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Personalised oneshot

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Thought I'd put it here instead :)

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Here's your personalised oneshot! I figured I'd put it with these because it kinda fits in with them. This is like your very own personalised chaptered fic now ha! I hope it's okay and I'm sorry it's pretty short

Vikki xoxo

"You're a fucking asshole!"

"I agree with Sam"

"Oh thanks guys, like I didn’t already know; It's always great to have it confirmed"

--Two hours earlier--

Hozzie sat on the bed scowling at her older brother, anger boiling within her. All she wanted was a chance, a chance to show the guys what she could do, to join the family business so to speak but there was a small problem stopping her.

A big brother being way too protective.

"You can just forget it Hoz, it was a stupid idea anyway"

"No, I won't 'forget it' its always 'stay in the room Hozzie, it's too dangerous Hozzie' and I'm tired of it! Let me come with you guys"

"You're just a kid and we're trying to protect you..."

"Well it's a little late for that isn't it? Where were you when I was living on the streets or in that warehouse? Where were you when mom died? You weren't there and I faced that alone! Im stronger than you will EVER give me credit for but as long as Dean's happy then we all gotta play by his stupid rules! I'm tired of it! You have nosay in my life and I'm done..."

Hozzie stood up to go outside for some air, she was losing her temper and didn't like it. She reached out for the handle but was pulled back by a hand on her shoulder "No way, don't you dare walk out of that door. Sit down and do as you're told..."

That was all it took for the girl to lose it. She spun and grabbed Dean's jacket roughly, using all the strength she had to push him back. Dean fell back on his ass and watched as his sister left, his mond reeling at what had just happened.

Hozzie stood for a moment outside of the motel door, taking deep breaths and trying to calm herself. She heard someone approaching the door behind her and ran, not entirely sure where she was going but needing to get out.
The door swung open and Sam stepped out, looking around he realised Hozzie had ran and muttered "Shit..." to himself before spinning on his heel and marching inside. Dean was getting himself up when Sam stormed in, pushing him back down and standing over him "She's gone Dean! She bolted and we're gonna go find her!"

"Well I would go find her if people stopped shoving me on the god damn floor! Did you see which way she went?"

"No, now get up and get out..."

Dean got to his feet, muttering obscenities to himself, and grabbed his jacket. They had no idea where Hozzie could be, she was familiar with the area because they’d made a stop in her hometown and they couldn't think where to start looking. Dean turned to look at Sam and jumped as a familiar face was right in front of his

"Jesus Cas!"

"Hello Dean, Sam. Where's Hozzie?"

"Well..." said Sam stepping forward and glaring at his brother "Dean here thought it would be a great idea to play daddy and pissed her off, she ean and now we have to find her"

"You're rather good at angering people aren't you Dean?"

"Shut up Cas, lets go find her..."


The three men had been searching for hours, trawling every inch of the small town and getting nowhere. They approached a cemetery on the edge of town and turned to look at each other, nobody likes grave yards at night; not even people who fight demons, but it was the last place left.

The gate creaked slightly as tgey pushed it open, stepping inside the bone yard. Sam flicked on the flashlight he'd brought with him and handed it to Dean, the older scrunching his face in distaste as he realised he'd have to go first.

Slowly they walked the path, the torch bean flicking off into the darkness aa they searched between the headstones. They called out her name, listening intently for a reply and hearing nothing. Dean turned to his brother and sighed

"I don't think she's in here dude"

"Well this is the last place she could be Dean and besides this is your fault so you are going to find her"

"I never said I wasn't! I was just trying to look out for her! Get off my case okay?"

"Guys!..." Cas yelled suddenly, he'd been trying to get their attention through the whole argument "Just listen..."

The boys stopped bickering and listened hard, staring at each other angrily. Suddenly their eyes widened and they spun, it was only quiet but they definitely heard it. A quiet muffled sob.

"Hozzie? Hoz?" Sam called out as he started toward the sound, stopping as a hand wrapped around his upper arm "Dean? What are you doing?"

"Let me go Sammy, it's my fault she ran out" Sam eyed his brother warily for a brief moment before sighing deeply and nodding.

Dean walked quietly toward the sound and slowed as he spotted Hozzie sat in front of a headstone, her knees pulled up to her chest and her head resting on them as she cried quietly. She didn't even notice Dean approach her and sit, not until he placed an arm over her shoulder.

"She promised she wouldn’t leave me..."

"Is this your mom?"

"She said she would always be with me Dean! She lied to me, she was the one supposed to be looking out for me not you! Why did she have to go?"

"I dunno Hoz...I guess sometimes it's beyond our control, we wanna stay but we...we can't?"

"I'm sorry y'know...for earlier. I'm just used to having nobody there..."

"It's fine Hoz, really..." Dean said with a smile, , pulling her into a side hug "I guess I was kind of an ass huh? Lets make a compromise, I'll let you help us out but if I say it's too dangerous you don't complain, deal?"

"Deal..." Hozzie agreed with a small laugh "now c'mon, lets get outta here..."

They both stood and began walking back to their sibling and Cas. Hozzie couldn’t help but smile, maybe having someone watch out for her again wasn't such a bad thing after all.

I'm sorry if this totally sucked bumholey
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