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The festive season had come around and for the three siblings life had been relatively quiet. Temporarily, while the holidays had come around, they had settled in a small town. Hozzie had managed to even make a few friends. One friend in particular, Jason, worried Dean. He was paying a whole lot of attention to his younger sister and it made him extremely uncomfortable.

Hozzie came from her bedroom of the apartment they were renting and smiled as she made her way to the door, making Dean narrow his eyes suspiciously "It's Christmas eve, where are you going?"

"Out..." Dean raised an eyebrow and she sighed deeply "On a date with Jason if you must know"

"Not a chance!" Dean protested loudly "No way"

"No way what?" Sam asked as he wandered through from the kitchen area, stuffing chips into his mouth

"Hozzie thinks she's goin' out with that Jason kid..."

"Oh, well I'm going out too so I'll see you guys later..." Sam grabbed his jacket and the car keys, opening the door and turning back to say "Have fun Hoz" before walking out, leaving a grinning Hozzie and a speechless Dean behind him.

The older didn't even have time to breathe before Hozzie was out the door and stood scowling behind her. As he turned to walk into the lounge area moodily his phone vibrated in hos pocket, he pulled it out to find a text from Sam

'Come get in the car idiot!' We're following her'


Hozzie didn't suspect a thing as she sat in the diner with Jason. She didn’t even notice her brothers parked up outside, she was too busy listening to her date talk. Sam and Dean watched them through the window and grumbled angrily at each other

"Who even takes a girl to a diner for a date anyway?" Dean scoffed, glaring through the glass at Hozzie's date

"Yeah! She deserves better than this dump, he could've taken her to a movie or something"

"That dude is way too cheap for her, and look..." Dean gestured toward them with his hand "He hasn't sgut up the whole time they've been in there"

"He's probably real boring too"

Their conversation went back and forth like that for a while, until finally they'd run out of things to say and returned to glaring unimpressed at the boy inside with their sister. Dean fell into a quiet slumber as he stared but Sam wouldn’t take his eyes off of them.

Ever since the boys had met Hozzie they had this immediate instinct to protect her, like she was some sort of rare flower that needed to be cared for constantly. Sam supposed to himself that it was probably because they wish they'd been with her the whole time she'd been alive, like maybe they were making up for lost years? Either way he knew she was their world now, nobody was ever gonna hurt her.

His attention was drawn back to the window as the date seemingly came to a close, the couple standing up and slipping on their jackets before leaving the diner and entering Jason's car. Sam decided to wait a few moments before following the car back to the apartment complex but crumpled his eyes in confusion as it went the other way. Quickly he started the car and followed behind.


"Where are we going?" Hozzie asked her date as they left the main road and headed up a road between some tree's

"I wanted to show you something"

"I really should be headed back, my brothers will be worrying about me now"

"It'll be real quick I swear" Jason smiled at her, she nodded softly and stared out of the window again; not noticing the car following behind them.

Hozzie's eyes widened and she fasoed as they reached their destination, a hilltop overlooking the whole town. The place was lit up with different coloured Christmas lights, it was one of the most incredible sights she'd ever seen

"Wow" she whispered in awe, this was something she'd never seen before. It was like something from a movie

"Pretty neat huh?" Jason laughed quietly, staring at the awestruck girl

"It's beautiful"

"Not as beautiful as you" he replied as he turned her head to face him, brushing his thumb over her lower lip and gazing into her eyes "You're so beautiful"

Hozzie blushed and looked down, suddenly becoming startled as Jason pressed his lips to hers. She kissed back gingerly and smiled a little into it, this was her first kiss and the scene from the window made it even more perfect. Jason began to run his hand up her thigh and she broke away from him "No, don't do that"

"C'mon Hoz, a million girls would kill to be you right now" he leaned forward again and she pushed him back hard

"I said no asshole! Take me home now" Jason looked at her, his eyes darkening menacingly, suddenly her seat fell back and before she had time to react he was on top of her "Get the fuck off of me!"

"Don't be such a tease..." he said through gritted teeth and tried to push his hand up her shirt

Dean had awoken as was sat glaring at the car parked up just ahead of them on the hill. Sam sat forward, trying to make out what was happening in the vehicle with no success

"I'm going over there" Dean said suddenly and swung open the car door, Sam gave him a look that said 'it's your funeral' and Dean moved to close the door again when they heard their sister scream.

Dean dived from the car and ran over to the vehicle in front of them, flinging open the door and pulling the boy from on top of his sister. Sam was behind him in a matter of seconds and pulled his terrified sister into his arms

"I knew there was a reason I didn't like you! If you ever touch, look or even think about my sister again, I'll fucking bury you in those woods!"

"I thought she was up for it, she seems the type" the boy smirked and Dean grabbed his collar, reeling his fist back and only stopping as Hozzie shouted no.

She stepped forward and smiled sweetly at Jason before planting her hands on his shoulders and forcing her knee as hard as she could between his legs. He dropped to his knees, tears spilling from his eyes and she leaned forward whispering "If I ever find out you've pulled this again on another girl, I will find you and cut off your dick" and shoved him to the ground.

The siblings left the boy laying there and drove away. Sam sitting beside his sister in the back and stroking her hair. Hozzie sat up and placed a hand on Dean's shoulder "I'm sorry I didn't listen to you"

"S'okay" Dean replied with a smile "Anyway we gotta get back and see what Santa got us"

Hozzie laughed and snuggled back down in the seat "I got something Santa could never bring me..."

"Yeah?" Sam questioned with a grin

"Yeah, I got you knuckle heads...merry Christmas guys"

"Merry Christmas Hoz"
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