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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin, their relationship grows.

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They step away from each other and by the time Jaken arrives, Sesshomaru is dressed. Jaken reports seeing Inu Yasha fighting a large cat demon. Intrigued Sesshomaru goes to look. He watches Inu Yasha slay it effortlessly.
Rin then says what he is thinking, "I wonder why a cat demon is so far into the western territory." Rin knows Lord Sesshomaru still dislikes Inu Yasha, so she asks if she should go talk to them.
Jaken says, "Inu Yasha is too stupid to know anything!"
She smiles and gets a curt nod from Lord Sesshomaru. She takes Ah-Un and goes into the valley. Kagome greets Rin warmly. Inu Yasha insults Sesshomaru and gets annoyed when Kagome tells him to be nice. Rin notices he shuts up before Kagome says 'sit'. Rin learns that they have fought a few cat demons that have been terrorizing the villages of Lord Sesshomaru's lands. Kagome knows not why. As Rin leaves she hears Kagome comment on her blood stained clothing. Rin is sad and tries to hide it when she reports back to Lord Sesshomaru.
They go to investigate and as a village appears in the distance, Lord Sesshomaru tells Rin to go get new clothing. He orders Jaken to give her some jewels to trade for the clothing. Jaken pipes up that she looks disgraceful and shouldn't be seen in Lord Sesshomaru's presence. Rin picks up Jaken and hugs him. He struggles all flustered and she puts him down, happily running off to the village.
Jaken yells after her that she has lost her mind.
Sesshomaru says, "come Jaken."
Jaken replies, "coming my lord."
When they next meet up with Rin, she is wearing orange and grey clothing similar to the demon slayer gear like Sango and Kahoku's fighting clothing. Lord Sesshomaru says nothing and she knows he approves. Jaken snears that it's slightly better.
Over the next few days they fight a lot of demons. Mostly Rin, Kohaku and Jaken. Lord Sesshomaru only bothers if they can't handle it. Kohaku compliments Rin on her improved skills. Eventually they find out the cats are after a necklace that allows the wearer to alter time. It is believed to be in the western lands, worn by a dragon. Rin knows that normally Lord Sesshomaru doesn't get involved, but he wont allow cat demons on his lands. Sesshomaru shows his superior power battling the cat demons. He defeats the dragon alone, not allowing Rin, Kohaku or Jaken to fight with him. Then he gives the necklace to Rin.
Rin meets up with Inu Yasha and Kagome, then gives the necklace to Kagome. (Later its found out that when Kagome wears it in Feudal era, 3 days there=1 day her home time and vise versa, so visiting family is made easier.) Kagome gives Rin a beautiful white and red kimono dress as thanks.
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