"

"I know what she wants..." Castiel approached the brothers, giving them a look of sympathy "She wants a normal birthday..."

"What do you mean 'normal'?" Sam questioned, crumpling his eyebrows confused

"She hasn't had a real birthday in her whole life, she spent the last two of them living in that warehouse. She wants to feel normal for one day..."

"How do you know that Cas?" Dean asked quirking an eyebrow, walking over to the table and taking a swig from his beer

"She told me..." Dean swallowed his drink roughly as he fixed his gaze on the angel, he and Hozzie had talked a whole lot since they met. They'd sit together for hours as if they were best friends in high school sharing their secrets. He just wished Hozzie had told them too.

"Well, that's what we're gonna do then we're gonna give her a normal birthday. We'll let her do what every other teenage girl wants to do and take a day off..."

"What did you have in mind Dean?" Sam asked suspiciously

"Sammy, where going to the mall..."


The next morning Hozzie to the sound of her brothers whispering her name, she opened her eyes a little and tried to focus them. Finding her brothers faces staring down at her smiling she groaned, pulling the quilt over her head and telling them to go away. Suddenly the blanket was ripped away from her and she was being pulled from the bed "Come on Hoz...Go take a shower, we got things to do today..." Sam said cheerily, pushing her toward the bathroom and shutting her inside.

After her shower she pulled on her clothes and wandered out of the bathroom, picking up the hairdryer and casting a suspicious gaze at her brothers who were sat at the table whispering to each other, shooting her quick glances as they spoke. For about 10 minutes she attempted to listen to the brothers talking, only to discover the sound had been drown out by the noise of the hairdryer and resigning herself to not knowing what was going on.

As soon as she'd managed to pull on her shoes she was being ushered out to the car, Sam and Dean throwing their bags in the trunk and jumping into the front seats. They drove in silence for a while until Hozzie couldn't take it any longer and blurted out "Where are we going?!" only to receive a mumbled reply about supplies, and slouching further into the seat. The drive was only about a half hour long when Dean suddenly pulled into a parking lot and parked the car.

Hozzie looked out the window and her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, she jumped from the car and gazed at the enormous building ahead of her for a moment before turning back to her smiling brothers "You need supplies at the mall?"

"Nope..." Dean replied with a grin, stepping beside her to pull her into an awkward side hug "But you do, lets go buy you some stuff..."

"Are you guys serious?!" she Hozzie squealed delightedly, casting a look of excitement between her two brothers

"Of course we are!" Sam said with a wide smile. Hozzie turned and began walking toward the large shopping complex with her brothers in tow "..Oh and Hoz?"


"Happy birthday kid" Dean said with a small smile. The girl turned toward them with tears in her eyes as what was happening finally sunk in. For the first time in her life she was going to be like all the other kids her age, she was going to spend her Saturday hanging out in the mall, looking at clothes and anything else she might want. She may not be spending it with friends like everyone else, but she was glad of it in a way. Why did she need friend's when she had the two best people she could ever wish for in her life going with her, she had her brothers

"Thank you..." she laughed wiping the tears that had spilled onto her cheeks away, stepping between her brothers and pulling them along

"Now take me shopping..."

I hope you enjoyed this little oneshot. I wanted to make one last Supernatural installment in these oneshots for you, especially since it's your birthday tomorrow and all. I guess I wanted to make it a little light hearted too :)

Anyway, have a great day tomorrow Hozzie! You deserve it! xoxo
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