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Lord Sesshomaru and Rin, get closer.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Characters: Sesshoumaru,Rin - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2013-09-29 - 296 words - Complete

One full moon night, when Lord Sesshomaru is away on business, Kohaku is visiting Sango and Miroku and Jaken is sleeping, Rin tries on the dress. She is standing near a river that sparkles in the moonlight. She twirls around enjoying the feel of the dress. From the forest Lord Sesshomaru arrives and sees Rin and her delight. He can't look away and so makes himself visible. Rin gasps when she sees him, expecting disapproval or reproach. As usual his face is neutral. She looks up at him, (he's still taller than her). He leans down and gives her a kiss. Then he turns and is gone, before the heat leaves Rin's lips. She pinches herself to make sure she hasn't imagined it. She dresses into her fighting gear and carefully puts her dress away into the pack on Ah-Un's back. Rin's heart is soaring, but she has long since schooled herself not to show too much emotion. She has been in love with Lord Sesshomaru for many years. She knew he cared, but she didn't know it was more then just as a guardian.
Lord Sesshomaru struggles with himself, but can't help having feelings for Rin. And the more he feels for her, he notices Tenseiga gets stronger. When he gets angry because someone is hurting Rin, his power amplifies. He finally understands what his father was trying to tell him; a dog demon reaches its ultimate power when it has something to protect. He is disgusted with this revelation. He lets no one know about his inner struggle, but it does distract him. So much so that he tells Rin to go back to Kaede's village for a while. Rin grins as she watches Jaken hurry after him yelling, "wait for me my lord."
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