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Lord Sesshomaru & Rin, when she is 19 years old.

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Years pass by and Rin is around 19 years old. She is bathing in a hot spring and splashing Ah-Un. Ah-Un splashes her back with its tail. She is laughing with delight. Sesshomaru accidentally sees her naked and realizes she's become a beautiful adult woman. He sees her back criss crossed with the whip scars left by those bandits years ago. Rin doesn't notice Sesshomaru at first. When she sees him studying her back, she hurries out of the water into her towel, covering it. She can't look at him, she's ashamed.
"Rin", he says and asks her to come to him. She does. He lifts her hair up and pulls the towel lower on her back. He traces a scar with a claw. She doesn't flinch, but he feels her tremble. He thinks, with disgust, that she fears him. But when Rin turns around, he sees desire in her eyes for a fleeting second. Embarrassed she moves away and gets dressed in the bushes.
A day later when Rin is making her dinner, Sesshomaru asks her, "Rin are you happy?"
Rin's hands still and she just looks at him in shock.
Jaken answers for her, but Sesshomaru silences him with a cold glare.
Rin answers very softly, "as long as you are near."
Only Sesshomaru hears her with his sharp demon ears. Kohauku isn't around and Jaken is too busy grumbling to himself. Sesshomaru is surprised that he is happy with her answer. He gets angry with himself for feeling such a human emotion. His mind is in turmoil, but his face shows nothing. He leaves suddenly.
Rin ducks her head and Jaken blames her for Lord Sesshomaru leaving them behind. She knows Lord Sesshomaru's father was a full demon who died protecting his second, human, wife. Any weakness he hates. He's killing perfection and humans are inferior beings. She knows he hates any human feelings. So Rin's worried that her answer has made him hate her too. Rin is sad when Lord Sesshomaru doesn't return that night. She is restless and sneaks off, leaving Jaken asleep by Ah-Un. Most of the night she battles demons and in the morning she returns covered in demon blood. She can feel Lord Sesshomaru watching her, she doesn't dare look at him.
Rin goes through the bushes to the river to wash the blood off her clothing a little bit. It's ruined, stained with too much gore. When she stands up and turns around, Lord Sesshomaru is standing shirtless in front of her. It's the first time he has let her see him like this. Rin's desire makes her bold and she goes closer. She looks up at him, making eye contact and whispers to him, "are you happy Lord Sesshomaru?"
He says nothing and embarrassed she looks down. He gently tilts her head up with a finger and looks deep into her eyes. Rin's heart feels like it's going to explode out of her chest. He is about to either kiss her or say something profound, but the moment is broken as they hear Jaken thrashing in the bush calling out, "Lord Sesshomaru!"
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